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    The big dumb nigger boy Richard Robinson, Chief Justice of Connecticut Jewdiciary can’t sleep at night, worried about sovereign response to pathetic conduct of untrained, uneducated, bottom of the barrel jurists he calls ‘judges’. Oi vey! Like this nigger is special because he is a nigger? The sovereign people are a threat to his sleep because he cannot run the judicial branch? When the silent mob, bearing torches in the night, draped in white, lynch tyranny from a sturdy branch of the Charter Oak, liberty will prevail; sleeplessness not an issue. The now-famous Blog, of the worst pure protected political prose takes aim at a dumb nigger, complaining about his… Read More »Sleepless

    Connecticut Flames

      The devil’s only friend is fire, flames which consume all that is good. Connecticut is a wildfire of evil, incinerating all vestiges of an enlightened society, so evil that the devil’s foot soldiers masquerade as elected representatives, working from within government to turn the First Amendment to ash. The now-famous Blog of the pure, protected, political speech kind highlights subversive activities of the state legislature in conspiring to defeat free speech under the insane excuse of protecting rogue judges who work tirelessly in familial destruction, promoting alien ideology of the jew, by the Government Administration & Elections Committee. The attack on free expression comes in form of HB 6410, a… Read More »Connecticut Flames

      Attractive Queer Nuisance

        The now-famous Blog is humoured by the alphabet people of Brunswick, Maine in their insane desire to paint crosswalks in celebration of sexual deviancy while complaining of skid marks on the street. Oi vey! The town is just asking for another round of ‘vandalism’ on expressions of deviancy. Police Chief Scott Stewart can hunt hate skids again this year. Since when is a skid mark on a street vandalism? Only in Orwellian newspeak, by rabbinical rulers of modern ‘murika can queers make a fuss over skid marks, like rubbing gayness in the face of normal folks, who want nothing to do with perverts. Accolades to community leadership of Brunswick! Councilor… Read More »Attractive Queer Nuisance

        Connecticut Paedophilia

          The now-famous Blog of pure protected, political speech observes the paedophiles of the jewdiciary committee are happily promoting child rape by manipulating definitions of deviant sexual attraction to children. Corrupticut is the paedophile capital of New England, where the people’s elected representatives gaylee execute talmudic goals to make rape of goy kids perfectly legal. Sexual orientation will now include deviant desire to rape a child. The deviancy is proposed as a ‘bill’ by anti-Christian miscreants of the legislature: Jeff Currey, Hubert Delany, Gary Winfield, Dominque Johnson, Tom Delnicki. All deviants following a jewish agenda to crush humanity into an unrecognizable cauldron of dystopia, holding no moral purposes, no societal benefit,… Read More »Connecticut Paedophilia

          Rainbow Ridicule

            Where deviancy promoters ridicule the natural light refraction of rainbows in the sky, a lovely dispersion of the visible light spectrum, the now-famous Blog applauds automotive physics of torque and friction laying a patch of rubber on a public street painted to mock humanity in celebration of queers, mentally defective, alien, humanoids, of narcissistic personality disorder needing to impress on others their perverted love of penetrating another man’s hairy asshole, butchering sex organs, hating all who eschew queer behaviours. Blog observes the elements of society who paint roadways in funny colors are jewish puppets, executing Satan’s work, for the downfall of humanity. What form of parenting promotes deviancy to children?… Read More »Rainbow Ridicule


              The now-famous Blog, of pure protected political speech kind, takes aim at the yellow commie chink, masquerading as Attorney General of Connecticut. Yes folks, William Tong, anchor baby of illegal immigrants, puppet of the jews, betrays his oath, perverts rule of law, acts like a true commie worthy of a tyrant’s demise. Blog’s attention falls upon the Attorney Chink for inaction over legal misconduct of the State jewdiciary. The State’s lawyer has duty to deal with Judge Anthony Truglia who threatens mothers with jail for disobedience to his constitutionally invalid wrath, but no! Tong turns a blind slanted eye, condoning jewdicial discretion of the Jew of Bridgeport. Tong’s special litigation… Read More »Tong

              Dr. Marc Abrams, PhD

                The now-famous Blog spotlights another kike ‘the-rapist’ of family court cesspool of New York State’s anti-motherhood jewdiciary, Dr. Marc Abrams of Mt. Kisco, NY. Abrams holds public distinction of being appointed by the rabbinical court of Judge Lewis Lubell, to execute a momectomy on the Kassenoff family of Larchmont, funded by the evil, mother hating, child abusing psycho Allan Kassenoff, a partner in the evil law firm of GreenbergTraurig, wielding undue power and influence to supplant the rule of law, using administrative ‘no fault’ divorce in character assassination, holding no legal cause. Blog notes the fabricated credentials of kike Abrams to fool ‘we the people’ that the study of humanity… Read More »Dr. Marc Abrams, PhD


                  The now-famous Blog’s legal department observes a method of cleansing miscreants from Connecticut family court by application of federal redress rights against monsters in black for defying constitutional protections of parents and children. The idea comes from Judge Nasty Nastri of Hartford’s cesspool of familial destruction, where he recused his dumb ass from further abuse of little Odin Sakon for cause of being a defendant in a federal civil rights suit brought by disgruntled father who is barred from playing catch with his son. Blog logic department deduces, if all disgruntled parents suffering from deprivation of rights, file suits against family court miscreants, there will be no miscreants left to… Read More »Solution!

                  Allan Kassenoff

                    The now-famous Blog extends accolades to Attorney Allan Kassenoff, of Larchmont, NY, a partner in the very jewish law firm of GreenbergTraurig, a lecherous den of legal kikes of expert fleecing skills, with partners who abuse children for satanic pleasures, abuse the court system by privilege, showing true jew colors of societal parasites, designed to profit from purposeless conflict. GT advertises itself as professional, espousing quality of legal skills, omitting the goal of rape, plunder, and loot. GT is innovative, demonstrated by Kassenoff in his ability to destroy the lives of his three daughters in full public view; GT shows how it is done, driving a mother to suicide by… Read More »Allan Kassenoff

                    Jew Bright

                      The now-famous Blog spotlights the not-so-bright head of Connecticut’s intermediate appellate court, the rubber stamp of jewdicial discretion, providing goy illusion of judicial review to miscreant trial orders wielding unbridled powers, supplanting rule of law with rule of the jew; talmudic edicts enacted by a rogue jewdiciary to fuck over the goy and their four-legged calves. Judge William Bright displays his lack of constitutional fortitude in his rabbinical dissent in Randall Hale v Margaret Hale, which singularly serves to promote jew Justice Ellen Peters’ opinion in Yontef (1981) that talmudic powers of the court hold BROAD discretion to fuck over goy rights, rape childhood, sever parent-child bonds on whim of… Read More »Jew Bright