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Ambrose Trifecta

The now-famous Blog congratulates mad man Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut for abusing Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer to the point they all ran away, filed abuse petitions against him in juvenile court, and sought safe haven with mother, a trifecta! The third and youngest child, Sawyer ran away from Ambrose in celebration of Independence Day, abused, neglected, emotionally spent, the little kid had enough, now reunited with his older siblings, all protected from abuse by a loving mother. A happy ending for four years of emotional torture by jewdicial discretion of Judges Jane Grossman and Gerard Adelman. But now Chief of Madison Police Jack Drumm dispatches his donut whores to charge mother with ‘custodial interference‘ for protecting children from the abusive mad mad man Ambrose. The dark hand of the state paedo ring exposes itself. Drumm and his henchmen Roy, Guerra, Harkins, and Mulhern conspire with daddy Ambrose to abuse the criminal justice system to rape childhood, a public display of jewish muscle of child trafficking.

The misconduct of Officer Mike Guerra is documented on the children’s video recording, first directing the child to not stay with his loving mom, but sleep over his pal Finn’s home, on direction of mad man Ambrose.  Police abuse badge, gun, and attitude to arrange sleepovers in name of criminal justice. The kid refuses, stating he wants to stay with his mom, to which Guerra threatens mother and son with arrest for declining the police option. Guerra states the thin blue line of Jack Drum’s child traffickers applies for arrest warrant against mother, an effort to scare the child into going to Finn’s house … not really professional police work, just child abuse. Rather doubtful that Finn’s parents want to harbour the abused child.  SGT Roy states publicly that MPD is applying for a warrant to arrest mother based on the runaway status of the kid, a matter not of the Connecticut penal code, just donut whores earning lucrative overtime, doing paedo bidding in the utopia of childhood rape. Jack Drumm is a paedophile protector, a mom hater, an evil miscreant, an enemy of ‘we the people’, gladly doing satan’s work.

Madison Police sent four officers to direct the little kid to sleep over at Finn’s house, all goons on shift in sleepy village of Madison were dispatched to address the runaway, leaving the Maddites unprotected. Four cruisers, four cops, four badges, four guns, lots of bullets, jingling handcuffs, all applied to threaten a child to comply with paedophiles’ bidding; pure abuse of the criminal justice system by cops with more powdered sugar than brains.

Sawyer Ambrose is represented by court appointed counsel John Ghidini of Cheshire, protecting the interest of an abused child who had to flee his abuser, after DCF failed to protect him from Christopher Ambrose, another example of government failure of duty to protect children. Case worker Nancy Stewart  interviewed Sawyer last month, concluding that he was fine, offering no protective services, forcing the child to run to save himself. Stewart is $100k/yr state paycheck sponge who has already bagged $17k in overtime, so far this year, protecting children other than Sawyer.

The concerted effort of Connecticut’s rogue machinery in familial destruction, subversion of fundamental liberty interests is a grotesque violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Conspiracy of unscrupulous state actors, under color of ‘no-fault’ divorce to void due process of the Fifth Amendment, rights to free association of the First Amendment is war on the Constitution, by officials sworn to prevent such. The State expresses no interest in the rape of childhood, but the onslaught against childhood is relentless, traitors all.

Editor’s Note:  The unconstitutional act of jew Jane Grossman, severing mother-child bonds in abuse of power started this tragedy in April ’20, the children provide their own remedy to protect fundamental liberty interests, jewdicial discretion defeated by children in exercise of protected rights.


Rape of childhood continues in paedoland of Connecticut, kid runs away, abused by orders of jew Jane Grossman, juvey court appoints John Ghidini to represent the abused child, while Madison thug SGT William Roy threatens arrest of mom to force the abused child back to mad man Ambrose, while DCF bimbo Nancy Stewart plays for paedo’s by intimidation to recover the sex toy for the ring. In the end, no one can touch the kid.