Jooish Family Court

The now-famous Blog examines the conduct of Connecticut Family Court that exemplifies its jewish form, in all that is alien to American jurisprudence and way of life.

Secret Bench Book

The Secretary of the State holds copyright to a book that is hidden from the public. The bench book is listed in the Library of Congress Catalog, identifying Judge Support Services as publisher. The overpaid jewish attorney and executive of JSS, Deirdre McPadden ($173k) refuses to disclose it, as she has orders from a big dumb nigger in a black robe to conceal such from ‘we the people’ in defiance of the First Amendment. Only jews feel so empowered to shred the Bill of Rights to promote their private agenda in a public forum. The guide used by judges to decide family matters is hidden from parents, whose children’s lives will be destroyed by application of its contents.

Secret Training Material

The jewish mafia of family court runs a private club of GALs, trained to secret standards created by judges without legislative approval. The training is entrusted to the obese, foul, overpaid, retard of the Office of Chief Public Defender, Christine Rapillo ($192k). The training material is kept hidden from a curious public by the equally grotesque moron Deborah Sullivan ($178k) who can’t read case law, can’t follow statutes, and generally operates to obstruct the public right of scrutiny to observe what state employees are doing to fuck over children. The incompetent Adam Mauriello ($128k) of the judicial legal department makes false public statements that the training material is not releasable, not subject to FOIA laws, where his retarded Bar sister Deborah claims that the public must pay to view the documents created with public funds to train GALs to fuck over children and parents. Inbred state employees are so chosen as to decide the carnage GALs will create for a simple no-fault divorce, where the state holds no interest.

Non-Reporting of Decisions

Twisted little jew, walking fuck-up, and licensed attorney, Eric Levine ($150k), the Official Reporter of Decisions, paid to ensure public access of decisions made by the morons in black robes, works to ensure that family court results are impossible to find. In the modern day of internet access, data bases, and whiz-bang search engines these decisions are deliberately concealed from view. While all the family clerks dutifully send decisions in .pdf file format to Eric’s office, he and his miscreant assistant Jean Cummings ($128k), trash the files on receipt, ensuring there is no repository available for public scrutiny. A deliberate jewish act thwarting public scrutiny of application parens patriae powers. The little kike even hides the decrees from the legislature. All under the watchful eye of jew Paul Hartan ($186k), the big nigger’s high court chief administrator.

Hidden Procedures

The secretive Family Services Division is a private hate clique staffed with opinionated jews who operate by viewpoint discrimination to fuck over goy families to the beat of a chosen doumbek. Services staff are exceedingly wicked, shockingly evil, totally vile, repugnant child predators, who provide no benefit to children or society. The procedures/policies are created to benefit jews, but are kept away from a curious goy, to prevent discovery that the policy/ideology lacks substantive service for dealing with the simple administrative no-fault divorce. The procedures are a word-salad of administrative elements of documentation, statistics, scheduling, notices, data entry, questionnaires and letter writing, all having nothing to do with executing the nebulous ‘referral’ from the jew in a black robe. Gary Roberge ($190k) oversees the incompetent Deb Fuller ($178k) to supervise clowns like Kathleen Montano ($124k) who pretends to oversee minions like Katie O’Connor ($95k) to perpetuate rape of childhood, while ignoring state law to make mandatory reports of child abuse and neglect, just to ensure that goy kids are trafficked solely by discretion of the jew in black. Conspirators all.

Incompetent Legal Services

The policy glue that keeps the secretive jewdiciary out of the public spotlight comes from the Office of Legal Services where the jew Martin Libbin ($170k) reigned supreme for years, a nepotic legacy of his judge father, installed to promote chosen ideology in the people’s court. Even after retirement, he still ran the office to uphold the tenets of Talmudic Law, thwarting every public effort of scrutiny. The mantle has passed to the incompetent jewish puppet Joe Del Ciampo ($180k) to thwart public oversight of abuse of the sovereign powers of parens partiae. Joe cannot count to First Amendment.

Silly Secrecy

The paycheck sponges at the Statewide Grievance Committee provide the charade played upon the goy that the Bar mafia is somehow regulated and lawyers are subject to discipline. These chosen miscreants claim the notices for online hearings are SECRET, not to be shared by the goy with their four-legged friends. Recently jewish cunt Cathy Dowd ($125k) stopped a hearing because too many goy were watching, having impermissibly shared the SECRET invite. The dumb cunt can’t count to First. She claims that it is policy that invitations to a public hearing are not public. Attorney Christopher Slack ($148k) cited p.8 of the Microsoft Teams guide where a bang is deviously inserted stating invitations are not to be shared with goy. This document was prepared by Attorney Nisa Khan ($101k) who could not cite a reference for this blatant violation of 1A. Goy are not to be involved in the affairs of the chosen jew, constitutional rights be damned! Public display of deprivations of rights, all managed by Attorney Michael Bowler ($163k) puppet head of the Statewide Grievance Committee.

Custody Evaluations

Nothing reveals a jewish conspiracy more than word-salad. The pretense that there is any rational basis in the opinion of a jew with a psychology degree holding magic powers to evaluate a normal dysfunctional American family is of total jewish fabrication. Junk science presented by a jew to a jewish judge to traffic a child is still junk. There is no legal definition of a ‘custody evaluation’, but huge fees are paid to court whores to produce a work product that is of trite opinion. No standard of care applies, no definitions apply, no quality assurance, just a jew money game played on unsuspecting goy families with the total blessing of the jew in the black robe. Criminal racketeering has many forms.

Note that psychology has its roots in the need for Eastern European jews to find an academic/scientific basis to support having sex with minor children. Let that sink in.

Lack of Jurisdiction

The family court is not the proper venue to severe mother/child bonds. The jews have obscured the limited power of the court, morphing it from due process to anything goes. The parens patriae powers to sever a parent-child relationship rest solely in juvenile court where the state appears thru the Attorney General with formal petition to protect the child from harm by the offending parent. Severing the relationship does not fall under best interests in a court of equity, but in the quasi-criminal proceedings of abuse in protection of the child. The jews of family court have twisted the application of no-fault dissolution of marriage into character assassination of a parent to the harm of children. The incompetence of the legislature and the executive branches of government have allowed this illegal conduct of family court to grow like a cancer, destroying American values. As Voltaire correctly stated, the jew will be the downfall of humanity.

Media Approval

The Chief Administrative jew, Patrick Carroll III, has the power to decide the freedom of the press enshrined in the First Amendment. According to the jewdicial rules of practice set down in PB §1-10A, he will decide who is part of the press and who is not. More rabbinical rule to thwart the Constitution of the goy. Here is the jew rule: Sec. 1-10A. Definition of ‘‘Media’’ For purposes of these rules, ‘‘media’’ means any person or entity that is regularly engaged in the gathering and dissemination of news and that is approved by the Office of the Chief Court Administrator.

Can you say abridging freedom of the press?

External Affairs shill Melissa Farely ($219k) could not provide documentation for the APPROVAL process. It is unlikely that one even exists, this charade simply being jewdicial deprivation of rights by a bunch of kikes who have hijacked the judiciary from a sovereign people. Will anyone be surprised when the Chief Nigger swings for treason from the Charter Oak? Oathkeepers abound who are sworn to the pursuit of life, liberty, and all who threaten it. Looks like CJ Robinson ($216k) is begging for a swing. Inciting imminent lawless action is a jewish delicacy.

Closing Courtroom

The monsters of family court hope that the goy don’t notice courtrooms being closed and testimony sealed whenever jews like Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD and Dr. Linda Smith, PhD show up. There is a due process requirement in the Practice Book that holds a constitutional presumption of public access to adjudication proceedings. Psychobabble testimony and undefined ‘custody evaluations’ are of great public interest given the enormous influence on decisions that separate mothers from children. PB §25-59 clearly states that the courtroom will not be closed except for a compelling interest that overrides 1A rights of the public. False claim of privacy is not such an interest. To date, there is no known private interest in a divorce matter which trumps 1A, but jew judges keep excluding the public from observing the testimony of court whores. Only jews proclaim these charlatans to be EXPERTS on other folks’ children. There is no positive public opinion of court whores. Jews relying on jews for expertise to traffic children is not due process nor equal protection. Judges Gerard Adelman ($168k), Anthony Truglia ($180k), and Tammy Nguyen ($180k) have recently trashed 1A to hide the professional opinions of their jew pets from public scrutiny. Tammy is so arrogant she ignores the requirement to hold a public hearing or identify the private interest. A special short calendar exists just for this purpose. Tammy does not give a shit. The jewish scam on the goy is blatant. The jewdiciary does not want the goy to see the inane ‘work product’ of these charlatans, on which the court relies to separate mothers from children. Secrecy, deception, and trickery is the mark of the jew.

Blocked Access

The jewdiciary blocks public access to filings in family court. The efile system, the public can click on any pleading or order in a civil case, but not a family case. The Superior Court is open to the public on one side, but where the pedophiles, jews, and miscreants lurk there is a veil. One can stand on Washington Street, accessing every case in the civil courthouse at 95 from a smart phone. But not one case can be accessed from the dungeon of 90. Why? What is the difference? Same state, same court, same internet, same efiling software, same First Amendment. Who is the jew who brings the curtain down on family matters? In other states all dockets are accessible online. Are the child traffickers of the pedo capital of New England so afraid of public scrutiny of public matters? Why the secrecy? If all is being done in the best interests of children, don’t the judges want the public to see what a wonderful job they are doing? Or is there something to hide?

Denial of Access

The state constitution specifies that all courts are open to all in Article First §10. But the jews of family court put an end to that in 2005 when jew Judge Holly Wetstone’s misconduct of barring Rose Strobel from access was upheld by three stooges of the Appellate Court in defiance of eighty years of settled state supreme court case law. Back in 1924 the judiciary was sincere and reputable. Today jews rule that a mother pleading in protection of her child from a pedo father is abuse of the court system. See how slick jews can be? Now it is the court getting abused, while the child is raped. Stare decisis means nothing to parasites undermining the culture of an enlightened society. Denial of access in post-judgment pleading is improperly codified in PB §25-26, defying SCOTUS case law from 1947 which clearly opines that custody orders are never final and can be changed at any time, by any court, by any judge, for any reason. But the jews of Connecticut do not like that, so it gets cancelled. Like SCOTUS means anything to a jew.

GAL Fees

The prime evidence of jewish tentacles gripping every financial aspect of no-fault divorce is the need for an attorney to be a private pay arm of the court to vacuum out family savings in the name of ‘representing’ an undefined best interest concept. The judge appoints a trusted pet at ridiculous cost to the family to execute no legal purpose. The system was wired in the late seventies to allow the court to order parents to pay the GAL directly, instead of the normal method where the court taxes the litigants upon judgment, payment made to the court, GAL paid on condition of contract with the state, along with proper tax reporting. The jews be so slick as to make the direct pay arrangement invisible to the tax man. No invoice in the court file, no written order of judgment, no record of payment, no 1099 … invisible. The legislature has no idea how much money the court sucks out of families for the pointless GAL services. Only jews find purpose to conceal public evidence of the cash transaction. The obedient lawyers on the Judiciary Committee dutifully look the other way, lest the judge club black lists them for spilling the slush fund.

The stranglehold by the jewdicial authorities is seen in the wrath upon the parent who refuses to pay the inflated, fraudulent, purposeless invoice of the jew GAL. What is more memorable than the dyke on the byke, the deviant gender confused brainless cunt, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto ($184k) chasing Peter Szymonik for non-payment with bench warrants, to jail him, where Connecticut became a laughing stock of jewish antics when a camera crew from CBS showed up to film her rage. Oi vey! The true jewish god is cash. Follow the money. Jewdicial process extracts shekels from the family bank, which then go hand to hand, purse to purse, bank to bank, through a network of conspiring jews whose singular source of income comes from the pain and suffering induced by merciless acts of family court. Family savings is the sole income of the Family Bar. Cash even finds its way to the judge’s pockets, why else would a judge threaten jail for a simple collection action? Jews…always the jews.

Only jewish ideology justifies Judge Adelman’s misconduct to order Jocelyn Hurwitz to sit and watch 36 days of trial, absent legal cause, but for the fact that jew Jocelyn bills $400/hr, total invoices now over $200,000. There is no state interest in such an expense for a simple administrative no-fault divorce. GALs even plead that incarceration of a mother for not liquidating retirement funds to pay a GAL is in the best interest of the children. Judges even order sale of homes, using the equity to pay the GAL. Only parasitic jews are so merciless, only a jew judge values money over childhood.


More evidence of racketeering is seen where the statutes are changed to allow a poorly educated jew in a black robe to diagnose parents and children with mental afflictions, then prescribe ‘therapy’ to remedy the disease. The court becomes the business development arm of the local psychologist union, no doubt there are kickbacks involved. Jew Judge Adelman even has these providers classified by tier. The more money in the family bank, the more expensive the treatment ordered. In most cases health insurance does not cover the incompetent diagnosis and fabricated therapy. The fees charged by the court ordered therapists would never be accepted by insurance companies. Just more racketeering.

Don’t look for any published protocols for the family court therapy scam, there are none, it is all just expensive voo doo and witchcraft. The best example of the racket is the undefined mental defects which require separation of children from mother. Undiagnosed disorder, borderline disorder, disorder of disorder, untreated undiagnosed disorder … word-salad being the mark of the jew. Then there is the expensive ‘reunification’ therapy needed to treat the damage intentionally inflicted by the isolation. All so obvious, all so jewish.

AFCC Board of Jew Judges

The simple observation that the judicial branch allowed three jewish judges to create the CT Chapter of AFCC, tells all. Only the jew judges can flaunt Canon by taking board seats on a private organization designed to bring all family courts under jewish ideology, undermining the rule of law, subverting the will of the sovereign. Jew judges Linda Munro, Holly Wetstone, and the evil dark lord himself Gerard Adelman all conspired to create a private corporation to train family court whores in the way of the jew. The formation was even blessed by jew boy and branch legal advisor Martin Libbin.

Un-Equal Protection

The variance in outcomes of administrative no-fault divorce is shocking. Two families similarly situated will have drastically different results based on a singular variable: MONEY. Poor folks don’t get in depth ‘custody evaluations’, there are no ‘psyche evals’ ordered by the judge, there is no GAL to ‘investigate’ matters. The court really does not care. For the families with money, it is a feeding frenzy for lawyers and vendors, where every ‘issue’ must be litigated ad nauseatum. The family court ‘service’ is an income test. Lots of income, lots of court time, lots of motions, lots of ‘conflict’. The ‘high conflict’ divorce is just a criminal enterprise, draining money out of the family bank … one slow billable hour at a time. There is a direct correlation between the thickness of the court file and legal fees. The jews run the system to extract family money, nothing about best interests of the child, that is just the cover story.

How can the divorce process be of equal protection and due process where no parent is ever declared unfit, but some mothers lose their children and others do not? See the trickery of the jew? A court that is not a court. Application of law that is not law. Destruction of childhood for private agendas adjudicated by unfair judges in a court based on the Talmud. A jew’s celebration of malice over the goy.

The unequal cost of a GAL proves the criminal racketeering by judges. A GAL may be purchased by from a long list of starving lawyers from the Office of Public Defender for a flat fee of $500/child. A GAL may be purchase from the jewish Connecticut Children’s Law Center for a flat $750. But for a family with money the price is $400/hr with unlimited billing. See the racketeering? Same service, same court, but where there is money, the divorce process costs more. Only jews can do this. A pound of hamburger is the one price for all in the grocery store.

Blame d’Jews

The only people in the republic who work so hard to defeat the founding principles are jews. Nowhere is their conduct so painfully obvious as in family court. The destruction of society is advanced by destruction of families and harming children. The over-represented jews in the ranks of family court whores is not randomness. It is purposeful design and conspiracy to push an unwanted jewish ideology on the unsuspecting goy. In other words, jews are fucking the court to fuck families. Powder dry? .308 ball stocked? Finger itching? Patriots and parents have a call to arms to protect children. The jews have blocked all other avenues of redress.

Dumb nigger and his nigger side ‘ho Nancy running a jewish court to fuck over kids. Noose? .50 cal? Early retirement?
When evil needs to be expunged, a helicopter with Sargent Mouk, as door gunner will do the trick.