Oh my: Williams

Hang on to your BLM hat, the Biden White House needs a black pedophile on the federal bench, now nominating the blog famous Omar Williams. Oh my, pedos, niggers, and jews! It never stops. This past week the White House announced the nomination of Omar The Pedophile to replace a senior judge in the federal District of Connecticut. Of all the competent folks to choose… Read More »Oh my: Williams

Vicki Frenzel Again!

The beauty of Connecticut plays out in the jewish cesspool of its family courts. Blog famous Vicki Frenzel displays her true colors again filing in probate court to seize control of trust funds of the daughters of deceased William Grohs. Family Court runs on money and the inbred jewish judges and lawyers of Waterbury will devour children, parents, and savings accounts to satisfy their appetite… Read More »Vicki Frenzel Again!

Nusbaum The Joker!

The now famous blog spotlights Attorney Edward Nusbaum, a sad, pathetic, little excuse of a man whose mental delusion thinks he is worth $750/hr to practice family law in the cesspool of Connecticut courts. Oi vey, da jews have no shame. Another lecherous jew with a law degree camped out in Westport to prey on families with money. A clown who has spent his life… Read More »Nusbaum The Joker!

Jewish Immunity!

Welcome back to the cesspool of Connecticut Family Court where jew judges rig everything against the goy. Blog famous jew psychobabblist Linda Smith, PhD, expert in everything about other folk’s families, has stepped upon the stage of public scrutiny only to claim ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for her psycho fuckery performed under a state professional license. See how this works? The jew court relies on a jew… Read More »Jewish Immunity!

Psycho Testing

The jews running the psychobabble game of family court have a great racket for fooling the goy into believing there is meaning to psychological testing performed on unsuspecting victims of the jewdicial scam. But every now and again, something pops out of the script that catches the famous blog’s attention. The jew producers at Lifetime put on a two-hour show about Jen Dulos, glossing over… Read More »Psycho Testing

Gay Pride?

What is it with fags? Why do they need to rub their gayness in society’s face? What is their constant need to recruit new members to their twisted community? Do they have a clue that no one gives a shit about their deviant pleasures, nor that no one really cares they are gay? What is with the constant demand for attention? Can’t they just be… Read More »Gay Pride?

Private Claim

Spoiler alert, this post is over the heads of most state and municipal employees. If you are a cop, forget it. The now famous blog breaks down how a pedo nigger dad from Georgia used the Connecticut criminal justice system to arrest his ex-wife in New York by his sole private claim to skirt family court jurisdiction, attempting to kidnap his sexually abused daughter, for… Read More »Private Claim

Pedos, Niggers & Jews

Lions, tigers & bears, oh no!!! Pedos, niggers, and jews, oh it’s Connecticut again. Daddy pedo Scott Powell molests and rapes his daughters, but because of the proper mix of pedophile protecting cops, jew controlled child protective service, and a dumb nigger in a black robe, the screams of the girls have been silenced, mother maligned, and a federal jew has ruled it is all… Read More »Pedos, Niggers & Jews


Drop the tin foil hats! A real conspiracy has been uncovered in the drama of Bloomfield Police past efforts to retrieve a child sex toy from across state lines on behalf of the infamous, abusive Matthew Couloute. The story dates back to middle of October 2016 when Couloute loaded his suitcase and son Xavier into deceased dad’s van with expired Virginia tags and drove to… Read More »Conspiracy!

Blawie d’Trickster

Oh, the sleight-of-hand tricks pulled by the bald goofball in a black robe are amazing! Today Judge John F. Blawie pulled a fast one, but not fast enough for the now famous blog not to spot. He ordered the State prosecutor to turn over a ‘sealed’ document to the defense in the criminal trial of horse face, Michelle Troconis da bitch, associated with Fotis Dulos… Read More »Blawie d’Trickster