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The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind identifies Toby J, Heytens, domestic enemy of the Constitution, enemy of ‘we the people’, a subversive jew working to undermine First Amendment, lest holohoax be exposed. Toby is the retarded fool who pens amicus brief for stooge Clarence Thomas to stand upon, lecturing goy on unacceptable speech. Redneck mountain justice patriots say ‘fuck you’!  First Amendment is purely American, it protects mutterings at the Green Dragon, promotes tea parties, it gives cause to slaughter twenty-thousand British troops, takes down a sovereign, is the essence of self-government, it even feeds the homeless, which is why Toby hates it. Can’t have goy populace governing themselves in gulag jewmerica; must undermine 1A with a jew standard creating criminal speech based on irrational fear of Toby’s synagogue pals. Protected speech will become slave to jewish fearful response of imaginary, undefined, reasonable person’s fright of something you said. Sic semper tyrannis! becomes hate speech and criminal threat to anyone named Tyran, for personal fear of Latin.

“It is not the policy of the law to punish those unsuccessful threats which it is not presumed would terrify ordinary persons excessively; and there is so much opportunity for magnifying or misunderstanding undefined menaces that probably as much mischief would be caused by letting them be prosecuted as by refraining from it.”  Michigan 1886

Toby is a jew’s jew, having been groomed by the chosen to infiltrate the legal system for the sole purpose of undermining First Amendment. This little shit domestic terrorist is held out to the public to be of grand legal abilities, having worked at a jewish law firm, clerk for Ruthie at SCOTUS, errant law professor at Jefferson’s University, now a jewish yeshiva, appointed as Solicitor General of the Commonwealth of Virginia by miscreant leftist Mark Herring, on orders from above, now a justice on the Fourth Circuit.  Toby is a danger to the Republic.

Toby has a hard on for Ameri-speak, good ole boy sound bytes make Toby’s skin crawl:  I’ll fuck u up!  U will end up dead in a ditch!  F35 smart bombs upon you!  .50 cal to the head!  Mountain justice for u!  Burn her, she’s a witch! Fleas of a thousand camels to your armpit!  Toby has issues with Jake Baker’s curling iron, Gill Valle’s cookbook, Ted Elonis’ fb page; a plethora of goy speak, including the word HOLOHOAX.  Toby’s kosher opus proposes a new restriction on speech: ‘reckless disregard of potential to cause fear’ in another jew. Word-salad is a jewish parasitic fallacy hallmark argument subverting host societies to rabbinical law; Toby is a master.

In 1886 the standard of speech is the ORDINARY person, good ole boys and girls using cultural vernacular, expressing displeasure to a fellow citizen. Today, ‘ordinary’ is replaced with jew defined REASONABLE person of un-American subservient sheeple mindset, of delicate victimhood disposition, so favored by the jew. Toby weaves deception to his SCOTUS brief.  Risk is not an objective standard, modifiers such as ‘substantial’ and ‘unjustifiable’ hold no quantitative value, no legal purpose. Risk is a probability measurement, a mathematical construct, an estimator of outcomes, something far beyond Toby’s feeble mind to grasp. As Blog psychology department observes, lawyers are just bottom tier English majors with their brains knocked out, unaware that words have meaning; fallacy argument obvious. Toby adds ‘consciously disregarded’, which is a jew way of getting in the head of the goy to decide what a free person thinks, for sole purpose of criminalizing expression. More jewspeak: criminalize speech made in reckless disregard of potential to instill fear … jews love vagueness! Toby does not even attempt to hide his contempt for the Bill of Rights. Toby lathers up his soap box with ‘gross deviation from standard of conduct observed by law-abiding person’, then refers to a ‘model penal code’ authored by jews from rabbinical law. Toby omits that ‘law abiding person’ is a member of the sovereign class, holding Second Amendment rights, dry powder and shot, 30 round clips, semi-auto action, nightscopes, to protect the Constitution from Toby’s attack. When government fears the people, there is liberty; when people fear their government, freedom seeds are soon to fly. Toby merely incites a call to arms; burn a cross a top Stone Mountain, lock ‘n load, the sovereign rises.

The underlying excuse cited by Justice Thomas claims that sovereign states do not agree with his interpretation of Virginia v Black, a SCOTUS case of little import regarding conflagration of sticks in shape of a cross, like it is a negro thing … Scots disapprove of black folk’s hijack of ancient form of Highland communication to fuel American race wars.  Thomas thinks the people of Kansas and North Carolina are stupid, requiring direction from his bully pulpit, where Connecticut and Georgia, properly shred the First Amendment, to his discriminatory liking. Shout out to Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto of Connecticut for having irrational fear of a free people who de-benched her for being a danger to children; may two panes of glass forever protect her from F35 smart bombs and death rays from orbiting battlestars; .308 ball notwithstanding.

Poor Toby, trained in law at Jefferson’s University, where refreshment of the Tree of Liberty begs the blood of tyrants, graduates unleashed upon a free people to deny God given liberties by promotion of rabbinical rule. Little jew shit claims the people of Virginia have cause to object to the REASONING of the elected justices of the Kansas high court … a totally jewish concern; true Virginians respect the sovereignty of the people of Kansas, sincerely apologizing for Toby’s jewery, defying founding principles.

The conclusion to Toby’s drivel is that the model penal code, created by arrogant, private, chosen lawyers, absent intent of ‘we the people’, fails First Amendment. All hail Sanford Kadish!  Toby’s precious model statute §18.2-60 designed to muzzle goy, on whim of gestapo, is unconstitutional on its face, as intent of the speaker is required.  The denial of the Kansas prosecutor’s cert means model penal scam to criminalize free speech on reaction is now defunct.  Kansas’ reasoning invalidates the model code’s private regulation of speech.  SCOTUS rejected Toby’s argument, First Amendment protects that which Toby does not like, too bad, call a whambulance, seek medical attention for butthurt, jewish word-salad shall not undermine the Constitution, protected by Second Amendment.  Toby’s argument is simply censorship on offense of the listener … very jewish.

Where protected political speech is uttered, only jews hear a criminal threat.

Editor’s Note:  Blog staff takes honor as Toby’s target of chosen ideology to defeat 1A, destroy culture, inflict oppression on free people, attacking Blog politics under VA Code §18.2-60, for butthurt of jew judges is foolish, even for jews.  Toby fears Blog! 

Attacking the First Amendment for fear of the sovereign.  Thomas’ dissent on Kansas cert betrays his contempt for will of the people, shows his loyalty to jewish model penal codes that serve chosen agenda, defeating First Amendment, domestic terrorism drafted by a privately funded, subversive, jewish organization.


Blog star Elizabeth Bozzuto of Connecticut is cause for jewdicial upsetness by Clarence Thomas promoting criminal speech on standard of irrational fear from a non-ordinary person. FN18: Rough equivalent?


A burning cross is of Scottish culture, having nothing to do with the American negro.  The first instance of cross burning in America is 1915 atop Stone Mountain, Georgia to celebrate the lynching of jew Leo Franks, who raped and murdered 13 year old, Mary Phagan, for deviant pleasure.  Know your history, not the jewish version.

Sandford Kadish, penal code for goy, fuck 1A, your speech becomes criminal by reaction of chosen drama queens, Toby and Sandford are both jewish … surprise!!!