The sloth from Westport, Attorney Nancy Aldrich, has filed for contempt because the internet exists, her client is a pedophile, and she is a shitty lawyer. The blog cannot make this stuff up. Aldrich writes like a chicken, blows smoke, obscures fact, tells lies, and violates Rules of Professional Conduct by pursuing meritless, frivolous, and vexatious litigation serving no purpose in law: why she is a blog star. She moves for contempt of court on behalf of her sensational client Christopher Ambrose of Madison.

Attorney Aldrich claims that PRIVACY of abused children, Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, caught up in the public forum of family court, is cause to suspend the First Amendment. She alleges that so-called professionals Dr. Jessica Caverly, Dr. Deborah Gruen, Dr. Paul El-Fishway, Dr. William Horn, and Dr. Robert Horowitz are distressed by working with these three abused children involved in Adelman’s shit show, in full public view, which intimidates the quacksters, all intimidation being attributable to the mother. Not that a gaggle of jews fucking over kids for cash in court is not of great tabloid interest. Reality does not stop a jew cunt from accusing the goyim of contempt of the rabbinical court order of GAG handed down by jew Judge Adelman.

Aldrich reminds Judge Adelman that he gagged the PROFESSIONAL MEDIA and BLOGGERS, then accuses the mother of having control over third parties’ freedom of expression, where it is mom’s fault if ‘we the people’ ridicule, humiliate, criticize, mock, laugh at the jewish game of child abuse in family court. Aldrich claims public commentary is threatening, harassing, intimidating to a jew GAL, a jew therapist, and a jew psychobabblist nutjob with perverted, twisted opinions on children. Jews conspiring to traffic three little kids provide bloglicious feed that is of great public interest, but these jews don’t like the attention, so it must be all goy mom’s fault. Aldrich makes a lame argument that it is mother’s fault that the public knows so much about what Christopher Ambrose has said in open court, along with the two year history of the case. Oi vey, only a jew could suffer from such cognitive dissonance.

Aldrich goes on a ramble, alluding to disobedience of mom, persistent misconduct, bad faith, deliberate disregard for pedo homo daddy’s rights which are magically impeded and impaired because mom is breathing, further claiming that there is HARM to the children and court vultures, begging for employment of SERIOUS SANCTIONS to stop mom from being a mother. Oi vey, what word salad by Aldrich. The now-famous blog’s legal department notes that Attorney Aldrich fails to comply with practice rule PB 25-27, which requires the contempt motion to repeat the court order then clearly state how the contemptor has violated same. Aldrich just hurls poorly constructed sentences full of inflammatory wording, avoiding the requirement of the Practice Book to “state the specific acts alleged to constitute the contempt.” Aldrich only claims that the internet exists, therefore mom is in contempt.

The twisted jewish mind of Aldrich continues, claiming that because Christopher Ambrose is a homosexual, pedophile, child abuser, who has created a public spectacle in the public forum, creating great public interest, that it is somehow mom’s fault that the children’s privacy is invaded, that the children are damaged by dad’s litigation activities, that it is not appropriate for the kids to read blogs or watch videos about their father’s antics, that INTENSE PUBLIC SCRUTINY by ‘we the people’ leads to ridicule, humiliation, and embarrassment, and oddly that the internet leaves a mark: an indelible digital footprint. WTF? The internet exists, there is public interest, there is freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and for all this Attorney Aldrich claims there is a violation of a court order by mom? The now-famous blog’s medical department suspects Aldrich is off her meds or is in the late stages of a degenerative brain disease and recommends she change her diaper, then seek institutionalized treatment.

Aldrich’s jewish word salad tosses a final claim that ‘extremely incendiary’ free speech about pedophile, child trafficker, abuser Christopher Ambrose incites acts of violence against him for his morally reprehensible crimes, specifically citing the fact that blog readers drive on the public road past the house where the children are being held hostage. Contempt against mother because cars containing members of the public who read the blog drive on a public street? Seriously?

The jewish nutjob, pleading on behalf of pedo daddy claims relief that mom be immediately arrested, which the court cannot do; that the court finish the trial without mom, which the court cannot do; that mom pay Aldrich’s fee for filing the meritless, frivolous, vexatious motion, which the court cannot do, as mom has no money. So what is really going on? Is Aldrich trying to get disbarred? Adelman cannot touch the motion for contempt without creating an instant mistrial. Is that the game? Declare a mistrial? Start over? There are still big bucks in the family bank, Aldrich, Hurwitz and Adelman want every dime? Two trials are more profitable than one? Leave nothing for the kids? Nothing for mom? Daddy’s income coming from the Barbershop?

Aldrich is totally fucked on this, as there is no evidence that mom is involved in free expression of third parties. Connecticut Family Court is a tragic spectacle that embarrasses the State. Adelman is hated by the professional jurists of the judiciary, his GAG order is a joke, prior restraint is unconstitutional, children’s privacy does not suspend 1A and the jewish jerk of a jurist has no jurisdiction over professional media or BLOGGERS.

What jewdicial conspiracy is afoot? Jews attacking 1A. Jews raping children. Stay tuned.

The jew child snatcher, pedophile protector, monster of family court Gerard Adelman, fucking over children one family at a time.