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Connecticut State Speech Police

Here we go again folks.  The Major Crime Clowns of the Connecticut State Gestapo are pulling overtime investigating tweets and facebook posts.  Don’t like a judge?  Suggest the judge be tarred and feathered like the good old days of American Patriotism?  Well, newsflash, this ain’t America and Colonel Alaric Fox is no patriot.  Your political speech will be silenced on orders from above.

The Detective at Troop I in Bethany is so secretive that he cannot disclose his name nor badge number.   But he states he is conducting a criminal investigation into a tweet/fb post.  He can’t quote the criminal statute or the probable cause for his vendetta search for citizens with First Amendment protections.  He is simply doing his job, using public money, but in a most unconstitutional way.

Is it time to ask our jewish zionist overlords like Commissioner Dora B. Schriro what we little people are allowed to say?  Can we call Troop I Detective NoName a ‘terrorist’ for hunting free citizens without cause?  A constitutional retard as he can’t spell Fourth Amendment.  Can we suggest that state law enforcement is un-AMERICAN?  Can we suggest that the state government, having failed to serve the needs of the people be ‘burned to the ground’ and replaced with a government of the people, by the people and for the people?  Can ‘we the people’ even raise redress of grievances?  Will the masters up the fluoride concentration in the water, prescribe more opiates, shoot more unarmed citizens, arrest us for no purpose?  Do goons with badges, guns and nazi attitudes really have a place in our society any more?  Is Troop I engaged in criminal activity?

Did the detective just put a shot across the bow of the good ship liberty?  Did he sound the call to arms against tyranny?  Did he beg a federal lawsuit for violation of civil rights?  Is he begging for a constitutional bitch slap?  Does he light the cross in the highlands?  Is it time to burn the establishment to the ground?  If ‘we the people’ don’t put an instant stop to this Gestapo are we no longer American?  Do we betray our forefathers?  What oath did this clown take and to whom did he swear it?  He is not American.

Here is a message to the Connecticut State Gestapo:  You are begging for it from every Patriot.

Time to reflect how much blood has been spilt to establish the Constitution, the principles of liberty, the concept of American Freedom.  Now we have Troop I in Bethany in overt subversive acts to undermine same.  Remedy required.

Chief State Speech Police….anti American pedo