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Toxic Ambrose

Now-famous Blog reports that mad man Christopher Ambrose cannot find an attorney to represent him in suit against Auntie Easterbaskets. Mad man Ambrose brought the defamation suit a year ago against a free citizen exercising First Amendment rights talking about mad man’s antics on the public stage of family court, now he asks for a continuance as he cannot find a lecherous legal lizard to represent him in pursuit of meritless, frivolous, vexatious abuse of the legal system. Mad man has represented himself for the last year, over 85 docket entries, pointless pleadings, insane arguments, exposing his mad mind to the world, all on the record. Why does mad man need a lawyer now? Has he gone mad? Unfortunately for mad man, he has not been able to find a legal lizard to attack Auntie Easterbaskets in the name of madness. He complains to the judge:

Many attorneys – from New Haven, Fairfield, and Hartford Counties – have flatly declined to get involved once they realize the case is connected to the websites and individuals who, for the last three years, have not only viciously defamed the plaintiff but everyone associated with him (his attorney, the GAL, children’s therapists, etc., as well as judges) and, worse still, their spouses and children … the plaintiff’s difficulty in getting representation is due in considerable measure to the websites that continue to attack the plaintiff and anyone working with him.

Mad man attempts to play the victim card, victim of his own pathetic antics, on a public stage, in full public view of now-famous, all-seeing Blog. Mad man claims to be a victim of the First Amendment, that free expression on his family court antics cause him harm. Blog’s comedy department finds poetic justice in mad man’s claim that particular websites block his quest for justice:

It seems especially unjust that these sites, which have caused the plaintiff so much harm, are now preventing him from an opportunity to seek justice.

Oh, what an injustice it is! Surely there is a bottom of the barrel attorney, admitted to practice in the cesspool of Connecticut Superior Court, who will betray an oath, violate Rules of Professional Conduct, argue outside purpose of law, in exchange for mad man’s shekels. Blog gives a shout out to all such lawyers in need of shekels to come to the aid of a mad man to pursue a defective defamation claim by a paedophile, homo, mentally unstable whacknut who enjoys being an abusive jerk to his own children, while attacking Auntie Easterbaskets for delivering chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Whoever this knight in rusted armor shall be, Blog copy department salutes you for becoming an instant blog star in the ongoing drama of mad man Christopher Ambrose!

Editor’s Note:  There is genuine trepidation that mad man is going over the edge, where now even lecherous lawyers eschew his association, surely the paedo ring can assign counsel in pursuit of insanity.

Who will be the next attorney blog star to appear in the mad man drama of Christopher Ambrose?