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Truglia Motherfucker

Judge Anthony D. Truglia, Jr. miscreant of jewdicial proportions conspires with David Rookasin in battering Catherine Rookasin on the altar of mother hatred in Bridgeport Superior Court. The un-ending drama of mentally defective males exhibiting anti-maternal behaviours stands on the jewish concept of best interests of child sex toys in the public forum of ‘family court’. Blog disclaimer applies: can’t make this shit up! David… Read More »Truglia Motherfucker


Free speech about matters in a public forum involving state sponsored child abuse is now a cause of SUICIDE! The intertwined world of politics, humanity, and jewish love of pedophilia creates the deviant logic of Christopher Ambrose that his public antics on a public stage are going to cause his own SUICIDE! Mad Man Ambrose penned a letter to the world claiming that opinions of… Read More »SUICIDE!


Oswald did not shoot JFK. Pearl Harbor was no surprise. Hiroshima was a demonstration. Russian Revolution was an invasion. Hitler was a good guy. Six Million gassed jews is a fable. Civil War was not about slavery. Gulf of Tonkin was a quiet night. Black lives don’t matter. Jews hate the First and Second Amendments. Sun rises in the East. Adam Lanza not an expert… Read More »SandyHoax!

Maureen Duggan

The now-famous Blog spotlights how the jewdiciary insulates itself from interference of the executive branch in child abuse by subversive policy controlled by pedo pet lawyers in the form of Maureen Duggan, legal director of DCF. A subtle but powerful defeat of separation of powers, legislative intent, and public policy. Jews have a clandestine way of defeating principles of democracy for the purpose of raping… Read More »Maureen Duggan

Truglia Predator

The now-famous Blog spotlights Judge Anthoni Truglia, Jr. a monster in a black robe, lacking intellect, preying on children for deviant joy, the effects of kosher blood in his family tree. Truglia is a pedophile, a clown judge, relegated to family court with the scum of jewdicial scum. He is now Presiding Judge of family in the armpit of Bridgeport. Truglia’s latest abuse of office… Read More »Truglia Predator

Aldrich Fired!

The jewish whore of Westport, the nasty evil Nancy Aldrich has been fired by her client, pedo Christopher Ambrose in the pathetic jewish financial family court feast of Ambrose v Ambrose. Attorney Nancy Aldrich has been raping the Ambrose family bank since July 2019, a hot gravy train running for a thousand days finally comes to an abrupt stop. Christopher Ambrose filed his own appearance,… Read More »Aldrich Fired!


Blog famous TAMMY!, family court judge in Hartford, Connecticut proves once again that no law will restrict the assumed absolute discretion of a monster in a black robe. TAMMY! willfully violated the civil rights protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ignoring an accommodation order issued by her boss, Presiding Judge Leo Diana, which provides for half-day trial sessions for father with circulatory disability.… Read More »Tammy!

Inquisitorial Regime

The great grey ponytail of Connecticut calls out the jewdiciary for being a cesspool of talmudic bacteria eating away at the foundation of a free society, shredding the Constitution with glee. Attorney Norm Pattis skewers the chosen monsters in black robes for being jews in rape of the American adversarial process in destruction of zealous advocates who challenge the absolute discretion of family court jurisprudence.… Read More »Inquisitorial Regime

Fuckin’ Pay Me!

The now-famous Blog spotlights the power of the jewish lawyer mafia of Connecticut Family Court that controls their puppets in black robes, commanding power to scream at a judge, demanding payment to the jew. Meet Mariane J. Charles, a lecherous, foul, filthy excuse of a human, self-chosen above goy, who can scream at Judge Kenefick demanding orders tha her invoices be paid immediately. Famous Blog… Read More »Fuckin’ Pay Me!

Frank Tiberi: Liar

Frank Tiberi took the witness stand today in Bridgeport Superior Court to tell Judge Eddie Rodriguez that despite his application for a restraining order against the petite mother of his child, there is no pattern of physical abuse, no threat of physical injury, pain, bruises, broken bones or other violent acts required under the law to issue the order. Frank Tiberi is an absolute liar,… Read More »Frank Tiberi: Liar