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The now-famous Blog of the First Amendment kind advances public right to dissociate from ideas floating in cyberspace, for whatever reason.  No one is forced to read Blog, there are no subscriptions, no broadcasts, no debate, just silicon wafers allowing voluntary inquiry via a browser. Blog staff does not care for personal butthurt, eschews claims of criminal conduct for protected speech; would rather those folks just fuck off! Freedom of Association for advancement of ideas is an inseparable aspect of ‘liberty’ ensured by Fourteenth Amendment’s due process.

In equal and opposite constitutional terms, Blog suggests those applauding jewdicial family court, rape of childhood, paedophilia, plunder of savings, absolute jewdicial discretion, just DISSOCIATE themselves from collective opinions of Blog. Freedom of Association is a fundamental right, derived from 1A, freedom of expressive association protects Blog, editors, staff, contributors, and die hard fans. SCOTUS affirms in 1958, association be free of undue state interference.  First Amendment also provides right to NOT associate.  In Blog speak: FUCK OFF!

First Amendment also provides right to intimate association, Blog staff romance novelists point this out with passion! The right to intimate association allows for protection to maintain close familial or other private associations free of state interference: right to marriage, rearing children, right to habitate with relatives, hug kids. This right has additional root in due process, so opined by Sandra Day O’Connor in Troxel v Granville over two decades ago … consciously ignored by the high bench of cesspool Connecticut.

Blog expresses that Connecticut mothers, separated from children, by absolute discretion of jews in black robes, under color of no-fault divorce, are victims of rights deprivation, federal criminal conduct, constitutional trespass, work of Satan; no redress avails, leaving only sovereign muzzle velocity of the Second Amendment. Lock ‘n Load. Childhood rape at the hands of monsters in black robes be dealt with by sovereign power.  No one forces the jewdiciary to shred Bill of Rights, state high court rubber stamp approval of jewdicial discretion only begs flash of powder and Patriots’ shot; Tree of Liberty refreshment … .308 ball preferred; discretionary choice of well regulated parental militias, necessary for protection of free state’s children.

God provides Second Amendment, as evil does not respond to tolerance and understanding.