Free Treatment

The Department of Children and Families of Connecticut is giving out free treatment services to fathers caught up in protracted pointless litigation in obtaining a ‘no fault’ divorce. DCF’s own Nieka Thompson, a staff attorney, announced today that DCF provides treatment service to a dad who requires help recognizing the emotional needs of children impacted by expensive and drawn out family court litigation in which… Read More »Free Treatment

Whiner Geoff Herzog

The worn out drama of Connecticut pedophile drama is just worn out. Another twisted fuck up of a dad claims libel, slander, defamation for his pedo antics played out in the public forum known as family court. Oi vey! Will the jews ever stop? Geoff Herzog is such a misfit that he took four years to obtain a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. Let’s look at his… Read More »Whiner Geoff Herzog


Twenty years ago there was a cute cartoon movie called Monsters Inc. A twisted double script story about monsters who scare kids because they care, something goofy about terrorizing kids to get energy for the evil utility to sell and make money. Not that making money off of scaring kids is funny, but it does have a direct parallel to the jews of family court… Read More »Monsters!

Happy .308 Day!

Happy Day of 8th of March. Happy .308 day! More justice can be dispensed in one bullet than by all of Family Court. Celebrate the Second Amendment as protection from the pedophiles who run family court. Judicial discretion falls to the report of a rifle.


The bizarro world of Connecticut pedophilia goes up against the First Amendment in the recent Second Circuit ruling in Powell v Jones-Soderman. Amazing to see how even federal judges in D. Connecticut work to protect the state pedo ring, lest the world officially recognizes the State as the child rape capital of New England. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and… Read More »Allegations

Predator and Prey

Is life imitating art? Or art imitating life? Or is all just reality? Netflix provides a humourously dark treatment of a guardian scam that is near and dear to the scam of Connecticut GALs in the misnamed ‘family’ court. The movie “I Care A Lot” is disturbingly close to nutmeg reality. Let’s examine the parallels between this art form to the real life drama directed… Read More »Predator and Prey

Racist Family Court

Wokey! Wokey! Time to woke-up and identify the racist operation of Connecticut’s Family Court. Everything about it is WHITE! A cesspool of white supremacy defined by white supremacist judges to rule over white people in the image of being white, as long as the white litigants have kids and money! Poor folk who lack white skin need not apply. The ‘family court’ came on the… Read More »Racist Family Court

Jane d’Bully

The now famous blog spotlights Judge Jane Grossman, presiding judge of Bridgeport family court. Jane is known as a ‘bully’. Her demented lack of self-worth creates internal anxiety, generating a compensatory need to beat up others on the playground to satisfy her mental defect of low self-esteem, lack of intellect, lack of self-respect, for which she expresses in the behavior of a pompous ass acting… Read More »Jane d’Bully

State Intervention!

Connecticut’s black Commissioner of Children and Families takes on the white supremacy of family court over what is ‘best’ for children. A black on white cat fight between a white jew judge and a black social worker, the State of Connecticut is at odds with itself over children, a shit show of state actors victimizing kids. The family court bully judge of Bridgeport, the blog… Read More »State Intervention!

Tippins is ripe!

New York Attorney Tim Tippins, family court woodchuck of upstate, self-described legal expert on his own opinions, often seen parading about as a part-time law professor at the bottom of the barrel Albany Law School for retards, when he is not pretending to also be on the ‘faculty’ at St. John’s curiously named Academy of forensic psychological bullshit, has opined that Dr. Fauci and family… Read More »Tippins is ripe!