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Cruel Ruel

The now-famous Blog of the all seeing ‘worst‘ kind spotlights sloppy trickery skills of Jim Ruel, a sleezy two-bit family court charlatan whose legal work leaves his clients hanging out years after he cashed his paycheck for ill gotten legal fees, and he thought no one would ever figure it out, now his former client Erik L. Kuselias, the CBS sportscaster stepped in it before Judge Christopher Griffin at New Haven. Blog sees all.

Judge Griffin, a newbie judge, no brains, no training, no expertise in post-judgment trickery of clowns like Jim Ruel, Lynda Munro, Richard Callahan who conspire to scam a mom out of alimony and child support, to help daddy Kuselias hide his $3M payout for being fired from NBC for having a wandering dick, nothing like heavy hitters and a lengthy docket sheet to realize there is money to protect, and when Lynda Munro comes in to play post-judgment mediator, eliminating alimony, concealing assets and screwing over mother of Erik Jr and Troy, there is deceit at hand, which Judge Tindill is told to accept for the court. Blog star Erik Kuselias is an attorney, subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct who refuses to pay spousal support ordered by Judge Tindill, he stiffs mom for over $15k, but blows smoke across the bench saying mom is lying, that he paid it all, but cannot produce cancelled checks, claiming he paid in cash!! Honesty is not enforced in Judge Griffin’s courtroom, lack of candor towards tribunal. Full, fair, and frank disclosure is alien to Kuselias. But the surprise left by Attorney Jim Ruel for the unsuspecting Kuselias is the watered down child support order, fabricated by Ruel and Munro to conceal daddy assets back in 2017, claiming meager income, a niggardly amount of child support is calculated. Ruel is a hero, Munro is magic, Callahan throws mom under the bus, his forté, being the dutiful ringer when a mom needs to be played. Judge Griffin crunches the numbers for a new support order, as one kid aged out, Kuselias argues he should not pay any child support, but the new number goes up! Griffin completely misses the evidence before him that somewhere between Ruel’s magic in 2017 and now, Kuselias’s income skyrocketed; dumb judge missed it completely. Judge Griffin complained about the size of the file, not realizing it is evidence of family court post-judgment trickery. Another scam where parties divorce by agreement, then mom gets repeatedly hauled back to court to undo the agreement. Where is the full, fair, frank disclosure of daddy’s income bonanza to mother of his children? Where is the $3M from NBC? Why did Judge Griffin fail to properly complete the worksheet? Why did Kuselias leave the courtroom without paying? Who is protecting Kuselias?

Jim Ruel worked some magic years ago, helped Kuselias strip mom of agreed alimony, stiffed her on support, concealed assets, all before retired Judge Lynda Munro, where Callahan ill advised mom all is good … what Blog calls incompetent counsel, a STING, a hustle, played by family court lawyers protecting daddy big bucks. Now the magic fades, leaving Erik Kuselias exposed for dishonesty, fraud, concealing assets, failing legal duty of ongoing disclosure, exposing the court play by Lynda Munro in post judgment shenanigans, known to little people as fraud. Like no one was going to notice?

A court is entitled to rely upon the truth and accuracy of sworn statements, a misrepresentation of assets and income is a serious and intolerable dereliction on the part of the affiant which goes to the very heart of the judicial proceeding. Billington v Billington

But this is Connecticut, where mothers are victims, childhoods raped; judges, lawyers worship shekels; truth, justice, equity cast to the wind, as jews just can’t make a dime doing honest work. Leave it to Lynda Munro to rip the heart out of judicial proceedings!

Editor’s Note:  Besides the child trafficking, the saddest element of Family Court is the collegiate belief of lawyers and judges that they can get away with it.

Ruel, Munro, Callahan all played dirty to protect Erik Kuselias six years ago, leaving a trail that spilled out in Judge Griffin’s courtroom.

Erik Kuselias, plays victim in court, violates court orders while admitted to the Bar.