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Jewdicial monsters of Connecticut have invented a new class of disobedient goy: miserable whining mothers who denounce jewdicial child separation orders are now labeled DISGRUNTLED FAMILY COURT LITIGANTS.  A label officially applied to victims of family court, those fit mothers, not allowed to hug fruits of their womb, who just can’t suck up to wrath of Kundry to find happiness in not being hugged by rugrats.  The jew muscle of the State Police under the fat donut belly of paedo protector Colonel Stavros Mellekas declares in sworn affidavits that disgruntled litigants are a societal danger, who often flock together, share thoughts, ideas, information, peaceably assemble, petition elected representatives for redress of grievances, now holding state cause to be hunted by sworn flying monkeys disguised as State Troopers, whose ‘training & experience’ provide twisted reason and improbable cause to monitor private activities, track, surveil, even read blogs of protected speech.  A new separate class of citizen, providing state need for wire taps, arrests, harassment, door smashing, SWAT raids, all rather grotesque, un-American behavior against fellow free citizens, but hey, it is what jews do. Thin blue line terrorists trained by folks who do not celebrate Easter, to be the muscle for a ethnicity based on ritualistic practices involving Catholic baby blood and flat breads.  Gulags need armed guards to beat the un-chosen.

Colonel Mellekas’ fine rotund form, love of donuts, defective intellect, betrays he is paid to hunt free speech of mothers.  His minions, sergeant Richard Alexandre, head of Computer Crime Lab, along with Samantha McCord, pooper scooper 1st class, act on direction of crooked Richard Colangelo, to hunt free speech on the cause of jewdicial butthurt. clowns in black robes, who cannot count to First.  Retards need a crime lab and forensic investigators to read Blog.  Fear among the ruling elite fueled by a growing consensus the world will be a better place for children and mothers when most of these judges and their predatory ideologies are dead.  More super sweet jelly donuts for Stavros, killer blood sugar levels; divine retribution.  The devout can only pray.  History is replete with the dangers of disgruntled citizens:  tea went in the harbor, roses into rifle muzzles, soldiers mutinied, op-eds written, a lady sat on a bus, citizens walk the streets, people chanted, some black dude yelled Free at last, Free at last, Free at last.  But according to Jelly Belly Mellekas, disgruntled litigants, suffering from malicious constitutional deprivations, familial destruction, protracted litigation, for sole purpose of enriching jews of the Family Bar Association, create state cause for bludgeoning by the thin blue thug line, on direction of their jewish overlords, who just cannot tolerate criticism by disgruntled mothers.  Oi vey!  As Voltaire noted, our masters are those whom we cannot criticize; the parasitic jew is the downfall of humanity.  Just whisper HOLOHOAX and the screeching begins.

In clinical simplicity, Colonel ‘donut whore’ Mellekas attacks mothers who suffer the constitutional humiliation of severed bonds on whim of a jew in a black robe, meaning Stavros Mellekas and his band of merry-men are domestic enemies of the Constitution.  Ooops, he did not see that coming! Constitutionally challenged trooper Samantha McCord swore to her scripted lies of jewdicial butthurt.  Judges read free expression, then create self-victimhood?  No one forced jews like Wetstone, Dranginis, Solomon, Munro, Heller, Grossman, Adelman, Emons, onto the bench.  No state agency ever vetted the jewish experts of anti-Christian ideology:  Caverly, Smith, Stein-Leite, Horowitz, Klien, Gruen, Robson.  Family court thrives on jewish word-salad:  custody evaluator = paid whore of the court; best interest = lawyer feed.  Jew lawyers only play goy families with money:  Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Steve Dembo, Reuben Midler, Tom Collins, Lisa Knopf, Janis Laliberte, Rhonda Morra.

What if nutmeg family court judges had to be elected by ‘we the people’, none of these jews would be on the bench.  A sovereign Christian people would not stand for jewish terrorism, rape of childhoods, fleecing of families.  Only jews can insulate a people’s court from sovereign control.  Members of the bar and their doting judges conspire to drain every dime out of family bank, while inflicting maximum human suffering.  The police add their special form of abuse, just to inflame conflict.

A grand fuck you to powdered sugar addict Colonel Stavros Mellekas, applying the forensic technology of a computer crime lab to seek out and voluntarily read the now-famous Blog, only made famous by a loyal following of Connecticut Judicial Branch employees, just check server logs on  Or put another way, if fat head Stavros Mellekas, commander of the state flying monkeys really thinks Blog is criminal speech, why do judicial employees read it daily, even the judges??

Beware of Colonel Stavros Mellekas, commanding troopers to hunt disgruntled family court litigants; strange things can happen in the Land of Oz,  houses fall, evil dies, shoes stolen, a mob forms, wicked melts, little yapping mutt finds the man behind the curtain.  Public scrutiny, First Amendment right.


The Constitution is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.”  TJ 1819.