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Judge Patrick Carroll

Insane Lunatic!

The now-famous Worst Blog examines the non-functioning, diseased, irrational jewdicial mind of the grand moron in a black robe, the insane lunatic, the Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, a rabbinical monster of talmudic powers wreaking havoc on the people’s court system, cuz he is just a fucking insane lunatic who cannot perform his simple job function in family court. In reviewing forty worthless… Read More »Insane Lunatic!


The now-famous and Blog of the worst kind highlights dumb nigger in charge of the Connecticut Jewdiciary who conspires to conceal judgements from a sovereign people. Nigger Boy Robinson, Chief of the third branch of state government, a former slave, now Free At Last! Free At Last! Free At Last! is a mere tyrant worthy of a .50 cal to the head. The Tree of… Read More »Nigger!

Truglia: Dismissed!

From time to time in the course of human events, in the preservation of liberty, in the advancement of enlightened societies, there is necessity to prune a dead branch from the Tree of Liberty, refresh its roots with the blood of tyrants; exemplifying terroristic behaviour that should be avoided by others. Judge Anthony Truglia, Jr., presiding jerk of Bridgeport family court is a source of… Read More »Truglia: Dismissed!

Bad Judge?

The shit show of Connecticut judiciary holds another Oscar grade performance proving to the sheeple of the state that the Chief Justice is one dumb nigger. Judge Alice Bruno is dragged before the high bench of the seven dwarfs for her ability to draw a paycheck but not show up for work. Ed Mahony of the Courant rag spent his day covering judicial theater, like… Read More »Bad Judge?

Supervised Visitation

The now-famous Blog seeks the legal authority of liberty restriction of SUPERVISED VISITATION on divorcing parents. Where does it come from? Who invented it? Who regulates it? Is it constitutional? Who profits from it? Why is it necessary? Who accuses fit mothers needing supervision while hugging the fruits of their wombs? What are the supervisor’s duties? What are the training requirements? Is there a state… Read More »Supervised Visitation

Jooish Family Court

The now-famous Blog examines the conduct of Connecticut Family Court that exemplifies its jewish form, in all that is alien to American jurisprudence and way of life. Secret Bench Book The Secretary of the State holds copyright to a book that is hidden from the public. The bench book is listed in the Library of Congress Catalog, identifying Judge Support Services as publisher. The overpaid… Read More »Jooish Family Court

Patrick Carroll

The chosen secrecy of Connecticut Family Court is an abomination of justice, but this is Corrupticut, run by jews, for jews, where the goy don’t matter. The now-famous Blog spotlights Chief Administrator of the judiciary, Patrick Carroll, a fat retard who knows how to scam a free people, steal money, ignore law, and please his jewish masters. He is a puppet on kosher strings, as… Read More »Patrick Carroll

Terrorist: Patrick Carroll

Time to find a strong branch on the Charter Oak, strike a halyard from the mizzen, thirteen turns to the noose, peaceably assemble a mob of Patriots, torches lit, seize the fucktard in the dead of night, stuff a sock in his mouth, hoist the old fart on his own treacherous deeds, let gravity of a fat ass take its toll on crook’s neck, a… Read More »Terrorist: Patrick Carroll

Weaponized Kids

How the jews of Connecticut weaponize children for the sole benefit of jews. Ever realize that the Bar Association is a jewish invention? The invention of no-fault divorce is jewish. Custody fights are jewish. Efforts to destroy the Christian sacrament of marriage are jewish. Minimizing the importance of family as the foundation of society is jewish. Promoting sexual deviancy, pederasty and butchering of genitalia is… Read More »Weaponized Kids

Mohammad’s Children

Christian societies who insult Islam tend to lose their heads, attract gunfire, have churches burned, and other unfortunate occurrences. Such are the consequences of culture clash and differing beliefs. We Americans can make fun of any religious people, other than the Jews, they are our masters and cannot be criticized. Draw a cartoon of Mohammad, but don’t dare deny that Hitler’s Holohoax exterminated six-million chosen… Read More »Mohammad’s Children