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Escort Services

Need police muscle to hunt down estranged children, intimidate the ex-spouse, just call Chief Jack Drumm of Madison, Connecticut Police Department where a cruiser with lights will escort a private citizen around town, hunting his abused children, demanding they return to his loving care. Blog can’t make this shit up! The public witnessed Chris Ambrose waiting in ambush of his daughter Mia outside Robert’s grocery store, a stealthy trap, armed with loving hugs and police muscle, complete with a nine millimeter, extra clips, and handcuffs. A bloglicious drama played out with full paedo protection, witnessed by an overly trusting public, who unwittingly fund Jack Drumm’s perverted concept of police protection, while Mad Man Ambrose terrifies a young girl.

Upon inquiry to Madison Police, SGT William Roy states that resident Christopher Ambrose called for ‘escort services’ where the goons dispatched an SUV cruiser, complete with illuminated top lights, and armed officer to provide taxpayer funded escort services having no purpose in the criminal justice system. The ‘escort’ provided service in the grocery store parking lot, then ‘escorted’ the Mad Man to the home of his ex-spouse in attempt to retrieve his two estranged sons in safe haven at mom’s house, providing police sponsored intimidation of two more minor children, a trifecta, police channeling the delusional mental powers of loving daddy down the barrel of a shotgun, while jingling handcuffs, enjoying a chubby while children tremble. Welcome to Madison, paedoville central.

Pudgy Peggy Lyon, First Selctman of Madison has some explaining to do. Why are town cops providing private escort services to terrorize children? Why do taxpayers fund terrorizing children on personal request of a paedophile in an afternoon hunt for victims? Is this Drumm’s way of expressing Mad Man’s paternal love for his children, driving around town hunting them with a police escort? Seriously?

Editor’s Note:  Terrorizing children with police muscle, the paedo utopia of Madison exposed!

Chief Jack Drumm, henchman William Roy, Selectman Lyon abuse police office, providing thug muscle to paedophiles hunting children.