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Claim #25330

The Connecticut Claims Commissioner, Christy Scott, has assigned #25330 to the claim against the state caused by the nigger pedo games of the nefarious and diseased Matthew Condel Couloute. 

Remember the nigger, pedo, child trafficking games of Matthew Couloute?  Guy lives in Cumming, Georgia, but convinced fellow pedo, police officer Brandon Danaher of Bloomfield Police Department to falsely obtain an interstate felony arrest warrant for his beaten and abandoned ex-wife.  Couloute presents an expired CT State driver’s license to puppy officer Danaher which shows he lives in Fairfield.  But he makes an abduction complaint in Bloomfield.  Sound like a scam?  Looks like conspiracy to commit interstate fraud by state actors.  Taxpayers are going to have to pay out on this one.

Why would the State of Connecticut care to arrest an abandoned mother with an abandoned child, who sought safe haven in another state because big bad woman beater Couloute moved to Georgia and could not even send grocery money for his daughter?  How does black boy from Georgia obtain the privileged services of the Bloomfield Police Department?  Captain Paul Hammick has some explaining to do to the State Attorney General as the Claims Commissioner has ordered an investigation.  The good people of Connecticut have no cause to allow a victim of Couloute’s bone breaking beatings to be hunted down across state lines.  Deadbeat dad obtains arrest warrant on ex-wife with help of the taxpayers of Bloomfield.  Great headline there.  Town manager Phillip Schenck is obviously in on the game.  The professional pedo protector Chief Paul Hammick doing his thin blue duty to traffic children.  But let’s not forget the professional assistance provided by the nigger prosecutor Gail Hardy who asked fellow nigger boy Judge Omar Williams to issue the interstate felony arrest warrant on the ‘sworn’ affidavit of Officer Brandon Danaher.  All a ploy for Couloute to get his pedo play toy back to play more Baby Dragon games with his rotting appendage and pal Ryan McGuigan.

Not to ignore facts, but the victimized child in this matter was examined by professionals at Children’s Hospital where she was found to be a victim of sexual abuse by Couloute and another white dick.    

The state Attorney General, a pedo protection office, under the pedo leadership of George Jepson, now has to feign an investigation as to why Danaher, Hammick, Hardy, Williams and the State Police conspired to arrange for the false arrest of a battered woman in safe haven in another state for the benefit of a resident of Georgia?  Sole purpose to get control of a pedo play toy?  Violation of federal Violence Against Women Act, fraud, deceit, misconduct, abuse of office….the list is long.

If anyone runs into this clown Matthew Couloute, check his pocket for a stolen badge from the Connecticut State Prosecutor’s Office.  Also check his wallet, as he owes over $14,000 in back child support.  Check out his illegal and unregistered Virginia license plates on his uninsured beater GTO.  Poor boy can’t pay support ordered by the court, but he can get Bloomfield Police to perform ‘favors’.  Interesting guy.  Curious point that Jepsen will soon uncover is that for all the effort the pedos, niggers, deviants and puppy police put into dragging Couloute’s victim back to Connecticut on charges of felony custodial interference, he surrendered custody of his daughter in Erie County Family Court in New York.  Nigger girl prosecutor ended up dropping the false charges before Judge Matthew Budzik of Hartford Criminal Court.  All a waste of taxpayer money, federal criminal conduct and now a claim against the taxpayers of Connecticut who are played day in and day out by the pedophile ring of the State.

Note that the extradition request on Judge Williams arrest warrant was provided by the gay boy Governor Dannel Malloy.  All the way to the top.  Connecticut, where no one can hear the children scream.