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Melissa Farley: Chill

Judge Jane Emons is officially off the Connecticut bench.  A vile excuse of a judge served her comeuppance cold without even a vote in the Assembly.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, just leave; the people of Connecticut have no use for a wretched old hag of nasty temperament and no understanding of family law.  A jewish bitch on wheels so hell-bent on trafficking Christian children to her zionist agenda that it takes the entire State Supreme Court to stop her.  The people have spoken, the bitch is off the bench; live with it….now for the screaming and wailing.

Melissa Farley, the official dotard spokescunt of the judiciary, cranked up the propaganda machine on the goyim.  Melissa is a failed attorney who has a state job under the desk of Judge Patrick Carroll, his highness Chief Court Administrator.  Judge Carroll’s job has nothing to do with law, but everything to do with money and politics.  Melissa had to spin the will of ‘We The People’ as some unfair action against a chosen one.  Melissa publicly complains that “This is sending chills through the judicial system.”  What?  The independent judiciary is having ‘chills’ because the people took out the trash?  Other judges had time to look up from their busy dockets to notice that Jane Emons was found incompetent to remain on the bench?  Why should any other judge care?  It is not a motion before the court….it is politics of the people, for the people and by the people…..not a judicial matter.  The real issue with Melissa’s report of chills among judges is it just hit them that they are under the control of the people, not their jewish masters hiding in the shadows.

A rather twisted article is written in the CT Mirror by Mark Pazniokas where he completely ignores the billboard posted along I-91 to get rid of Emons, but he spotlights this BLOG as the source of the legislatures ‘anti-semitic’ [sic] act of flushing Emons down the judicial toilet.  Mark obviously has a streak of zionism in him.  Mark presents that the people’s representatives in the House did something ‘unfair’ in disposing of the jewdicial trash.  He quotes Melissa’s wailing that Jane ‘didn’t really have an opportunity to respond to the concerns after the public hearing’.   Poor Jane, dragged before the committee to answer for her eight years of being a bad judge and she could not respond to the follow-on fallout?  She could not issue a statement, could not be interviewed by Pazniokas, could not hold a press conference, could not write a self-appreceation piece in the CT Law Tribune, could not even write her own blog….poor Jane, had no opportunity to rebut eight torturous years of terrible conduct by her pathetically inadequate performance as a judge… it would have mattered.  The people were so sick of Emons that she did not deserve a vote, just ignore her, letting her term expire without comment….so cold, so deserving.

Of particular and peculiar note is why Judge Patrick Carroll was calling the Speaker of the House on Friday begging for a vote on Emons?  The independent judiciary is just independent when it wants; otherwise it is a political lobbying group attacking the legislature for getting out of jewdicial line?  Luckily, the Speaker is not an attorney, not controlled by jewdicial overlords, where Judge Carroll could threaten to cut off his Bar balls.  Then there is the reporting that other judges sent messages to the Speaker as well.  Those independent judges sure become dependent when they join together to save one of their own.  Just exposes the jewdicial mafia, not a branch of government, a simple mafia, above the law, above the people…rather a chosen group; just ask Elliot Solomon, the king of the jewdiciary.

So chill on great chosen ones; We The People are the sovereign power of the state.  When we have no use for you, we will get rid of you.  It is the will of the people not jewdicial discretion.  Suck it up buttercup, there is more to come!!

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It is of great interest to collect all the correspondence from judges to the legislature attempting political influence on the House to prevent the demise of Judge Emons.  The people must confirm the appointments, not the judicial branch.  Farley’s public comments do undermine public confidence in the judiciary, not that there is much left.  This reveals more than meets the eye; it is a failure of government.  Judicial management was well aware of the courtroom behavior that led to Jane’s demise, but did nothing to correct it over the years.   Stay tuned, it is going to get worse.

Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, the judicial department can’t touch him…he is not an Attorney.

Judge Patrick Carroll, begged the House to take up a vote on Judge Emons….not his function.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler….lost a foot soldier to the unruly gentiles.

A new day in Superior Court without Judge Emons!!! Children rejoice….funny how Mark Pazinokas left the billboard out of his article, but cites this blog.

Stop Judge Emons T Shirt….collectors item, also not mentioned by Pazinokas.

Judge Emons digging herself a hole before the committee.

Free Speech on a billboard, get rid of the bitch.