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Evelyn Nissirios

The now-famous Blog spotlights a grotesque guardian ad litem, Satan’s sister, Evelyn Nissirios, attorney in disguise, partner in jewish law firm of MeyersonFox of Montvale, NJ, a professional childhood rapist, pet viper of Bergen County family court. Evelyn detests publicity of her wicked ways, can’t count to First Amendment, fails to recognize courts are public forums, subject to scrutiny of all who enter, in simple terms Evelyn Nissirios is bloglicious subject of the family court kind, a magnet for ridicule, gossip, needling, disparagement, criticism, all essence of sovereign self-governance, protected public discussion of child predators. Let her screeching continue!

Evelyn was born a miserable white child, to a broken family, attended Butler High School matriculating with nail polish, Rutgers University, degree in economics and ‘philosophy’, then off to Western Michigan Lost in the Woods Diploma Mill of Law, returning to New Jersey to pursue a pathetic legal career, crashing quickly to the bottom, becoming a practitioner in administrative ‘no-fault’ divorces, anointed a jewdicial guardian ad litem, where easy money pours in. Evelyn is a scam artist, harboring deep rooted psychosis of mother hatred, along with love of the fattest parental wallet, a true jew, she traffics children for shekels, no best interests, just cold hard cash, child abuser Alan Chan of Ridgewood pays well. Evelyn claims her legal expertise (cough, cough, vomit) gives her cause to lecture others on familial relationships, for which she has none, just cats and a husband who loves hearts.

Evelyn has no soul, no religious conviction, a demon incarnate, a psyche devoid of empathy for kids, due to her own venomous mother hatred, a tormented 40 y/o barren beast, lacking purpose in life, unleashes her beastly wrath on children and mothers, rewarded with silver in her palm; mark of the beast. Evelyn is skilled at employing police muscle to malign mothers, abuse criminal justice system, kidnap children, sever mother-child bonds, rape childhood, retaliate, along with professional character assassinations, a true jew!  Evelyn enjoys a little baby blood with her favorite boxed-wine at breakfast, just to get her legal day started, giving her strength to threaten, intimidate, and extort cash from motherly victims; being a true jew of devil’s employ in familial destruction requires intestinal fortitude and alcohol.

Evelyn dislikes free expression in the horror story ‘Tales of a Grotesque Guardian Ad Litem“, went crying to a jew judge, accusing ‘mother’ being author, absent evidence, just hatred, where jewdicial authority promptly fined mom $27k for having nothing to do with expression of others; only rabbinical courts impose financial penalty for free speech of third parties … shekels, a jewish delicacy. The jew judge rules Evelyn has a ‘reputation’, a partner at a wonderful jewish law firm, that public criticism of Evelyn is evil in the eyes of the jew, the goy mother must be punished!!! Punishment in cash to pay for the mcMansion at 18 Eckert Farm Rd in Saddle River requires trafficking lots of kids, punishing lots of mothers; the jewish purpose of family court … cash for jews! Since when is a lawyer’s reputation a ‘family matter’?

Evelyn’s ‘reputation’ is bloglicious!! A demon relishing in denial of mother-child hugs, the anti-christ, crusading in chosen ideology, belittling motherhood, disparaging the blessed womb, herding children as calves of the four-legged birthing animal, the jews are jews, evil in human form, wreaking havoc on society. Evelyn has a reputation, it stinks and it sticks, the professional reputation of a demonic monster; mark of the beast.

Evelyn’s horrifying incompetence, ignorant of SCOTUS reminder mother-child bonds are fundamental liberty interests, strict scrutiny requirements prohibit unqualified opinions by retard private attorney, telling jew judges what he wants to hear, there is no state interest in severing parental-child bonds, just jewish ideology fucking up goy society, one family at a time, to the jingle of shekels in Evelyn’s pocket. She draws a bullseye on her own forehead, a domestic terrorist, enemy of the people, clear & present danger. Evelyn fits well with the jewdicial authority, the notorious wicked witch of Bergen, Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca; Jeffersonian nomination for Tree of Liberty refreshment! Another example of a rogue jewdiciary, beyond its limits, beyond sovereign control, monsters in black robes, cotton cloth lacking immunity from high velocity Second Amendment retort. Sad commentary on traitorous jew Chief Justice Stuart Rabner of New Jersey’s high court, permitting SCOTUS rulings to be ignored. ‘Garden State’ courts wired by jews to defeat rule of law, scrap the Constitution, ignore founding principles, branding goy calves with a funny shaped star, giving cause for Second Amendment shot and dry powder in protection of children.

Rabbinical courts eschew goy free speech, jewdicial authority of family court will not recognize constitutional protections of a mother, rights stripped under guise of ‘best interests’, absolute jewdicial discretion voids due process, just how jews want it; giving Christian pause to consider God’s Second Amendment gift to his archangel Patriots, who recognize evil is not dealt with by tolerance and compassion. The Republic will not survive while courts destroy mother-child bonds on jewish ideology, veiled in black robes. The Constitution is written by Protestants, possessing shot and dry powder, for a very good reason; children are precious.

Editor’s Note:  The NJ State Police are hunting the author of this post on complaint of Nissirios. See article by mother’s sister, Bandy Lee, here.

What must sovereign people do to protect childhood?

Tales of Evelyn Nissirios … pretty grotesque.

New Jersey Chief Judge Stuart Rabner, a jew’s jew, trafficking children for shekels.

Jews of family court, begging for righteousness of the true God!