Hang a noose and watch the cops go nuts!!! Spray paint a Tibetan good luck symbol and the thin blue line hyper-ventilates, but hunt down conservative white folk for being white and the jews applaud. Oh the fun of performance art!! The constitutionally confused Police Chief in Windsor Connecticut is taking sedatives to overcome his overreaction to a ‘noose’ found hanging from a rafter in… Read More »Noose!!!


Finally, a malpractice suit has been brought against a psychobabblist vulture of the Connecticut Family Court. Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD has been sued by mother and children for her expertise in destroying parent-child bonds under the guise of being a state licensed psychologist, self-appointed expert in profiting from maligning a parent to affect a discretionary jewdicial decision to strip a fit parent of custody.… Read More »Malpractice!!!

Bang, bang …

Bang! Bang! Another sad story of a mother wanting out of a marriage, entangled with the drawn out family court process, ends up with a bullet instead of a decree. Oi vey, what the jews of family court will do to make a few scheckles from suffering goy. Divya Misra, a 55 year old mother from India, living in Norwalk, filed for divorce from her… Read More »Bang, bang …

Fairfield Speech Police

There is nothing more unconstitutional than using tax receipts to fund a local gestapo of uneducated, untrained thugs. Meet the Fairfield Police Department, a bunch of overpaid retards with guns, badges, and attitudes. Under the pathetic management of Chief Cracker Kalamarai, the thin blue bozos hunt down free speech and arrest speakers on probable cause that cops don’t like it. Oi vey, where has ‘murika… Read More »Fairfield Speech Police

Pritzker’s Dissonance

The woodchucks of Upstate New York appellate court have taken up jurisdiction over the confederate flag in defiance of the First Amendment, but in the best interest of a bastard child!!! The old craggy jew Judge Stan L. Pritzker, hailing from the inbreds of Washington County, authored today’s opinion in Christie BB v Isaiah CC which claims the stars & bars is not in the… Read More »Pritzker’s Dissonance

Lawyer Collusion

The full public view of the drama of family court reveals lawyer games which can only be equated to a drama of soap opera proportions. The now famous blog exposes the tricks of so called legal professionals who represent parents before the bench for the overly simple task of obtaining a no-fault divorce. The play along of the jewdicial authority confirms that the scam is… Read More »Lawyer Collusion

The Horsemen of Evil

Things happen for a reason in this world. Good things occur because of good intentions and dedication of good people expending good efforts. Bad things happen because of ‘evil doers’. The now famous blog exposes the evil men who drive the evil family court of Connecticut: Solomon, Adelman, Albis, Bright and Robinson, five sons of Satan who traffic and abuse children, rob families, destroy parent-child… Read More »The Horsemen of Evil

Abu$e of Discretion

The jewish form of family court does not rest on the rule of law, but the ‘discretion’ of the jewdicial authority. Equal protection does not apply, every divorce is different, no standard of best interest applies, it is all cleverly arranged to allow a jew in a black robe to wreak havoc on the goy, while siphoning family savings into jewish pockets. Discretion is simply… Read More »Abu$e of Discretion

The Adelman Shit Show

Here is a little exposure on the jewish form of trial court in the expensive process of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut. Christopher Ambrose is now in his 95th week of pursuing the elusive ‘no-fault’ divorce, as such protracted litigation goes along with having family savings and jewish lawyers. The more money, the longer the jews take to decide how to issue the ‘no-fault’… Read More »The Adelman Shit Show

Colonel Stavros Mellekas

Atop the corrupt law enforcement structure of Connecticut sits Stavros Mellekas, a master of deceit protecting the evil of society. Commanding the most powerful armed force of state government, Mellekas works for the dark side. Any wonder why so many children are trafficked thru Connecticut, why pedophiles enjoy the freedom to rape kids at will, why drugs flow freely through the population, all the way… Read More »Colonel Stavros Mellekas