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Samantha & George

The now-famous Blog has identified two peas in a pod who cannot count to First Amendment, idiots in clown costumes, sporting funny hats, badges, guns, no brains, and attitudes to violate rule of law on dog whistle commands from Kernel Stavros Mellekas of the Connecticut State Storm Troopers, all under commie commissioner James Rovella.  Meet Samantha McCord and George Jupin, two worthless state employees who double their salary every year by gobbling up overtime pay committing acts of terrorism against free citizens.  Blog parenting department notes poor upbringings, probably both abandoned at birth for noted mental defects.

The state gestapo employs these two nuts at Computer Crime Lab, a black hole for tax dollars, under the COMMAND of Sergeant Richard Alexandre and Kevin Albanese, two morons with funny hats, lacking purpose in life.  Samantha is rather retarded, but pulled down $221k last year in pay, more than half in overtime for hunting free speech on the internet, like Blog.  George took home $285k, almost three times his base, he hunts free speech too!  The dynamic duo act on direction of Alexandre to read the now-famous Blog, applying elite law enforcement training, dozens of donuts, sheltered life experiences, fabricating ‘probable cause’ that Blog is a criminal conspiracy, engaged in threats, intimidation, and incitement!!!  They found this out by reading Blog, cutting and pasting selected excerpts about a Shakespearean character from Henry VI, Part II into a search warrant application.  They held each other tightly in the darkness of the forensic laboratory, fearing approach of Dick the butcher, huddling from incoming death rays from the space station, scared that F35 smart bombs would soon rain down upon them, afraid two panes of glass won’t stop a sniper’s bullet, covering their ears to not hear desperate screams of childhoods being raped by the jewdiciary.  Despite paralyzing fear, they manage to sift thru over 700 posts, finding Dick the butcher; rewarded with more overtime pay.

Sam & George falsely pen an affidavit, which they swear to under penalty of perjury; Blog is criminal speech, unprotected by First Amendment, having no value in the market place of ideas, whose writers, editors, contributors all deserve to be jailed … oi vey, what the jews can train cops to do for overtime pay!  Samantha admitted the witch hunt is on for blog contributors, computer expert George scours internet for ‘dark net’ submission paths from folks within gulag Connecticut, for whom warden Mellekas will arrest and bring to speech justice.  The affidavit is comical, but in a sad, sick, unconstitutional sort of way.  The duo claim:

  • threatening, inciting and intimidating speech of race, religion, sexual orientation causing fear and alarm.
  • threatening speech to specific judges, court personnel, legislators, private citizens.
  • where Assistant State’s Attorney Denise B. Smoker is not up for mother of the year award.
  • promotes violence against court forensic experts, quoting Shakespeare to foment violence.
  • lists physical violence, laced with bigoted threats, again quoting Shakespeare.
  • threatening, inciting and intimidating speech against Judge Grossman.
  • several mentions of various calibre freedom seeds in application of defense of children.
  • promotes violence against special court services personnel, psychologists, private attorneys, quoting Shakespeare.
  • complaint that google search engines exist.
  • complaint that 8 March is .308 Day.
  • complaint that nobody appreciates Candace Fay or Robert Diechert, or that Karma follows them both.
  • complaint of Shakespeare quotes on Bozzuto, Adelman, Aldrich, Hurwitz, all in fear of a Dick from the play of 1597.
  • crimes of  §53a-181k Intimidation based on bigotry/bias 2nd degree, §53a-62 Threatening 2nd degree, §53a-179a, Inciting injury to persons.

Too bad Sam & George hold no appreciation for Shakespeare, as fools do think themselves wise, Hell is empty the devil is in New Haven, all the world’s a stage, one speaks an infinite deal of nothing, to be or not to be a patriot, what is in a name, First Amendment doth protects speech of roses, perjury is perjury, to thy own self be true, probable cause is not in our stars, the Second Amended Act doth protects children, the First Act is true unto the sovereign.

Blog editors note that neither Sam nor George excel at writing, failed prose be read here.

The affidavit is presented to Judge David Gold, in New Haven, the asshole who voids First Amendment with his ‘rough equivalent‘ standard of true threats, so noted in footnote 18 of his opinion to convict Ted Taupier.  Blog smells a rat, big fat jewish rat.  Jewboy Gold is adhering to the jew ‘model penal code‘ to criminalize speech abhorred by jews.  American Law Institute slipped that one in to America in the seventies, it does not fly anymore, just ask the Kansas Supreme Court, North Carolina SC, Ninth, Tenth, Sixth, and Second Circuit Courts, even SCOTUS pissed on nigger boy Robinson’s opinion in State v Taupier.  Gulag Connecticut wardens did not get the message set down by Founding Fathers:  First Amendment immunizes speech on public matters from government regulation, a concept that instills fear in nutmeg jews.

Blog legal department calls bullshit on Sam & George, as by their analysis all niggers supporting the BLM movement are engaged in criminal speech for promoting the extermination of white folk.  Note Sam & George are white.  Judge Gold is white. BLM has jewish funding; race baiting is a jewish delicacy.  Public scrutiny of state powers that rape childhood is a duty of sovereign people, if the conduct of jew family court was not so horrific, perhaps Blog staff could spend time writing Sam & George romance novels, with hot steamy sex scenes, handcuffs, forensic orgies in the Crime Lab, all on paid overtime; copy staff can only dream.

Commissioner Rovella has some explaining to do on spending tax dollars to hunt free speech. Public terrorism?  Rovella’s general counsel Cynthia Isales is incapable of properly advising her Commissioner, creating liability in deprivation of rights for the state; incompetence, buffoonery, terrorism abounds, but the overtime pay is too good to pass up!

Editor’s Note:  Samantha & George are ‘detectives’ who cannot detect the ABOUT page, which lists all case law explaining why BLOG is free speech; concealing material facts in application for a search warrant is perjury.

Pooper Scooper Trooper George Jupin

Jews hunt free speech of the goy, lest the elite lose control of the gulag.

Jews who hunt free speech.