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Mad Mad Man!

In the spectrum of mental disorders there are manifestations of madness which provide entertainment for the now-famous Blog. The editors would like to thank the head-demons of pedo daddy Christopher Ambrose for bloglicious content. The Mad Man holds sexual preferences for latino boys with short haircuts, enjoys caging children, enjoys hurting children, likes to spite his soon to be ex-wife, he showers attorneys with family savings, to stoke his deflated ego, then giggles when his own child cries, senselessly complains that the internet exists, while suffering grand delusions that anybody gives a shit about his opinion.

The Mad Man has filed an appearance in his own divorce matter to put forth incompetent opinions which his attorney, the evil Nancy Aldrich, will not promote for him. For a professional script writer, Chris writes like a chicken to the court. Mad Mad Man’s twisted logic asks the court to keep DCF records of the abuse of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer out of the public domain. But then asks that the DCF records which prove his wife is crazy be published. Mad Mad Man cites irrelevant statutes and practice rules, demonstrating he has no clue what he is talking about. The Mad Man rants about the existence of publicity he attracts for being a mad man in a public forum, abusing children for psycho demented deviant purposes. An interested public enjoys the freak show starring Mad Man. Mad Man brain is so twisted he proclaims publicity about the children is more harmful than his abuse. Got that? Like he doesn’t understand that if he was not abusing the kids, there would be no freak show? That he attracts the attention by paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to malign mom. That normal people find it strange a homosexual paedophile keeps kids caged? That his only ‘friends’ charge hundreds of dollars an hour to be his friends. Nancy Aldrich and Jocely Hurwitz are his purchased friends, when the money is gone, so are his friends.

Mad Man claims there is a gag order issued by Judge Adelman which prohibits public interest in the antics of the Mad Man. Right! Mad Man so delusional to think a nut like Adelman can silence the public? The insanity is manifest. Mad Man claims libel for the public’s awareness that Chris Ambrose is a homosexual minor attracted person, with multiple personality disorders, exhibiting deviant sexual tendencies towards children. Like so what? If it is truly libel then where is his tort to exalt the claim? Just more temper tantrum whining of an adult toddler with too much money, no brains, and a desire to harm his children. Bloglicious!

Mad Man’s prose seeks sympathy by overuse of adjectives and adverbs, to the point of obscuring the point. He claims that the now-famous Blog incites violence against him! Like why shouldn’t the local animal rights chapter or motorcycle club take Mad Man out in the woods, beat him to a pulp, educate him on child abuse, and suggest he stop before something really bad happens to him? Neighborly advice is always helpful. Feel free to read the rantings of Mad Man, here and here.

If Christopher Ambrose was just a bit of a Man, he would fire his attorney, let Mia, Mathew, and Sawyer live with their mother, settle his divorce like a man, be done with this purposeless drama, then find a job with a paycheck so he can pay alimony and child support, like a real man. The only people who are happy with the antics of the Mad Mad Man are the jew whores who will love him until the money runs out.

Editor’s Note: The Mad Man can be reached at 203 505 1889, if anyone cares to inquire about the needs of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer or wishes to ask Mad Man about his purpose of isolating children from loved ones. Care packages for the kids can be sent to 381 Horse Pond Rd. Madison CT 06443.