Aldrich Speak

Attorney Nancy Aldrich displays her jewish ability to speak word salad in response to Judge Adelman’s request to disqualify himself. The jewish practice of family law pursues only money, nothing to do with best thoughts for children or application of goy constitutional principles. Quick recap of the Ambrose drama is that Judge Robert Shapiro of Hartford Civil Court has an application for injunctive relief to… Read More »Aldrich Speak

He’s Back!!!

Woman beater, child predator, and Blog star Matthew Couloute is back in family court demanding sole custody of his abused daughter. He’s back to his old tricks of blaming everything wrong with his broken father-daughter relationship on others. Nothing is ever the fault of the great Couloute. Couloute and his buddy Attorney Ryan McGuigan left jew boy puppy cop, Brendan Danaher, hanging to face federal… Read More »He’s Back!!!

Ambrose: Part 15

Connecticut Family Court just gets uglier and uglier. Rather obvious that the government of the people, for the people, and by the people has perished from the state, replaced with a dungeon of vile and villainy of totally jewish proportions. The local Bar association rapes families as their sole source of income. Jew judges play along, as it is obvious they get a slice of… Read More »Ambrose: Part 15


Now that most Blog readers have taken their post stuffing nap, induced by cranial poisoning of serotonin and melatonin secreted in the brain, pushed by turkey protein tryptophan, time to give thanks during this time of thankfulness, in a Blog special way. Let us give thanks for the game of baseball, which provides ‘we the people’ such wonderfully crafted bats to hit the ball and… Read More »Tryptophan

Candace Fay

Attorney Candace Fay of Danbury achieves instant blog star status for her leading role in the new video by Wayne Dolcefino. Candace practices jewish law right out of the Talmud. A chosen parasite fleecing veterans for shekels along with raping childhoods and bleeding family savings. Another fine example of the pettiness of a UCONN Law degree. Sole practitioner because no real law firm wants her… Read More »Candace Fay


Judge Thomas Moukawsher put on a grand display of judicial incompetence today by not recognizing that isolating three kids from mom for no state interest is jewdicial bias by his brother in black, Judge Gerard Adelman, who sua sponte begs to be thrown off the Ambrose case. The now-famous Blog explains the obvious. Judge Adelman demonstrates bias against mother by ordering GAL and fellow jew… Read More »Bias?

Tammy’s Mistrial

The now-famous Blog continues its coverage of judicial misfit, Judge Tammy Viet-Cong, communist terrorist in black robe, sitting in Hartford family court, with the sole jewish purpose of wreaking havoc on American families, demonstrated by her mishandling of a simple no-fault divorce in the Sakon case, where she intentionally rapes the childhood of little Odin. The tragic irony of Tammy Viet-Cong is that the land… Read More »Tammy’s Mistrial

Big Dumb Nigger

The now-famous Blog notes the interesting opinion piece in the nation’s oldest newspaper about a Connecticut judge who has not been to work in two years. The opinion is by South Windsor shill Kevin Rennie who is always good for a laugh. Kevin is all worked up over the fact that the incompetent, rather retarded excuse of a judge, Alice Bruno has been paid her… Read More »Big Dumb Nigger

Ficeto Threat

Judge Anna Ficeto shows her true self from the bench today in the ongoing child snatching case of Evie and Sofie Grohs of Watertown. The court of satan prevents the children from hugging their mother without stating a reason. Mother’s demand for proper visitation has been pending before the court for FOUR years. Evil Judge Ficeto toys with mother, now threatening to dismiss mother’s pleadings… Read More »Ficeto Threat

Jennifer Bright

Time to spotlight another female monster who supports child abuse by her loving husband, Justice William H. Bright, Jr. of the Connecticut Appellate Court. Jennifer Bright is one of those beaten abused women who are at the mercy of monster husbands who find child abuse particularly satisfying. Jennifer will soon be kicked out of the mothers club of Columbia for her support of child predators… Read More »Jennifer Bright