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Free Speech: Not in Connecticut

The seven dwarves of the Connecticut Supreme Court will take up its own version of the FIRST AMENDMENT on 6 November when it hears State v. Taupier, the infamous case of jewdicial retaliation against those who criticize the jews and how they run Family Court.

Wish that the tree of liberty fall on Judge Bozzuto’s head, that the fleas of a thousand ISIS camels nest in her left armpit, that holy jihad be unleashed on her for trafficking children of devout followers of the Prophet Muhammad, death by a thousand paper cuts of the Bill of Rights?  What if Dorothy drops a house on the witch?  You too will be hunted down by the dark hand of the state jewdiciary.  Rule of law, protection of rights and of course nothing remotely christian will be allowed in Gulag Connecticut.  Children are little four legged animals of larger four legged animals who are simply not chosen people. Bozzuto and her Bar pals strip families of savings for the cause of attorney welfare  The jewish cadre who have cause to destroy the concept of christian families, marriage, church teachings, all through family court under the power of jewdicial discretion.  No law, just the belief of the monster in the black robe.

Judge Elliot N. Solomon, Judge Constence Epstien, Judge Barry Pinkus, Judge David Gold, Judge Gerrard Adelman, Judge Maureen Murphy, Judge Holly Wetstone, Judge Lynda Munro, Judge Annie Dranginis; either jewish, dykish or both, that is the rule of discretion in Connecticut Family Court… law, just your kids and your money.  Sorry Baby Aaden, jew judges have no time for brown kids with no money; you learned the hard way.

So now Chief Justice Chase Rogers, a joke of a jurist will attempt to decide that rantings induced by unconstitutional conduct of her pet dyke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto are criminal.  Is mens rea created when Judge Bozzuto attacks a citizen in her court for participating in the political process by introducing children to Rep. Minnie Gonzalez of Hartford’s Third District?  Bozzuto hates the criticism dished out by Minnie, so why not attack her supporters in a court of law?  Just another form of state sponsored terrorism.  Bozzuto is a terrorist, feel free to talk ill of her.  Or as Voltaire observed, is it merely the result of criticizing one’s masters that brings on such jewdicial retaliation.  Get over it, Voltaire had no love for the jew either; doubt he would have anything nice to say about the dyke on the byke either.

Is it a crime to rant about a judge and a court that holds a father in contempt because the children have cavities….in their baby teeth?  Is Bar jew, Attorney Geraldine Ficarra not guilty of intentional infliction of emotional distress for filing the infamous cavity contempt motion?  Did she not state under oath before jew judge Gold that her purpose was to inflame the father as a legal tactic in her practice of law?  Should not Attorney Ficarra be punished by her fellow attorneys for such malpractice of law?  Of course not, that is how the jew lawyers make their money in family court, vexatious, protracted, frivolous litigation sponsored by the likes of Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto and her family court den of thieves.  Goyim with wallets are chosen by the jews with law licenses…..simple.

So talk about tyrants, talk of jew judges executing a private chosen agenda in the family court, talk about the jewish AFCC organization which the Connecticut judges follow like a cult, talk of liberty, talk of “Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis”  (Thus always I bring death to tyrants)…..the abbreviate form:  Sic Semper Tyrannis.  The good ole U.S. of A. has a long and pround history regarding the demise of tyrants.  Simple logic, Judge Bozzuto is a tyrant, she attacks the First Amendment in family court, she claims the title, so take the criticism and the medicine.  The republic holds no cause to pay a judge to defeat the First Amendment with state funds.  So what if the people talk of burning a tyrannt at the stake?  Hanging or firing squad?  Take your pick.  Liberty will not survive in this country on administration alone.  If Bozzuto’s court is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, then the call to arms has been sounded, the crosses be burned in the highlands, the hunting season on black robed terrorists is open.

So where is Ted now?  The gestapo had him in solitary confinement at Hartford Correctional Facility….a.k.a. The Meadows.  The state gestapo, under direction of Judge Bozzuto had him arrested again on 11 August for speech on his facebook page in January.  The arrest warrant can be read here.   It is a fabrication by ASA David J. Smith and jack booted thug, state gestapo terrorist Speech Detective Jack Kulig #927.  The prison goons are mad at Ted because they got fingered for destroying his mail, delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  LT. Rivera, a ‘corrections officer’,  hispanic ass of no brains gets off on fucking with citizens at the direction of his jewdicial masters.  Destroying mail is just his twisted form of fun.  Goons decided Ted can fly helicopters so he is a flight risk from prison and was moved to the Max Security Prison at MacDougall in Suffield.

Judge Bozzuto is whacking off in pleasure knowing that the mother  Tanya Taupier of Ellington is not allowing any contact between Ted and his two kids, not even a phone call.  Tanya is violating the court visitation orders, but the jews don’t care, they relish in the internal family discord and ultimate destruction of familial bonds, it is the jewish agenda; not American, not christian, not even human.  Tanya is a big executive at Aetna who trafficks her own children for personal pleasures.

So come to the meeting of the seven dwarves on 6 November where the Giant Grey Ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis will mount a defense of the FIRST AMENDMENT against the terrorist organization known as the Connecticut Jewdicial Branch.

As Voltaire stated, your masters are those whom you cannot criticize.

Baby Aaden victim of family court

Drop a house on a family court judge!!!

Judge Gold ruled that this shot can be made!!

Judge Dyke Bozzuto abhors criticism by poor brown Christians.