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Berserk Ball

The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind spotlights the hot mess, constitutionally confused, court appointed attorney Kelly Ball of Buffalo, New York, who has lit her hair on fire, hyperventilating, having panic attacks that the public is watching her silliness ranting about existence of now-famous Blog, screaming about the word ‘nigger‘, now demanding an ’emergency’ hearing before Judge Thomas DiMillo to protest the First Amendment, all while being paid with state funds, under the management of the senile Linda Kostin, Esq. of Fourth Department’s attorney for children welfare program, which pays $75/hr to fund meritless, frivolous, vexatious arguments by ignorant lawyers, against public right to scrutiny of matters involving children in a court of law. Blog standard disclaimer applies, not making this shit up!

Blog star Matthew Couloute and his paedo pals of Connecticut are founding stars of now-famous Blog of the ‘worst‘ kind, gracing posts for the last seven years, public spectacle of paedo antics played out on a public stage in public view. Attorney Kelly Ball, appointed counsel to Couloute’s daughter Sofi in 2016, has a history of playing for the dark side, hating mother, tossing her sexually abused client under the paedo bus, generally being an idiot, providing voluminous copy for Blog’s editorial staff, while causing great rolling on floor and laughing off legal assess in Blog’s law department. Attorney Ball finds Blog not to be in ‘best interest’ of her client, that family court is a secret Star Chamber, where rape of childhood is to be concealed from a sovereign people, she acts in deprivation of rights, buying herself a federal lawsuit from a free press for using state funds to attack freedom of expression, on which her professional liability insurance company is going to choke.

Attorney Kelly Ball is paid to zealously advocate for her client, who has no interest in the fabricated claim for a gag order, where Ball commits fraud upon the court, malpractice, misrepresentation, fiduciary failure of duty. Ball pleads for ‘relief’ which the court cannot grant without modifying the custody agreement, violating First Amendment, and calling more attention to Ball’s effort to traffic the child sex toy to benefit a known paedophile. The now-famous Blog is delighted to see itself featured as Exhibit D in Ball’s insane pleading! Arguing for constitutionally infirm ‘prior restraint’ by a government agent is a sure sign of terrorism, a Blog delicacy!

Attorneys occupy that special place in society to ensure the quality and proper administration of justice, except when under direct paedo control of monsters who penetrate children, then folks like Kelly Ball display true colors and loyalty to jews in black like Judge Sharon LoVallo who do some really nasty shit to kids from the bench, call it discretion, call it ‘best interests’, but always act in protection of child predators. AFC program director Linda Kostin applauds state funded attack on the First Amendment, what better way to let New Yorkers know jews run the Fourth Department, under puppet Justice Gerald Whalen. Raping childhood, trashing Bill of Rights, pocketing free state money, acting like domestic terrorists, undermining public confidence in a kangaroo court system, Attorney Ball exposes her scam to an over trusting public. Blog curiosity department wonders where Ball is trained that her opinion of third party expression matters to the well-being of her client Sofi Couloute? How does a turnip like Ball find standing to complain about exercise of First Amendment protections? Did she not get the ‘fair warning’ memo? She thinks the public lacks interest when Judge Kelly Brinkworth issues a ‘no contact’ restraining order against the infamous Matthew Couloute for threatening his sexually abused daughter and battered ex-wife? Like the Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman did not highlight it at roll call? That Erie County Sheriff John Garcia did nothing with the protective order? That responding officers of West Seneca Police did not notify Chief Ed Baker that child predator Couloute is slapped with a no contact order in protection of citizens under his watch? That the order is in a national registry? What is Kelly Ball thinking? Protection of children is a societal duty, smashed windows, harassing drivebys, interstate threats of bodily harm, death, and dismemberment are not of public concern? Kelly Ball lacks a brain, is a danger to herself and her clients, needs to visit the mental ward for heavy medication and re-introduction to reality. An indepth psychiatric examination may reveal the root of her malfeasance, electroshock therapy might cure it, if the voltage is high enough.

Editor’s Note:  Kelly Ball makes her own headlines, creates her own drama, begs public attention to incompetent representation of children, worthy of Blog-stardom, all while being paid with public funds.

West Seneca Police take protection of mother and child seriously, Kelly Ball and pal Matthew Couloute, not so much.