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Chief Manchester Thug

The now-famous, all-seeing Blog of the WORST kind spotlights the Thin Blue Donut Whore, Chief William Darby of Manchester Police, for his collar of a dad for knocking on a door to see if his son would like to play catch, a child brutally denied the past-time of playing catch with dad for a year, courtesy of the jews of Hartford family court, Leo Diana presiding childhood rapist. Upon complaint and alarm of crazy Francelia Sakon and sloth Dennis O’Toole, resident child abusers of little Odin Sakon, at 53 Benton Street, the great donut whore thugs of Manchester responded with blazing speed and powdered sugar, arresting dad for criminal conduct of wanting to hug his son, play catch, get some peanuts and crackerjacks, and head out to the ol’ ball game! Red Sox rule! But not in Corrupticut, the land of jewdicial discretion, child rape, paedophilia promotion; Chief William Darby proves his manliness, stroking the barrel of his nine mil, salivating over an arrest of a straight, white, conservative male, he cuffs dad with such lust to break the skin on his wrists, trying to contain his own hard on. This is Nutmeg police work at its finest, injecting the jewdicial ideology of familial destruction into quiet neighborhoods, abusing the criminal justice system, impressing upon children a dad is bad for stopping by to play catch. Chief William Darby demonstrates professional commitment to fucking up society one kid at a time, the proud chief of paedophiles of Manchester, while real criminals are ignored; abuse of office to promote a private agenda, injecting the municipal corporation as an agent of abuse, constitutional deprivation for false arrest, notwithstanding.

Perhaps someone needs to do a child welfare check on Odin to see what damage is being concealed.

Editor’s Note:  The arrest for knocking at the door holds no cause in criminal justice, just Chief Darby showing his dedication to paedophiles and isolation of little boy ass from exposure. Paedos run Manchester.

Niggers, spics, paedophiles of Manchester Police will arrest a dad for wanting to play catch with his son.

Chief of Paedophiles, William Darby of Manchester, fucks up dads and sons in name of pederasty, which he loves more than jelly donuts.

Command clowns who fuck up kids; guns, badges, no brains. Jew muscle over the goy.

53 Benton Street, NO TRESPASSING, little Odin cannot come out and play!!