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The now-famous Blog, ‘virulently racist/antisemitic website solely dedicated to maligning Connecticut family court’, takes pleasure highlighting legal incompetence of Attorney Cat Itaya of New Haven’s Legal Assistance Association who leads the Federal Pro Se Legal Assistance Program, providing legal advice to child abuser, blog star Christopher Ambrose. Blog is not makin’ this shit up! Cat Itaya provides legal services to Mad Man Ambrose arguing against First Amendment before nutjob USDJ Michael Shea, claiming public scrutiny of a public forum is a violation of his personal space, defaming his good name, for which Connecticut Superior Court holds ‘long arm’ jurisdiction to punish authors of the, for exercise of constitutionally protected rights of a free press. Blog legal department mocks Cat Itaya, a legal miscreant lacking intellect to count to First! Blog fifth graders refer Cat to seek enlightenment from The Free Speech Center and to review the unchallenged decision in U.S. v Cassidy. Executive Director Alexis Smith betrays her unfaithfulness to the law, squandering donations to attack freedom of the press, a jewish endeavour.

Mad mad man Ambrose gets Cat’s free help, claiming indigency, while concealing over a million bucks in the bank, funded a three year long jewish fuck fest of a divorce, paying out a million to Westport jew Nancy Aldrich and another $200k to jew Jocelyn Hurwitz. Cat gets the sucker award!!! Ambrose files 23 pages of horseshit, blowing smoke at Judge Shea, claiming Connecticut holds power to void the Bill of Rights … implicating NHLAA, Inc. in fraud upon the court. The nub of the suit is Ambrose sued Frank Parlato for defamation in state court, claiming gulag jurisdiction where none exists, service never happened, parties never joined in suit, Parlato removed to federal court. Read Ambrose silly state complaint here. Mad Man Ambrose also sued Aunt Michelle for attempted delivery of Easter Baskets to Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, victimized, abused children who cannot hug mother, prisoners of Christopher’s psychosis. Read that defamation complaint here.

Cat Itaya aides and abets a mad man attacking protected constitutional rights of free citizens outside gulag Corrupticut, an abuse of process. Blog holds no mercy for stupid bar cunts, occupying that special place in society to ensure the quality and proper administration of justice. Another subversive chink, conspiring to chip away at protected speech, freedom of the press, undermining the essence of self-government, advancing jewish ideology, silently as a thief in the night, steadily as gravity, working tirelessly until all is lost; a Patriot’s call to arms in defense of rights. Only jews twist free speech of public matters to defamation.

Editor’s Note:  First Amendment protects all discussions of matters emanating from the talmudic cesspool of Connecticut’s family court, only jews want to muzzle goy speak of child trafficking.


Christopher Ambrose abusing legal process in attack of constitutional rights, freedom of press, aided by Catherine Itaya.

Alexis Smith, executive director of NHLAA, conspires with Itaya to attack freedom of the press, using donated funds; attorney misconduct.