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The now-famous Blog spotlights the manliness of Steven M. Manware of thin blue thugs of Madison Police Department, under the paedo leadership of Chief Jack Drumm. Manware claims to be a sworn law enforcement officer, trained in the criminal justice system, twenty years experience scarfing jelly donuts and crullers in New Haven, now six years of patrolling the mean streets of Madison, hunting down abused girls, dragging them back to their abusers. Manware demonstrates his lack of manliness and ignorance of the law in August ’21 when Mia Ambrose packed her wagon and walked away from Mad Man Christopher Ambrose, homosexual, paedo daddy who just can’t understand that kids are not material possessions to be abused for pleasure.

Officer Manware responds to cries for help of the abuser, that his victim escaped from 381 Horse Pond Road, arriving with cruiser, badge, gun, attitude, and no brains, Manware leaps into action, not even questioning why a young girl would flee such a nice guy like Chris Ambrose. Perhaps the note Mia left “I can’t take the abuse” would have given Dick Tracy a clue. A previous police incident report documents Christopher Ambrose instructing his daughter to ‘kill herself’. A K9 officer is dispatched with super sniffer, for legged, tail wagging, tracking device to pick up the trail of tears of an abused child pulling a green wagon, replete with backpack, clothing, stuffed toys. Mia is located at her mother’s house, a mile and a half away, green wagon parked in the front yard. Manware mans up his manliness to document to the world his incompetence in criminal justice.

Forcing his way into a private home for no cause in criminal law, having been told by Mia’s mom that she is fine, sighting Mia thru the window, Manware lays on the thuggery for which Connecticut clowns with guns are renown. An abused child in safe haven with her mother is not a criminal matter, unless you are a paedo protector, jewish muscle of childhood rapists. Manware berates mother that she is to have no contact with her child, per a CIVIL court order by jew Jane Grossman, for which Manware has no power to interpret nor enforce under police powers of the state. Manware is one dumb motherfucker, a worthless degree from U. New Haven in criminal donuts does not provide expertise in law. No need for law, Manware proceeds to berate Mia, terrorizing the child, demanding she come with him for a ride in the cruiser, free candy, … Mia refuses, raising thug blood pressure that two women dare defy the authority of his badge, gun, and handcuffs. K9 officer arrives fifteen minutes later, having heard the location on the radio.

Two officers, guns, badges, cruisers, even a puppy on scene, Mia refuses to comply with Manware’s illegal directives, so he calls his ‘supervisor’, a cunt with a badge, gun, no brains, SGT. Kimberly Lauria, who is at donut headquarters devouring midshift snack of boston cremes. Manware relays the information from the ‘scene’ of no crime, complains that no one is listening to him, that he must vindicate his manliness by getting Mia back to her abuser, complains that mother is recording him on a cell phone, in her own home! Manware repeatedly repeats himself, ignoring Mia’s complaints of fear of her father. Mia refuses to go with Manware, scared he will hurt her, like why should a child trust this clown with a gun in the first place? Manware repeatedly reassures Mia that he will not hurt her, while stroking his nightstick and jingling his shiny silver handcuffs. Mia cries. Manware grew upset at her non-compliance to his paedo directives, he states he will not hurt her, but has a job to do! Never states what his job is, what interest the thin blue thug has in a familial dispute, perhaps betraying he works for a paedo ring? Recapture of victims is a municipal duty? Mia tries to walk away from Manware, retreating to a bedroom, her attempt to shut the door thwarted by Manware; intimidation, bullying a minor is not police work. Mother becomes visibly upset at his misconduct, Mia in tears, trembling in fear. Manware proclaims he is not letting Mia out of his sight, not allowing her to lock herself in a bedroom, which he claims makes his job even more difficult.  What is his job in this matter? Manware calls DCF. An hour later supervising cunt SGT. Kimberly Lauria arrives, a splotch of creme on her shirt. Manware and Lauria shift tactics demanding Mia come to the station, but no reason given. Manware grows more upset with mother, not complying with his manly directives, which hold no basis in law. The very presence of three cops in the house is a Fourth Amendment violation, an unreasonable attempt to seize Mia. SGT. Lauria demands DCF place Mia in foster care, the drama dragging on now four hours, cops needing another dozen donuts to keep going, but glad to be clocking overtime for running the drama out past end of shift.

DCF advises the paedo cops that a child in safe haven, not in danger of abuse cannot be seized by the State, just not how the LAW works.  SGT Lauria then threatens Mia, informing her she would be physically dragged back to her father, so in tears, Mia gathers her backpack and stuffed toys, her only true friends in the world, for a dreadful, traumatic ride in a police cruiser back to her abuser, leaving her green wagon behind.

Another fine example of knuckle dragging boneheads terrorizing children in false claim of professional police work in abuse of the criminal justice system. Blog aficionados note that the police simply act in deprivation of rights, outside the Constitution, abusing a child, buying themselves a federal lawsuit, the Town of Madison fails to properly train their donut whores, funding child abuse, deprivation of rights under color of police powers, misapplied to traffic children back to their abusers.  Smells like millions $$$$.

Editor’s Note:  Mia ran away again, followed by her brother, Madison Police did not apply the Manware/Lauria physical threat tactics, proving the above incident is indeed police misconduct for the benefit of a child abuser.

SGT Kim Lauria and Ofc. Steve Manware, two professional donut whores who can’t spell criminal justice. Note Lauria was fired by the Department for being a kunt in September ’22, along with the responding K9 officer.

Madison Police Department, blue thugs, child abusers, paedo ring muscle.