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Captain Cain

The now-famous Blog spotlights another domestic terrorist of the Connecticut Gestapo, an enemy of the people and their Constitution.  Gone are the liberties of ‘we the people’ when state employees, sworn law enforcement officers, abuse the ill trusted office to wreak havoc on an enlightened society.  Clowns like Captain Ken Cain incite a free people to take up arms against tyranny.  Sic semper tyrannis!

Cain is an experience domestic terrorist, demonstrated track record of fucking up everything he touches, under the guise of public safety, lacking skills in law enforcement, unable to supervise minions, can’t differentiate between criminal activity and free speech, diligently guards against freedom, a true terrorist, poorly educated, no brains, schooled in anti-American operations at FBI Academy, a traitor to the bone.

Cain has special training for enhanced interrogation, designing booby traps, intelligence, surveillance of the innocent, protection of the guilty, concealing evidence, lying to judges, justifiable perjury, covert operations, child trafficking, weed control, marijuana eradication, narcotics distribution and kickbacks. A true professional, able to hunt and arrest any free citizen for any fabricated reason, as pleasing his masters is his only calling, fellow citizens not so much.

How far has society fallen, when those sworn to protect, act against the law? When a badge, gun, and attitude defeat founding principles, a free people have duty to rebel against tyranny. How much blood is necessary to refresh the Tree of Liberty?  Do Connecticut Troopers give political purpose to the Second Amendment? Does orchestrated deprivation of rights have cause in chosen agenda to affect the collapse of the American society? Captain Cain is promoted over two decades in accession to COMMANDING OFFICER of field operations, a position of gestapo import, not to be trusted to a Patriot. Troopers are a well regulated subversive organization, staffed and led by anti-American zealots, holding no love for the sovereign people. Fat boy Colonel Stavros Mellekas ensures loyalty to the chosen wardens of Gulag Connecticut.

Time to cast out the heathens?

Funny hats, military style insignia, bling costumes, guns, and attitudes, a subversive para-military force, enemy of the people.

How did Connecticut exist from the founding to 1903 without a State Gestapo?