Cruel & Unusual

Tommy Valva died at the hands of an unconstitutional act by a jewish judge of the State of New York. What type of society uses children as weapons of punishment against a mother? Only a society ruled by gruesome jewish tyrants in black robes wielding the power of the Talmud over the goyim. Kundry could not have scripted a more biblical drama. The jewish judge… Read More »Cruel & Unusual

Whack a Judge!

It is that time of year again in Connecticut! Time to play ‘whack a judge’! The legislature is back in session and the judiciary committee has the undesirable task of holding reappointment hearings for some of the worst jurists in the nation. The hit parade starts on Monday. The line up contains an impressive group of arguably the worst of the worst. The blog famous… Read More »Whack a Judge!

Naming Names

The First Amendment protects the public’s right to scrutiny of the government of the people, by the people and for the people. But today’s press is so scared to actually ‘report’ on an issue that it is next to worthless. In the story of the death of Tommy Valva in Suffolk County, New York, we see a timid press, acting under advice of its own… Read More »Naming Names


Time for the famous blog to pull back the curtain on the tragedy that has taken the parents of Petros, Theodore, Christiane, Constantine and Cleopatra Noelle. Five perfect gifts from God who are the remaining survivors of the devil’s hand wielded from the bench of the anti-christ herself, Judge Donna Heller of Connecticut’s gruesome family court. In June of 2017, Jen filed with the State… Read More »Post-Mortem

Jewish Best Interest

Time to take a hard look at the jewish wordsmithing of the concocted term ‘best interest’ of the child. For the history buffs, this term was introduced into the Christian world in 1925, by a sephardic jew in a black robe who sat on the high court of the State of New York. Judge Cardozo stated in Finlay v Finlay that ‘the judge acts as… Read More »Jewish Best Interest

Judge Zimmerman

Another jew judge of New York’s family court acting outside the law and beyond the limits of her state funded job function. Oi vey, the jews never stop. For some unknown reason Judge Hope A. Schwartz-Zimmerman gave sole custody of a little gift from God, Tommy Valva to an abusive dad. There is no judicial reason available for public scrutiny, just another dark mystery of… Read More »Judge Zimmerman

Custody Eval: Murder Clues?

When a mother of five goes missing, blood is found in the garage, over a million dollars has been spent on a divorce, how brilliant must one be to go arrest hubby? The LAPD went right to O.J.’s house, pretty simple. Well, welcome to Connecticut. Meet Sergeant Peter Condos of the New Canaan Police Department and his side kick Joe Farenga, two Keystone cops who… Read More »Custody Eval: Murder Clues?

Heller Won’t Stop

Judge Heller won’t stop! She dragged Jen Dulos through two years of pointless litigation with an adulterous husband making her pay over $1.6M not to obtain a ‘no fault’ divorce, ultimately ending in Jen’s murder by Fotis. But it has not ended. On 7 January, Connecticut declared Jen dead by arresting her murderer, hubby Fotis. But Judge Heller, presiding stooge over the divorce trial has… Read More »Heller Won’t Stop

Paper Terrorism

Look out folks! A new form of TERRORISM has infiltrated society in the family court system! It is called PAPER TERRORISM, replete with pointy corners and sharp edges, usually in the dimensions of 8 1/2 x 11 inches and it is white. This new form of terrorism has been introduced into the family court of New York as a defense by Attorney Alexandra Verrigni of… Read More »Paper Terrorism

NY Family Court Standards…Not!

The horse has spoken! The fat lady has sung! The cat is out of the bag! Dr. Robin M. Lynch, PhD, has stated under oath in a public hearing before the Chair of the Assembly Judiciary committee, Jeff Dinowitz, that the NY Family Court holds no standards for application of the nefarious court appointed ‘custody evaluator’! Dr. Lynch holds “grave concerns about the lack of… Read More »NY Family Court Standards…Not!