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The now-famous Blog of the worst kind notes that the Mad Man of Madison, Christopher Ambrose, disgraced script writer, sexually deviant, minor attracted person, claims that Connecticut gossip over events on a public stage is DEFAMATION, for which he has suffered great personal, professional, psychological, emotional harm for which only Auntie Easter Baskets is responsible. His Hollywood firing for plagiarism is Auntie’s fault. His suicidal ideations communicated to the media is solely Auntie’s fault. His attraction to Barbershops featuring latino boys is simply his version of diversity. Abuse of his children, causing two of them to flee to safe haven is all a result of Connecticut gossip of a public event played out over the last four years in the cesspool of family court. Problem with Mad Man’s complaint is that no one can identify ‘false statements’ about him. The falseness exists only in Mad Man’s mind. Four years of dancing on the public stage has proven Mad Man can’t get a job, has funny finances, visits websites constructed for minor attracted persons, abuses his kids to the point two escaped to safe haven, then filed sexual abuse charges against him, that paedo protectors of Madison Police have a rapid response to any complaint of Mad Man, that cops even hunt down his kids, threaten them, that he paid huge bucks to jews Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz to perform a momectomy, vindictively cutting mother out of the lives of the children to feed some deep rooted psychological defect of his twisted mind, using children as vindictive weapons in his delusional jousting war against a windmill, where he always plays victim. Showering jew lawyers with shekels before jew judges always results in purchased decisions in Corrupticut, just common knowledge … hardly defamation.

Blog legal department had a difficult time deciphering Mad Man’s complaint against Auntie. Most of it reads like a toddler’s tantrum of a bad day in nursery school rather than a professional legal action, rather odd since Mad Man is a lawyer and gets lots of advice from his brother attorney. The giveaway to the plot is that Madison Police conspired with Mad Man to terrorize Auntie, by dispatching the goons of Glastonbury to deliver a ‘true threat’ of arrest, if Auntie ever tried to perform auntie duties on religious holidays again, jelly beans and familial hugs, all outlawed by paedo protector Chief Jack Drumm, chief of paedos in Madison. What follows is mere First Amendment freedom of the press publicizing the insanity of Mad Man, police involvement, threats of arrest, child abuse, all for bringing Easter Baskets to three children. Blog notes that Mad Man provided no such baskets; deprivation of jelly beans being neglect. Madison Police involvement has been curious. Officer Manware and colleague Sgt. Lauria  threatened physical force against a child to enforce a civil court order in a domestic dispute, on his own self-appointed authority, absent cause in law. When Mia skipped school, four cops did a truancy check. When Mad Man complained of Mia visiting his house, he summoned four cruisers to chase her down on the roadway. Very strange municipal behavior. Blog aficionados recognize the paedo pattern of the police work at hand.

Mad Man’s defamation complaint whines about freedom of the press, the ability of all forms of media to collect information, for all persons to express themselves, a protected right. What offends Mad Man is that there is nothing nice to say about him, a monster, suffering from a mental defect that fails to recognize reality, the latest reality of two kids expressing their desire not to associate with him, seeking safe haven with mother, of whom he never says anything nice. Best way to describe the legal pleading is simply VOMIT, incoherent, rambling, twisted prose claiming reality of life injures him, that he is a victim, that everyone must admit truth is a lie, apologize to him, then give him lots and lots of cash … cause he has been injured. If not for the sadness of the story, it would make a great Hitchcock film, ending in suicide of the villain. Discovery proceedings will provide the screenplay.

Mad Man claims defamation for everything known to be true of him, he has no defense, other than what his own delusional mind believes. Blog notes that Mad Man blurs his claim of injuries with reality. He is out of work for ethical fault of his own, his kids don’t want to live with him, he admits to being suicidal, claims his court theatrics are an invasion of privacy, all by recounting what is already in the public record. Simply psychosis vomited on paper, a vexatious lawsuit, feeding a defective mind, needing a judge to confer victimhood on the sixty year-old toddler, which a jury is not going to buy, nor will the First Amendment let stand, as ‘we the people’ hold scrutiny of actors on a public stage, orchestrated by jews, bleeding family bank providing great Blog fodder, which our Constitution protects.

Editor’s Note: After fifty docket entries, eleven months of purposeless filings, the court takes up a motion for sanctions and non-suit against Mad Man this Tuesday, bring popcorn!

All these jews, ‘spics, paedophiles have unstated reasons to isolate children from mother, paedo cause? Ambrose is a victim only to those who can take his money.