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No Sympathy

Judge Robin Wilson of Connecticut’s Superior Court states she has NO SYMPATHY for Blog star Christopher Ambrose in his meritless, frivolous, vexatious defamation action against Auntie Easter Baskets, in today’s court hearing of toddler ranting by Ambrose, abusing the legal system in manifestation of his mental defect that he is a victim of public scrutiny for public behavior in abuse of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, three gifts of God, denied jelly beans and chocolate bunnies in celebration of the Resurrection. Concerned citizens, exercising First Amendment rights of scrutiny of matters in the public forum of family court, horrified by jewdicial abuse of children, discussing governmental malfeasance, the essence of self-governance, oppress the mad man, who lashes out in retaliation at all who disagree with his demented perception of reality.

Judge Wilson finds Ambrose an intelligent, yet deceptively cunning player, engaged in legal abuse of the court, for a matter which errant attorney George Bourguignon fails to properly oppose, bleeding his overly trusting client for shekels, prolonging litigation, enjoying wrestling with a pig in the mud, a lucrative, but deceptive practice of law. Judge Wilson holds cause to toss the frivolous suit and sanction the toddlers before her. The hallmark of Connecticut’s jewdiciary is never truth, due process, nor legal cause, just shekels for lecherous lawyers under the guise of litigation. Judge Wilson is being played. The nub of the defamation complaint is an article in the free press highlighting mad man’s public antics, a complaint against the First Amendment, which Judge Wilson holds all inherent power and duty to sua sponte dismiss, as a state court cannot entertain free speech challenges under color of state defamation law, a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. A free society holds necessity to expose a mad man’s abuse of dissolution law, in purchasing an equitable decision that abuses children by a momectomy of no state interest, contrary to public policy and human decency. Reality of Ambrose’s whining complaint is that everything he claims as defamation is truth; he is a child abuser, a homo, a paedophile, holds a nasty reputation, is mentally unwell, unemployable, engages in illicit activities, preys on children, conceals assets, plays his drama on a public stage. As Judge Lynda Munro stated:  publicity is the price paid for litigation. No improper motive lies for free expression of matters in family court.

Editor’s Note:  Superior Court abuses due process allowing a pro se mad man to bring vexatious suit against a citizen, absent judicial review, demanding relief the court cannot grant.

Precious court resources expended in allowing toddlers Ambrose and Bourguignon to argue over pointless motions unrelated to defamation suit.

Mad Man Ambrose brings a vexatious civil suit against the Aunt for bearing Easter gifts for children.