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Where is Waldo?  Who’s on second, what’s on third?  How high is a Chinaman?  Where do  you live Mr. Couloute?  Mr. Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr.? Esquire?

Time to examine the above the law privileges assigned to members of the Connecticut Bar and the elite prosecutor’s club.  Regulations of society are designed for little people, a.k.a you and me.  The impotent people of society, like judges, lawyers, cops, prosecutors and other inbred corrupt state officials are exempt.

Take our favourite K9 cop in Pedoville, Connecticut.  Rookie cop trained to work with a puppy; claim to fame is daddy Judge Danaher; dirty Corrupticut political insider.  Daddy Judge tells puppy boy wonder to do fellow lawyer and former prosecutor pal Couloute a favor by getting his X wife bitch arrested.  Puppy boy has pooper scooper and no detective training, but can expertly falsify a complaint and arrest affidavit to play the dirty game, Danaher style.

Puppy cop verifies jurisdiction of Bloomfield PD by checking Couloute’s CT driver’s license which shows and address of 51 Meadowcrest Drive in Fairfield; the jurisdiction of Chief Gary MacNamara and the Fairfield Police Department.  No problem for Bloomfield puppy cop who records the license address on the official complaint form, for Couloute, but then falsely records Couloute’s mother’s address of 50 Duncaster Road in Bloomfield as the location of the crime and the residence of the child.  The child does not live there.  Little people are required to have current residential address on license.  Not Couloute nor the Bloomfield Police.

But wait, the State of Georgia issued Couloute a driver’s license on 28 December showing he lived at 3210 Lakeheath Drive in Cumming.  His Caddy has Georgia plates.  He holds two different state driver’s licenses.  Living in two places at once to deceive the court? The police?  Little people are only allowed to have one state driver’s license showing proper residential address.

Couloute tells the judges, Carney and LoVallo, in New York that he lives in Connecticut, but left out the part about the Georgia driver’s license, while the Caddy with GA plates is in the court parking lot.  Couloute tells Judge Suarez in Hartford he resides in Connecticut, not mentioning the Georgia license, while the Caddy is parked outside on Washington Street.  A member of the Connecticut Bar lies to three judges in two different states about not living in Georgia with a peach of a license and car registration.  Lawyers and cops undermining the legitimacy of the courts.  So much for truth, justice and the American way.

The significance of the play along puppy cop and Bloomfield Police misconduct is that Couloute lied about living in Bloomfield, presented an improper license to police falsely showing a residence in Fairfield, concealed the GA license, then BPD conspired in the jurisdictional fraud to arrest the mother.  Chief MacNamara in Fairfield was cheated out of the game by Chief Paul Hammick and Bloomfield cop crooks.  What BPD won’t do for a resident of Georgia.

More fraud falls upon the family courts of NY and CT who have been arguing over jurisdiction of this family drama since January.  Judge Carney and Judge LoVallo in Buffalo heard Couloute claim he lived in Connecticut.  Judge Suarez in Hartford was misled to believe Couloute lived in Connecticut.  Judge LoVallo smelled a rat and suggested to Suarez that Couloute did not really live in Connecticut; Suarez played dumb….he is good at that.  In reality, Couloute officially left Connecticut on 28 December when he obtained a Georgia licensed.  Poof!  Connecticut Family Court jurisdiction extinguished.  Mom and daughter in NY, dad in GA, Connecticut is out of the game.  NY holds exclusive jurisdiction over the Couloute drama.  UCCJEA really bites sometimes.

A little light on the subject clears things up quickly.  Time to ask the little people of Bloomfield, a.k.a tax payers, why they employ Chief Paul Hammick to break the law?


The Amazing Matthew Couloute