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Family court litigant Christopher Ambrose demands PRIVACY protection for Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, kids suffering from lack of maternal affection by malicious, inhumane conduct of Mad Man and his lawyer, isolation supported by two jew judges and a jewish expert fucking over goy kids. Judge Eddie Rodriguez, constitutionally infirm jurist, moron in black, entertains Mad Man’s complaint, a drawn out screenplay of spending a million dollars over three years to obtain a simple administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce is emotionally harmful to children, who have not had a mom hug in years, no auntie Easter Baskets either.

Christopher’s deluded mind cannot comprehend public forums, a court stage upon which he plays drama victim by his own script. The public holds sovereign responsibility to observe judicial conduct, free to express upon insanity of all actors, a matter of self-governance. Judge Eddie Rodriguez is too much of a retard diversity ‘spic to grasp founding constructions, dragging out Mad Man’s pointless rantings about life in America. The pleading before Rodriguez reflects Ambrose’s twisted mind, extended prose, circular arguments, pointless banter, lack of conclusion, exposing a victim of psychosis, needing hospitalization, sedation, electro-shock ‘therapy’. Read pleading here. A free press covers Christopher’s three years of litigation insanity, but he now suddenly finds it harmful to the children, being all the fault of ex-wife, demanding court affirmation of his victimhood, demanding orders protecting privacy of abused children. Blog legal department finds no privacy on the public stage nor can a state court issue prior restraint orders in derogation of First Amendment protections. So what is Eddie Rodriguez up to?  Domestic terrorism? A jewish agenda?

Blog smells a kosher rat, gnawing at Bill of Rights. The meritless pleading cites twenty-two times in nine pages, now-famous Blog six times, prayer for relief begs directive for the children’s mother to scrub the internet of all mention of her children and abuse by Ambrose. No statute, no case law provides legal foundation for requested relief, exposing Judge Eddie Rodriguez’s game dragging out hearings for a fourth day; a deceptive jewdicial attack on freedom of the press; Rodriguez concealing tyranny under ‘best interest’ fallacy of family court. Absolute jewdicial discretion authority attempts to shred First Amendment. The jews are obvious tricksters. Blog popcorn machine is preheated, butter, salt, big gulp sodas at the ready, anticipating Judge Rodriguez to blow this out his dumb ‘spic ass, more legal argle bargle of ‘doing something different’, while upholding child abuse, invoked by jewish ideology of familial destruction.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez,Jr is a judge trial referee, supposedly a seasoned jurist of three decades experience on the bench, only to end up in the cesspool of family court, a distinction reserved for the most infirm minds. Rodriguez should have dismissed the complaint for failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted; regulation of speech is withdrawn from the states by the 14th Amendment, Rodriguez is playing a game obvious to all, he seeks cause to regulate goy criticism of family matters, using ‘best interest’ to defeat First Amendment … a ‘spics game, by direction of jewish overseers. Blog laughs!

Editor’s Note:  Rodriguez ignores maternal isolation of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer invoked absent state interest, in lack of strict scrutiny to denial of fundamental liberties, in violation of state law, proving he is a domestic terrorist of the jewish kind.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez,Jr up to no good, using family court discretion to attack First Amendment, a jew’s folly.

Privacy of three children abused by state jewdiciary is foundation for an un-constitutional prior restraint order … Blog calls bullshit!