Ambrose: Part 11

A free citizen made public comment on a blog about the Ambrose drama in direct violation of jew Judge Gerard Adelman’s gag order! Enjoy reading the defiance of the totalitarian, child trafficking family court of Connecticut! Civil disobedience comes before bullets fly, keep your powder dry! _________________________________________________________________________________ The Ambrose Papers #11: What Connecticut Family Court Did to the Children is a Travesty November 7, 2021… Read More »Ambrose: Part 11


The jewish word salad of Connecticut barristers betrays the feeble legal arguments played upon the goy in the name of trafficking children. The panic over the lack of immunity found by Judge Susan Cobb in the civil suit against Dr. Linda Smith, PhD catches the attention of blog legal and editorial seniors. Attorney Cara Joyce pleads that the undefined personal opinions of jewish psychologists in… Read More »Crucial

Publicity Hurts

The grand pedo psychobabblist Dr. Linda Smith is fighting for ‘absolute immunity’ to protect herself from a lawsuit for violating commercial terms of a professional services contract for the ‘custody evaluation’ on little Odin Sakon. Smith’s lawyer is Cara Joyce of the firm MorrisonMahoney representing the insurance company who foolishly underwrites Smith’s quackery. Attorney Joyce has a hearing on 15 November before Judge Susan Cobb… Read More »Publicity Hurts


The sloth from Westport, Attorney Nancy Aldrich, has filed for contempt because the internet exists, her client is a pedophile, and she is a shitty lawyer. The blog cannot make this stuff up. Aldrich writes like a chicken, blows smoke, obscures fact, tells lies, and violates Rules of Professional Conduct by pursuing meritless, frivolous, and vexatious litigation serving no purpose in law: why she is… Read More »CONTEMPT!

Jew Venom

The poison of jews in Connecticut Family Court has permanent harmful effects on children. Jew Judge Gerard Adelman, working with jews Stephen Dembo and Rhonda Morra destroyed mother-child bonds of three Thaner kids to the benefit of pedo blog star Robert Thaner. The oldest saved himself by running away, to the delight of Robert who hated this son. The case summary is fourteen years of… Read More »Jew Venom


Time to call out the haters for hating, how hateful! Hypocrite jew Stephen Ginsburg sits atop the hateful jewish organization, the mislabeled ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, whose propaganda opposes the longstanding hatred of jews and parasitic behaviors. In the demented jewish mind, it is a crime for the goy to hate the jew, which is contrary to First Amendment protection of the right to hate. The land… Read More »HATE!


The jewish psychobabblists of Connecticut family court are in a PANIC! Dr. Linda Smith, PhD is facing a lawsuit for breach of contract in that she cannot adhere to agreed terms of cost and schedule. Read complaint here. Dr. Smith lost her argument before Judge Susan Cobb that her self-described ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY protected her from suits in breach of contract. Judge Cobb ruled no absolute… Read More »PANIC!

Ambrose: Part 10

When will karma put an end to child predator Christopher Ambrose? Will jew Judge Grossman be floating in the Sound? Will jew Judge Adelman join her? Who are the people of Connecticut who allow jew state employees to abuse children by such horrific means? Cowards? The wrath of a righteous God will strike down those who do evil upon children … won’t even see it… Read More »Ambrose: Part 10

Terrorist: Patrick Carroll

Time to find a strong branch on the Charter Oak, strike a halyard from the mizzen, thirteen turns to the noose, peaceably assemble a mob of Patriots, torches lit, seize the fucktard in the dead of night, stuff a sock in his mouth, hoist the old fart on his own treacherous deeds, let gravity of a fat ass take its toll on crook’s neck, a… Read More »Terrorist: Patrick Carroll

Sharon Dornfeld

It’s back! The dykish child predator has poked its ugly head out of its pedo hole in an attempt to wreak more havoc on a civilized society. Sharon Dornfeld thinks she should be on the Ridgefield Police Commission. Pedo cunt Dornfeld wants to team up with the thin blue child rapists under the pederasty command of Chief Jeffrey Kreitz. Children run scared! Blog fans remember… Read More »Sharon Dornfeld