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Bill Grohs: At it again!

Just when you thought Connecticut Family Court could not get any worse, William Grohs, demented humanoid of pedophile proportions, goes before Judge Gould demanding that two daughters, Evie and Sofie, be isolated from their mother. Judge Gould, being a zionist foot soldier of King Jew Elliot Solomon is holding a hearing on the subject today in Bridgeport. 

Family Court is showing its true colors again. Attorney Mary Brigham, the court appointed guardian ad litem for the girls is on the stand testifying under oath that it is in the best interests of children to be cut off from their mother. A truly Connecticut form of jewism. Note Brigham is billing $350/hr to provide her jewish opinion that is contrary to public policy and in violation of statute requiring visitation. Oi vey, the pedophiles and child traffickers really have perverted private uses for these two girls.

Billy Boy ‘pedoboss’ Grohs, rich boy insurance broker is paying Attorney Michael Fasano, a.k.a. Dickhead, to plead that mother is in ‘contempt’ of court for taking her daughter to the pediatrician after son of his live-in concubine molested the poor girl. Mark Frenzel, son of Vicki Frenzel molests the pre-pubescent child for which mom seeks professional assistance; a pretty normal response for any concerned mother. But Billy Boy wants the pedo friendly family court to punish mother for caring. Pretty strange stuff, but that is life in pedoville of Watertown. Let’s see how Judge Gould, puppet of the state jewish pedo masters, rules. Bring popcorn.

William J. Grohs, the proprietor of William J. Grohs Aviation, an insurance brokerage for private airplanes, is such an upstanding individual that he wants Evie and Sofie to grow up without their mother or their maternal relatives. Such a sweet consideration by William. Perhaps he hated his mother too. Deep seated childhood induced mental disorder now playing out in a Connecticut courtroom where his own daughters are being viciously employed as weapons of hate under a severe psychosis, which is likely to play out with an axe and buried bodies in his backyard. Billy Boy is the inspiration for horror films. Be scared, very scared.

The sideshow is the unprofessional practice of law being displayed by Attorney Brigham and Attorney Fasano. The two are a tag team for court corruption. Skirting the law, ignoring the practice book, pleading for relief that the court cannot provide, all betrays that the fix is in with Judge Gould who will gladly traffic Evie and Sofie to the dark side of the Connecticut pedo ring to satisfy Satan’s pleasures. All on the record, in a public forum, in full public view. Two gifts from God, abused by a pedomonster and the jewdiciary of Corrupticut, isolated from mother for no purpose at law. But then, pedophilia is outside the law.

Bill Grohs spends hundreds of thousands of dollars in frivolous, pointless litigation to harass his ex-wife and the children. Grohs ended his marriage in 2011 by agreement, took eleven months and 75 docket entries, but then, by mental defect, spends the next eight years and a ridiculous amount of cash trying to undo his own agreement….mental defect for sure!!! Billy Boy was back in court less than three months after obtaining his divorce to argue against the custody arrangement to which he agreed. It has now been eight years and over 200 post judgment docket entries with 54 judicial rulings, which have done nothing but generate legal fees for smiling lawyers, encouraged by smiling judges. The State has no interest in the case and is not appearing, but for some reason, Judges Ficeto, Gould, Cutsumpas, Resha, Bozzuto, Schofield, Rorback all having participated in eight years of post-judgment litigation, to the glee and profit of Attorneys Brigham, Guiliano and Fasano…..all about money. Judge Ficeto is personally responsible for more than thirty-one post judgment orders of no legal purpose. Ficeto is another Catholic heretic ruling for the devil in a cesspool that preys on children; truly a jew’s sister. Money buys court time, as long as lawyers are collecting it. The jewdiciary runs on billable hours; children don’t matter.

Rumors suggest that God may have cursed Billy Boy with a disease; natural law providing a more malignant remedy.

Bill Grohs ‘other side’. Deviant child abuser.
Grohs Aviation, pedo funding source.
Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs being trafficked by Judge Gould
Dickhead Michael Fasano
Cancerous Mary Brigham, GAL