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Fraud Sticks!

Superior Court of Connecticut rules that claim of FRAUD against jewdicial pet Dr. Linda Smith, PhD sticks in suit against her by a disgruntled litigant who was subject to her FORENSIC psychology, better known as voo doo custody evaluation; snake oil sold to the highest parental bidder. Yes folks, the wheels are coming off the family court gravy train of plunder and loot, court whores like Smith are facing blowback for peddling their jewish wares in the name of ‘best interests’. The suit is Sakon v Smith, where Judge Stuart Rosen upholds claims against Dr. Smith of FRAUD, CONCEALMENT, BREACH OF CONTRACT, UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE.

The charlatans of family court can’t hide behind jewdicial discretion when they sign a contract to perform professional services under state license. Society has laws to regulate business transactions, which has blown up in the face of the child trafficking psycho merchants; doting black robed racketeers now powerless to stop attacks on whores like Smith. Fair warning to all ‘custody evaluators’ who pretend to know what is best for other people’s kids, jews blessed by the evil ideology of family court to sever parent-child bonds absent state interest, in defiance of strict scrutiny requirements of the Constitution. The next state licensed psychologist who signs a contract to produce a fabricated opinion of kids better read the fine print, Blog is watching, suing a court whore is bloglicious! Failing to disclose the claim of absolute immunity for providing FORENSIC services of character assassination will cost the whore more in legal fees than the contract is worth. The next time a judge appoints one of these quacksters, the contract will be scrutinized, the performance monitored, a suit in claim of FRAUD brought. Bring popcorn!!

The jewdicial monsters in black robes are fucked now, the lucrative custody battles orchestrated by black hand of the judge, requiring a jewish ‘custody evaluator’ are no more. Who will step into Blog spotlight, knowing a lawsuit for fraud comes upon signing the contract to perform voo doo on children?  Caverly is out, Smith is out, insurance companies will not cover ‘opinions’ made in court, there is no money for these whores … is the game over in Connecticut? What will the jewdicial tricksters invent to initiate a money making custody fight for the bar association? Oi vey!

Editor’s Note:  Court whores have operated with immunity under racketeering protection of judicial Dons for years, the claim of ‘forensic psychology’ is fraudulent, which exposes the shekel game of custody fights, promoted by lawyers.

How will Alex Cuda and his minions orchestrate lucrative custody battles without FORENSIC psychology?

Raping childhood is the essence of Connecticut family court.