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Police Advice!

Mad man Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut, child abuser, mental case, homo, psycho nutjob, pleads again for an EMERGENCY HEARING on advice of police.  The homo, minor attracted miscreant, compulsive liar, now pleads that POLICE advise him to seek protective orders because the internet exists, his children suffer from lack of mom hugs, he is a wretched human, whose treatment of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer is legally equivalent to ‘animal abuse’.

Ambrose pleads the following:

The police advised filing the emergency request.

Plaintiff(Ambrose) has permanent sole physical and legal custody of the three minor children. The defendant(mother) has been interfering with custody by publishing confidential information about the children as well as false accusations of child abuse against the plaintiff(Ambrose). She has even showed up without notice at the children’s activity (where she has not seen her in over a year). In the past the defendant has abducted the children, had them falsely report that plaintiff abused them and refuse to return custody to the police(in Dec 2020). She has also sent adult males, unknown to plaintiff, to his house, demanding to see the children. The police were involved in all of these incidents(there are multiple reports from Madison, PD). Since Monday when the emergency request was again denied without reason, the defendant published additional information which causes the children great distress. One of the children got into a physical altercation because she was so brutally ridiculed by peers based on info the defendant published. The defendant is also cryptically letting the plaintiff know she is watching his house and knows the children’s school. He is worried that defendant may again abduct. I am afraid my children are being harmed psychologically and I’m afraid may be abducted, again, by the defendant.

The now-famous Blog recognizes the danger to children, living in the presence of a mad man, winter is coming, redrum is foreshadowed, where the kids need to save themselves by running away.  Blog legal department notes that once the kids escape from mad man, they are legally RUN AWAYS, holding legal protection of the state, where the Attorney General must appear in juvenile court, lawyers appointed for abused children, protection provided by the executive branch agency responsible for child protection, a formal investigation.  In short, when Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer run away, they are beyond reach of the jews of family court, Grossman, Adelman, Aldrich, Hurwitz, Truglia, monsters who prey on children, who cannot appear in a matter of child protection, where sovereign people of Connecticut, represented by the AG, have interest in child well being.

Police of Madison may advise child predators to seek assistance from the rabbinical court of Truglia, but Blog legal department advises kids to RUN AWAY!!  Run as far and as fast as possible, refuse to return to the mad man, seek refuge in another state, demand counsel, demand a hearing, demand to call witnesses, demand to hug mom. Isolation of children from mother is a jewish delicacy, prohibited by state and federal law, it is child abuse. Run kids, run!


Mia, Matthew, Sawyer need to runaway, find refuge and legal protection in another state.

Winter is coming, REDRUM.