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Thin Blue Threats

Godmother shows up to deliver Easter Baskets to her God Children in the anti-Christian jurisdiction of Madison Police Department, under the atheistic leadership of Chief ‘Jack’ Drumm. Upon complaint of Mad Man Christopher Ambrose, that Easter was being celebrated, a thin blue thug is dispatched on complaint of the mentally defective, suicidal, in need of treatment, father of three kids who received Easter Baskets!! A crime in the minds of blue thugs with badges, guns, and anti-Christian attitudes! Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up.

Mad Man Christopher reacts irrationally to the sight of God Mother and three Easter Baskets, eyes wide, screeching, shouting, challenging the delivery of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. God Daughter Mia runs for hugs with God Mother, glad to make contact with a family member, having been caged for 730 days, held prisoner by Mad Man, isolated from friends and families. Mad Man flies into elevated rage; brothers Matthew and Sawyer too terrified to venture out of the house, for fear of psycho daddy’s wrath, witnessing the bearer of baskets chased off by irrational threats of police arrest for distribution of jelly beans to minors. Another family celebration ruined by the unstable behaviour of the Mad Man.

Mad Man calls Madison Police to report the intrusion of God Mother, who instantly dispatches a thin blue thug with gun, badge, anti-Easter attitude, with no knowledge of law. An INCIDENT has occurred! Madison Police contact Glastonbury Police to hunt down God Mother, where Officer Laura Caruso delivers the warning, with body-cam rolling, that delivery of Easter Baskets to kids is criminal conduct on Madison Police turf, that god mothers will be arrested on sight if found in possession of jelly beans with intent to distribute. God Mother properly threatened by the thin blue thugs of Glastonbury Police under direct supervision of Sgt. Jeff Hodder, who sucks blue dick of Chief Marshall Porter for a paycheck. Thugs conspire to commit child abuse.

So why is Madison Chief ‘Jack’ Drumm in such need to have God Mother threatened with arrest for making contact with god daughter Mia? That the kids will cry out for help to someone they trust? That the kids will tell the horrors of living couped up with Mad Man, whose behavior becoming more erratic? That they are scared? That being isolated from friends and family by Mad Man is the legal definition of child abuse? That the children are neglected? That Mad Man who is suicidal, mentally unstable, and in need of treatment terrifies the kids? Living in fear being like really not good for kids?

Easter Bunny god mom triggers mad man, gets chased off, Madison Police respond after the fact, order Glastonbury Police to hunt down god mom, threaten her with arrest if she dares to bring May flowers or birthday presents. Wonder what interest Chief Drumm has in keeping the children isolated from friends and family? Suspicious? Thin Blue Pedos conspiring to commit child abuse. Welcome to Connecticut, thin blue thugs silence the screams of abused children.

Read the eye witness account of Mad Man’s irrational behavior from FrankReport interview with God Mother.

Mad Man Christopher Ambrose, no Easter Baskets for kids!!