Reasonable Person

Ever notice when the jews have lost the argument they default to the ‘reasonable person’ claim? This mysterious individual of no identity, no religious affiliation, no cultural context is the last card to be played by the jew in the defeat of the goy in a court of law. The jew resorts to fallacy argument tactics while executing parasitic attacks on the host society. The… Read More »Reasonable Person

Child Support Not Mandatory

A per curiam ruling by the 3rd Department, Appellate Division has determined that child support need not be paid by a parent, if the child’s needs are otherwise being met. The new ruling issued under the supervision of lesbian Judge Elizabeth A. Garry nullifies the state law that requires support payments and invokes penalties including incarceration for failure to pay. In the recent ruling, the… Read More »Child Support Not Mandatory

Illusion Of Law

It is obvious to most victims of family courts that there is no law, no justice, no logic; just the whim of discretion of a moron in a black robe who rules from the Talmud rather than the Constitution. The jews own family court. A bully pulpit to advance the agenda of Zion to destroy the Christian host society and the ancient meaning of family.… Read More »Illusion Of Law

Butcher Mary Brown

Self-mutilation is a sure sign of a sick mind. An order by Dallas Judge Mary Brown to butcher a child is a sure sign of a sick society. The court power over children derives from the state’s duty to protect the infirm and infants. Labeled parens patriae, the protective state duty is exercised solely through the courts, meaning that the judges presiding over cases involving… Read More »Butcher Mary Brown

Federal Clarification

Time for some federal clarification of free speech under the First Amendment, despite what the jews of family court want you to believe. Not even Judge Bozzuto is above the law, but her paedophile protectors will twist it to all extents possible in retaliation against Christian critics. In the battle of good vs. evil there will be casualties on both sides, but the children of… Read More »Federal Clarification

Ninth Circuit Speech

Take heed of the style manual provided by the Ninth Circuit while expressing displeasure with the jews of family court. Criticism of the jewdiciary will be met with retaliation by paedo muscle in blue, a.k.a. police. The justification for the clever use of the criminal justice system by the disciples of Zion is that the jew judges are scared, finding the words used to describe… Read More »Ninth Circuit Speech

Zealous Jewery

The attack on Christianity by the jews of the New York Jewdiciary is a page straight from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the playbook on how to fuck up a host society. The NY Court of Appeals does not even try to hide their jewism in the administration of justice over the Empire State. The jewdicial game played on the goy in a… Read More »Zealous Jewery

Liz fails again!

Ever wonder why the 3rd Department of New York Unified Court System is so screwed up? Just look at the management under the confused orientation of the presiding judge, Elizabeth A. Garry, a miscreant of a human and a pathetic excuse of a legal expert. Another court system staffed with politically necessary gender confused lawyers, to pretend there is justice in the land. Blog can’t… Read More »Liz fails again!

Brendon is fucked!

Last week the pathetic Kristan M. Maccini, Esq. of Howd & Ludoff out of Hartford, CT appeared before federal Judge Stefan Underhill of D. Connecticut, to make some silly excuses over discovery in the blog famous case where puppy cop Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police is facing federal civil rights charges for conspiring to arrest a battered mother in safe haven at the request of… Read More »Brendon is fucked!

Unequal Speech

It is humourous to examine the un-equalness of law across the land of equal protection. This week, Justice Clarence Thomas, the only nigger on the U.S. Supreme Court, threw a fit over the denial of cert to a Kansas free speech case. Thomas exposes the fickleness of state interpretations of free speech under the First Amendment. The Attorney General in Kansas is all upset because… Read More »Unequal Speech