William J. Grohs: Child Abuser

The demented mind of William J. Grohs of Watertown, Connecticut is relishing in the isolation of two daughters from their mother.  A month of isolation has passed.  He has only allowed two ‘facetime’ chats with mom, one lasting four minutes and one lasting nine minutes.  The local police actually have spent more time with the girls than the mother in the last month.

The behavior of Grohs in using children to inflict psychological and emotional harm on a mother is the classic profile associated with a psychopath of unlimited lethal potential.  Having no inherent limits to his self-absorbed personality disorder, surrounded and supported by like minded miscreants, he is tripping out on the power of using two little humans to hurt a mother.  William has a problem in his own childhood that has manifested itself to monstrous proportions in adult life.  Society has cause to alert itself to his presence in the community, the threat to Evey and Sofi, the danger to other children in the community, the risk posed to other families by his presence and predatory personal agenda.  Be scared, very scared.

The community must recognize that such behavior is only allowed to exist by the evil conduct of Watertown’s own Elizabeth Bozzuto, chief judge of the state family court, it is her policies which have allowed William Grohs to abuse his own children under the auspices of Bozzuto’s court.  Elizabeth is the home grown sexual deviant and mentally deranged cast off of the notorious Bozzuto crime family of Connecticut.  A human of little intelligence, un-remarkable academic achievement, holding a worthless law degree from a bottom tier law school, placed on the bench by the influence and money of her family; this twisted excuse of a human is a tool of the state pedo ring to traffick children for diabolical pleasures of monster predators of society.  She lives in at 415 Winding Brook Farm Road, Watertown, right across town from the caged girls at 227 Woodbury Road.

The people of the state enacted a law which states children of divorced parents will have active and consistent involvement of there mother and father in their lives.  That is a law of the state, which does not apply to the courts nor to Judge Bozzuto nor Judge Ficeto, nor Willaim Grohs, nor two adorable little girls being held captive.  No society in the history of mankind has used children as weapons of harm against mothers.  A practice alien to human existence.  Prophet Mohammad calls up jihad for less.

The supporting cast of the abuse of Evey and Sofia includes the notorious pedo attorney and child trafficker, Mary Brigham along with the dickhead and cash strapped Attorney Michael Fasano, Sr. of the inbred family law firm of Duffy & Fasano of Woodbury.  These are local people, they shop at your grocery store, they attend local churches, eat at local restaurants, they walk among you.  These people trade in human flesh, child flesh.  Be scared.

Don’t call your local police, Chief John Gavallas and his armed thugs are not there to protect anyone, they are paid thugs just like Judge Anna M. Ficeto who trafficks young girls for the master’s pleasure.  Vickie Frenzel and William Grohs are well protected, the girls are not.  Welcome to Watertown, a horror show.


Connecticut Jew Klan