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GAL Steals Christmas

Judge Wilson J. Trombley of the Waterbury JD in Connecticut did opine that Sofi and Evie Grohs should be able to hug their mother for Christmas, that Christian holiday in celebration of the birth of a saviour with beliefs of a god, love and family.

Before the old bird’s bench was the great dickhead Michael Fasano and his demented pedo client and jailer of Sofi and Evie; William J. Grohs.  The mentally deranged William Grohs uses children was weapons to inflate is delicate ego.  If he is not hurting someone he just does not feel manly and his dick goes limp.  Also in the courtroom was the notorious pedo ally and child trafficker guardian ad litem Attorney Mary Brigham, who collects money for bringing destruction to childhood.

The night before Christmas, all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.  There would be no Christmas hugs between mother and children.  Mary Brigham had stolen Christmas from Evie and Sofi to feed her demented personality and evil money game of promoting conflict and discord in post judgment family matters.  The jewish zionist game of destroying the christian concept of family values is profitable and rewarding for the monsters who bow to the Talmud and its Connecticut jewdicial overlord, King Elliott N. Solomon.

Judge Trombley foolishly suggested that Christmas is a time for family celebrations and that Evie and Sofi should spend time with their mother.  Not by the will of Solomon.  The more destruction of Christian and American values the better, that is the purpose of the jewish rule over the mis named ‘family court’.  Solomon, Emons, Epstien, Adelman, Wetstone, Munro, central core upholding the Zionist agenda for the child goy of Connecticut.  No Christmas, no hugs are a direct legal violation of the people’s law which states there shall be active and consistent involvement  by both parents in the lives of the children, CGS 46b-56 b.  But don’t think the jew judges of family court are there to follow the gentile law of the legislature, those duly elected representatives of ‘We the people’ that assure a well ordered society under the rule of law.  The law means nothing to the devils in black robes.  Raping children is the jewdicial goal.

Nothing but jewish rule over the goyim to affect the agenda of Zionism.  No Christmas for Sofi and Evie.  Just jewish slop from Mary Brigham and Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  Praise be to Judge Elliot Solomon, child trafficker.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler.  No Christmas for christian children, by order of Talmud Judge.

No Christmas with mom for Evie and Sofi Grohs.

GAL cunt.  Destroys Christmas for fun!!!!