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The Brigeport resident jewdicial ‘spic in a black robe denies First Amendment redress rights to peasants by applying the new jewdicial ruling of REJECTED to pleadings in rights, a true talmadic ideology dealt by Judge Eddie Rodriguez, a senior judge, exemplifying nigger boy Robinson’s commitment to fucking over a sovereign people for the pleasure of childhood rape! The now-famous Blog of the ‘worst‘ kind provides standard disclaimer: ain’t makin’ this shit up!

The family court is wrestling with draconian orders by Dark Lord Gerard Adelman and Jew Jane Grossman, which isolated children from mother for three years in the Ambrose case, the kids had enough, ran away from Mad Man Christopher Ambrose to safe haven with mother, for protection and self-preservation, private relief from abuse from pedo daddy and the jewish court that relishes in childhood destruction. Mad Man Ambrose pleads to ‘spic boy Rodriguez to have pedo protector Chief Jack Drumm of Madison Police to ‘retrieve’ the kids from safe haven, taser them, cuff them, drag them kicking and screaming back to daddy’s prison at 381 Horse Pond Road.  Ambrose states that minions of Drumm will gladly execute the rabbinical order of terror on the kids … that’s what donut whores do for extra jelly.

At the same time, a ditzy Nancy Stewart, $115k/yr state paycheck sponge, a DCF case worker, is ‘assessing’ the family with public resources to find out why these loving children ran from dad to mom, while the jews of family court ruled that mom is bad, dad is good, and the kids could not hug mom, as it was bad.  Blog stars Adelman, Grossman, Truglia, Caverly, Aldrich, Hurwitz, all jews approving the rape of childhood. Adelman went so far as to put control of mother’s access in hands of fellow jew Robert Horowitz, the-rapist of New Haven, whom she must pay shekels and a pound of flesh for mind altering voo doo mumbo jumbo from the kike merchant of child trafficking; what Blog aficionados recognize as improper delegation of court authority from the jew in black to the jew the-rapist; fundamental liberty interests be damned. For three years Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer have suffered jewish best interests, isolated from mom, imprisoned by a pedophile, abused, neglected, harmed physically and emotionally, all while authorities bowed to the jewdicial authority empowered by a sovereign sheeple to rape childhood. Connecticut is a danger to children, just by its politics, jewish governor, and nigger chief justice. One thing loved in Corrupticut is fucking kids.

Madison town attorney will soon be questioning school superintendent Dr. Craig Cooke, on why the highly paid professionals of Daniel Hand High School never reported the abuse which Nancy Stewart is now documenting, that the kids filed abuse complaint with the court, for whom the State is now providing counsel. Oi vey, how much will Madison residents pay out for the incompetence of Principal Anthony R. Salutari, Jr, who has turned a blind eye to the plight of his abused students, no doubt instructed by unscrupulous town actors.

Judge Rodriguez will crawl out from his den at 10am Friday morning, mount the bench to wreak havoc on children in the name of the state, in jewish best interests, but with direction from his overlords to uphold Adelman’s draconian orders, lest the public see the family court flinch in face of due process. Adelman’s power to rape childhood will be vindicated, runaways will be beaten, mothers abolished. Welcome to the gulag, your warden is a jew. Absolute discretion of jews in black robes rule! Constitution is damned under the talmud, rabbinical courts are not limited by goy rights, children will be roasted in the court lobby, served with coleslaw by order of the jew; blood drained first, saved for special occasions.

Special Blog shout out to Attorney Chris Goulden of Milford for representing Mad Man before ‘spic-Rod, arguing for police capture of abused children, tasing, beating, and return to such a loving dad. Shout out to Attorney Anthony Wallace of New Haven for representing Mad Man in abuse charges filed in juvey court. Special welcome back to Judge Bernadette Conway, sloth of juvey court, presiding again over complaint of abuse and neglect of the kids, special eye on AAG Renee Bollier who represents DCF and State interest in the abuse of the kids. Bring popcorn!

Editor’s Note:  The nigger U.S. Attorney, Vanessa Roberts Avery, a local sheeboon of no legal fortitude instructs her office to ignore the blatant rights deprivations and misuse of federal funds by her jungle pal, nigger boy Robinson, Chief Child Rapist of Connecticut, her jew boss Micky Garland approves.

League of extraordinary childhood rapists.

Matching colors ensure children are trafficked in Connecticut