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The now-famous Blog of the worst kind happily reports Judge Gerard Adelman’s jewdicial discretion in the Ambrose case, which isolated children from mother, imprisoned by mad man Christopher Ambrose, resulted in Mia running away from the abusive situation, now in the loving care of her mother … all is well!

Saturday afternoon saw a flurry of police activity at 381 Horse Pond Road, where five squad cars convened to hear mad mad man Chris Ambrose complain that his daughter is gone, texting him that she is running away, tired of the court induced physical, mental, psychological, emotional abuse that destroyed the last five years of her childhood. The donut whores of Madison Police began searching for the runaway, a drama of no import, when madder man is notified daughter is with mom. Police verify Mia is well, walk away from the drama, while madder mad man melts down, raging that the power of the court to rape childhood is thwarted by a kid in sneakers and a backpack, running away. And just like that, the best interests of the child are restored.

Mia proves to the world that whores of family court work for shekels not for a child’s best interests; deprived of maternal hugs by order of jew nutjob Judge Jane Grossman in April ’20, the kid now voids court malicious conduct, jews be damned, mother daughter hugs now unrestricted. The destructive work of Jessica Caverly, William Callahan, Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Judge Truglia, Judge Rodriguez, Judge Moukawsher, all voided by a child’s will, the court lacks any powers to force Mia to live with her abuser, now laid bare before the world, the jewish anti-mother ideology of family court, lacking constitutional due process, strict scrutiny, or humane conduct. Jews Grossman, Adelman, Truglia show their true colors, begging for the flames of liberty to consume evil courts and monsters in black who rape childhood for shekels. How many .50cals must a free people have to protect childhoods? What monsters beg high velocity freedom seeds as strict scrutiny for harming children? When will a well regulated parental militia gather in the night under torchlight to hunt child predators and their ideological perverse, psychological miscreants advocating destruction of mother-child bonds?

Editor’s Note: The follow on to the Ambrose drama will be filings by mad man to recapture his daughter, court silliness in lack of jurisdiction, investigation into child sexual abuse, drugs, neglect; then the runaway of the remaining two children, all in full public view, testimony to the jewish game of family destruction under veil of jewdicial discretion.


Monsters who created a runaway. Voiding court authority in sneakers, with a backpack, exercising constitutional protections.

Only jews hold ideological purpose to break mother-child bonds.

Mad man mad as a child escaped his prison at 381 Horse Pond Road in Madison.