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The Internet Exists!

The now-famous Blog points out to the unknowing that the internet exists, court is a public forum, society is a chatty bunch, sovereign people hold right to scrutiny of monsters raping childhoods, under the color of state no-fault divorce laws. Blog star and child abuser Christopher Ambrose of 281 Horsepond Road in Madison has a problem living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, he does not like public scrutiny of mental disorders that rape childhoods of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, but his jewish lawyer pals Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz enjoy plundering family bank, ensuring no college funds for kids. Oi vey, what damage jews do for shekels.

Ambrose puts to prose his disgust of the modern world by pounding the keyboard, creating an EX PARTE motion, based on altered reality, devoid of legal principles, but providing insight into a psycho mind, soon to go over the edge. The long expensive litigation of obtaining a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce from a woman he is incapable of loving, the pain of watching children suffer in isolation over two years, no hugs from mom, stress of seeing an insane lunatic in the mirror, distress of watching family bank drained by lecherous lawyers, all while living in the fantasy of super ego delusion that divorce vindicates his existence … it is all her fault! Ambrose plays victim, his irrational mind seeks affirmation from a court who only plays along until the money is gone. The damage to childhoods is permanent, all for jewish love of money.

Ambrose’s internet induced psychosis, inflamed by First Amendment, traps a warped mind in continuous replay of his divorce induced trauma, having scripted fictional drama played out before Judge Grossman and Judge Adelman, for no purpose in law, spilling out in irrational, repetitive pleading, which Judge Margarita Moore takes less than five minutes to reject, foreshadows self-destruction. Ambrose asked the court to issue another form of jewish prior restraint:

Orders prohibiting the defendant mother from publishing/publicizing in any manner, on any forum or medium, any information about the children or any information which will reasonably negatively impact them, including but not limited to making accusations against the plaintiff, or engaging any associate to do so; and not to come within one mile of plaintiff’s home and the children’s schools

Ambrose does not want the world to talk about him, his divorce, his lawyers, the court, the kids, the childhood damage, like it is nobody’s business that huge lawyer fees purchase decisions to rape childhood in the name of the state. Just leave him alone to punish three gifts from God, to be isolated and abused by directive of jews Grossman and Adelman. Anything these two kikes do to children is of great public interest, the high price paid to rape childhood only adds to public concern, add in mad man’s sexual deviancy, the genre turns to tragedy. Consequences of Judge Moore’s denial, fueling victim rage, only elevates a drama to a horror story, losing control, the court turns against the hero, gone are his kike attorneys delivering jewdicial orders to affirm his manliness. The audience trembles.

What state interest do Grossman and Adelman advance by isolating the kids from mom? The state never petitioned to declare a loving mother ‘unfit’, the Constitution protects fundamental liberty interest in mother-child bonds, SCOTUS affirms such. How does the rabbinical family court magically void mother’s right to child hugs and the children’s rights to hug mom? Child isolation is ‘best interests’? Certainly not the interest of the sovereign people of Connecticut who pay judges to perform under the law. Does Judge Margarita Hartley Moore not recognize the duty of her bench? She knows the children are isolated in defiance of state law, requiring ‘active and consistent involvement’ of mom in her children’s lives, what tragic ending is the court scripting? Are the people left with only the Second Amendment to cleanse the bench and protect the children? Where does redress lie in face of such monsters of the bench and the bar? How do Patriots allow unbridled kike discretion to subvert ‘due process’? How much jewdicial blood to refresh the Tree of Liberty?

Winter is coming, a happy ending to the Ambrose tragedy is unlikely, all typing and no play makes Ambrose a dull boy, falling deeper into the altered reality of his laptop, delusional manifestations, gripping psychosis, until frozen in the snow.