Mark Frenzel

Time to take inventory of the miscreant youth named Mark Frenzel of Watertown, Connecticut.  The kid is a pawn in an evil and expensive game of William J. Grohs, the madman psychopath hell bent on proving his manliness by isolating his daughters from their mother.

William J. Grohs is the mentally deranged humanoid whose twisted ego drives him to destroy the lives of every person he ever attempted to hold a relationship; whether it is a woman, child, dog or other man, he can only wreak havoc on people.  His latest episode of deviant behavior was to drag Mark Frenzel into court to make false claims that the x wife was stalking him.  Liar, liar, pants of fire, this screwed up kid, a sophomore at Watertown High School, does what the egomaniac William J. Grohs orders.  Lies to the court in a sworn affidavit, read here.

Of course, Mark has no choice, his mother Vickie is the lady in waiting to the psycho, six years as a live in finance, Mark has no choice, his mother services the mental miscreant and he has a roof over his head; forced to do the illegal bidding of the madman, lie in court.

Using William’s money, Mark enters court with a jew lawyer, Steve Levy in claim for protective order.  Jews do anything for money, even rape little kids.  The whining little shit claims his life is ruined because William dragged him into the public forum of family court along with his history of sibling molestation which Attorney Mary Brigham made public.  A little adventuresome Mark Frenzel gets caught up in a DCF sexual abuse investigation for molesting the daughters of William.  The case file is hilarious, UWY CV17 4037928, Mark Frenzel v. Kelly Grohs, a public record of legal silliness, a public record available at Waterbury Courthouse.  The divorce case is even funnier, see the seven years of legal abuse by William and his greedy lawyers here.

So here is to Mark Frenzel, welcome to life in the public forum, everything you say and do in a court of law is public property, subject to public scrutiny, your lies and your past conduct are public record.  Your mother dragged you in to court for a nasty purpose ordered by her fuckbuddy William J. Grohs.  Your mother sold you out to the madman, forced you to lie, forced you to be a weapon of William against the mother of his two daughters.  Feel stupid now Mark?  Played by your own mother?  It only gets worse from here, lies on top of lies for the sole purpose of trafficking Evie and Sofi.

If you had a brain or a real lawyer you would have never lied to the court.  You would not have been used by Vickie and William in their sick little game of abusing Evie and Sofi.  The spiral has begun…..pedo Judge Wilson J. Trombley presiding.

Join the list of other kids whose lives were put on display by family court judges like your neighbor Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto of Watertown, she has flayed plenty of minor kids in her vindictive judicial vengeance.  Publicity is the price paid for litigation.


Vicki Frenzel, unmarried step mother

Attorney Steven H. Levy, representing Vicki Frenzel and Mark Frenzel.

Self appointed unmarried stepmother

Bill Grohs’ other side

Prison of Evie and Sofi Grohs.

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation?

William Grohs the madman

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish authority.