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Mad Man Anthony Wallace

The now-famous Blog of the worst kind observes that blog star Madman Christopher Ambrose has a lawyer who is also a madman. Man is this getting weird! Meet Anthony Wallace, a pathetic excuse of a human slithering the streets of New Haven, fleecing shekels from the unsuspecting, under guise of legal representation. A full service lawyer who literally fucked his client in a divorce case. Wallace’s practice is so bad that he had to take on Christopher Ambrose in a juvey matter where Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer brought abuse petition against dad for his Blog-famous antics over the last four years in family court. Wallace’s instant demonstration of legal incompetence is an attempt to thwart child redress rights against Madman’s abuse for the last four years, a truly unconstitutional denial of rights of the kids, a typical nutmeg paedo play, winking and nodding at Judge Bernadette Conway, letting her know his client has shadow protection.

Of great First Amendment fanfare is Wallace’s attack on free expression of cyberspace, that swirling universe of constitutionally protected bits and bytes supporting the essence of self-government, where pure protected political speech airs the gossip of Madison, Connecticut the home of Madman Ambrose and local spectators observing his madness. Wallace does not like Blog, does not like pubic scrutiny, abhors free expression, does not like green eggs and ham, an impetuous amateur warring against the Constitution. Wallace believes Judge Conway can silence the screams of children, silence public opinion by jewdicial discretion that rapes childhood under talmudic edicts enforced from a rabbinical bench for the destruction of goy kids. Public opinion disfavors jewdicial rape of children under the color of administrative no-fault divorce law. Oi vey! How stupid can lawyers be?

Three kids runaway from Madman Ambrose, the talk of Madison Police and Social Services, DCF harasses kids at school, cops chase a kid in a car with four cruisers, K9 unit deploys to hunt a runaway, four cops hunt a truant high school kid, four cops hunt a kid to demand he sleep over at Finn’s house rather than stay with mom, by demand of Madman, threat of arrest tossed in for minor terrorism. Cops seek warrant to arrest mom, thwarted by State’s Attorney Sarah Jones, who advises that the criminal justice system does not deal with runaways, tossing the incompetently sworn warrant application back in powdered sugar smudged faces. The entire town is aware of the child abuse, it is public theater, singularly created by jews of family court. Wallace thinks no one is watching, no one is listening, that Judge Conway’s court is a secret star chamber beyond view of a sovereign people, where he can falsely plead against rights of kids, excluding the public from overseeing application of parens patriae powers vested solely in the sovereign people. Checks and balances a bitch! Wallace believes the First Amendment is suspended by dicta from a jerk in a black robe. Wallace is a disciple of the jew, a dumb one at that.

Blog legal department applauds criticism of clowns like Wallace, people who add to society by self-immolation or simply leaping off a corner of the planet, another miscreant preying on children, tearing at the fabric of humanity, supplanting human nature with rabbinical case law for the rape of childhood. Satan takes many forms, sometimes a pony tailed, drivel of a man, a mind poisoned by cheap booze, staggering before the bench in pretense of law, zealous advocacy zealously destroying children, laughing all the way to the bank. Blog sees all.

Editor’s Note:  There is a misconception that secrecy surrounds juvenile court, that judges hold discretionary exceptions to the First Amendment, where the sovereign holds duty to attend to the screams of children.

Mad men.