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The now famous blog is pleased to announce that a prime selection of posts has been published by the law firm of Pullman&Comley of Connecticut. Over two hundred and fifty pages, printed in high quality color, professionally bound with a big black bulldog clip were presented in court by old pedo battleaxe, attorney, retired judge and blogstar, the notorious Annie Dranginis.

Annie Dranginis publishes blog for exhibit in family court!!

The blog is honored to have been published by such a foul, crooked, nasty and quite jewish law firm, engaged in child trafficking, pedo defense, and all things detrimental to the well being of children. The blog is also happy to note that true to the jewish form of the practice of family law, Tanya Taupier, client of Annie, was charged over $400/hr in legal fees for the downloading, sorting, printing, collating and binding of the now famous blog. How jewish game of family law can enrich lawyers and bleed a parent’s wallet for information freely available on the internet!! So jewish, so Annie, so insane!

A copy of the published posts was hand delivered by Annie to the law firm of Norm Pattis as part of Annie’s twisted practice of law and misunderstanding of the First Amendment. Attorney Dan Healy of Pattis&Smith law firm of New Haven is the first recipient of the published blog. As Annie has no legal argument to make before Judge Albis in the Taupier case, the blog will be presented as evidence that the internet exists, public scrutiny of a public forum exists; all posts being irrelevant to the question of visitation between father and children. Being that the Taupier kids have not hugged their dad in over two years, the public has grave concern about the court sponsored child abuse by isolation. The public notes that the state is not appearing in the case and makes no claim of parental unfitness nor of claim of harm to children by visitation, but Judge Albis, being a jew in Catholic dressings, serves the zionistic agenda by destroying parent-child bonds of the gentiles. The Fourth Commandment holds no context to the heretic Albis.

Interesting to note that Judge Albis has held three court hearings in the last six months on visitation, but each time he just kicks the can down the road with no visitation order, simply scheduling another hearing. The jewish game of Albis is quite circular. As the court has artificially created the isolation of Sara and Gabriel from father, the court now creates artificial hurdles to extend the isolation. Having no basis in law and in direct violation of federal ADA law, Albis creates suspicions of mental disabilities of a parent as an excuse to deny visitation. Such is a violation of federal ADA, Title II civil rights protections, but is just another day in pedoville for zionists like Albis. The word salad from Albis’ bench involves ‘reunification therapy’… a jew term having no definition nor is it referenced in the DSM V, just a jew prank to spend money on a jew psycho babblist from the Frankfurt School of jew psychology to further fuck up a Christian society. Another jew term is ‘therapeutic supervision’ which Albis uses as veiled ‘prior restraint’ censorship to ensure that father does not teach his children what the jews of family court have done to them. Albis violates the First Amendment by interfering with the parent-child relationship without making a finding of harm to the children. He can’t make a finding of harm as then he would have to refer the matter to the executive branch’s Department of Children and Families for protection of the endangered children, a due process requirement, forcing the state’s attorney general to appear in the case and remove it to juvenile court to pursue protection of the children….which Tong will not do, as there is no state interest in disrupting parent child bonds contrary to public policy. See the game that Albis and his jew master King Elliot Solomon are playing? Every non legal (jewish) excuse to keep father and kids apart.

Albis is a tyrant. Ordering therapy absent a professional diagnosis of the ailment is simple violation of due process. The jew loves to regard the gentile as having an unspecified mental disorder for the sole purpose of transferring money to a jewish psychologist who holds no purpose other than to steal money by court order. If Albis knew the law, he would realize that the court needs to defer to proper medical opinions, not insinuations. Does Albis not realize that Sara, Gabriel and their friends also read this blog? That the kids are well aware of the damage being done to their lives by the jews? That they are being employed as weapons of litigation by Albis and Dranginis? That their mother is a child abuser? That mother Tanya is sacrificing their childhood to feed her demented hatred of the father of her children? The only two kids she did not abort? Albis is such a wacknut that he masturbates on the Taupier file, relishing in abuse of children for personal pleasure.

Stay tuned to the courtroom of Judge Michael Albis, Chief Judge of Family Court of Connecticut, where he will grind Sara and Gabriel into the ground to carry out the jewdicial retaliation against a gentile father to vindicate the power of the rabbinical court to the glee of King Elliot Solomon. In Connecticut, the screams of the children are silenced by jewdicial discretion served from the zionist agenda of the chosen ones.

Editor’s Note: There is an obvious pattern in Connecticut Family Court that only families with money are perceived to need court ordered ‘therapy’ from private pay jewish providers. The court never raises the therapy issue where there is no family money to pay. Very telling of the conduct of the jews who run the court.

Jewdicial victims Sara and Gabriel Taupier
Judge Albis, child trafficker, pedophile protector, domestic enemy
Tanya Taupier Aetna Vice President of Human Resources knows how to abuse children.
Attorney Dan Healy of Pattis&Smith LLC