Patrick Carroll

The chosen secrecy of Connecticut Family Court is an abomination of justice, but this is Corrupticut, run by jews, for jews, where the goy don’t matter. The now-famous Blog spotlights Chief Administrator of the judiciary, Patrick Carroll, a fat retard who knows how to scam a free people, steal money, ignore law, and please his jewish masters. He is a puppet on kosher strings, as his power in jewland does not come on his pathetic Irish Catholic roots. A moron of such feeble character, he sells out his soul, betrays his faith, and the public for a few shekels and a pat on the head from his jewish masters. His black robe conceals more than his obese form.

Patrick Carroll is responsible for the private pay money docket in family court known as Regional Family Trial Docket. This special session of the Superior Court is reserved for use by lawyers representing families with money. No poor folk ever go to RFTD, it is a special court of law where decisions are purchased and children are trafficked. Carroll refuses to comply with state law which requires regulations for use of special sessions, the jews don’t bow to goy law from the barnyard of four-legged legislators.

Patrick Carrol is an outright liar. He makes public statements that RFTD is to handle contested cases involving children ‘quickly without interruption’. But 36 days of trial dragged out over 9 months is the reality. Cases are to have a family relations study done, attorney for children, and be trial ready. But cases end up on the docket with none of those requirements being met. The judiciary’s published mission is to resolve matters in a fair, timely, efficient, and open manner. The reality is that litigation will be prolonged to the maximum extent possible to generate the most billable hours for the jews who feed at the court trough on family savings. Patrick Carroll is an instigator and proponent of this den of thieves orchestrated by trial judges taking kickbacks from the Bar Association. Would anyone cry if Carroll is boiled in his own excrement?

Patrick Carroll willfully deprives public rights in his quest to please his jewish masters. The state supreme court ruled in Clerk v FOIA that the public has a right to access judicial documents associated with adjudication of cases. This right flows from the First Amendment, which the jews abhor. The public holds a right to review the family court bench book, but Carroll and his minion Dierdre McPadden keep the document hidden, even though it is in the Library of Congress catalog, no goy may see it.

Welcome to Gulag Connecticut. Rights are denied by jew puppets. Children are trafficked by jewish interests. Courts exist to rob family bank. Judges orchestrate family fleecings. Law is ignored. Childhoods are raped. Public pronouncements are merely lies. Public trust is betrayed, where the government has become the enemy of the people. Patrick Carroll is a domestic terrorist in a black robe, inciting imminent lawless action for his willful abuse of children. Will he get a .50 cal to the head? A headless float down the river, arranged by Patriots? Or will he simply shake in terror of the jewish wrath that awaits him for exposing his masters.