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The now-famous Blog celebrates the one year anniversary of the combined efforts of Virginia and Connecticut State Police to shred constitutional rights by SWAT raid, murdering a front door under cover of early morning darkness to seize fruits of free speech. Hats off to VSP Senior Special Agent Michael Sponheimer for his inability to recognize protected speech, along with accolades of Pooper Scooper Trooper Samantha McCord of Connecticut gestapo, acting under direction of Jewette Katz, who really hates free speech of Blog or any other goy. Oi vey, the state gestapo is just chosen muscle, chilling expression, a kike delight. Despite little green men with black rifles tossing laundry baskets and sock drawers, now-famous Blog marches on, racking up another 160 posts of free expression, while Lieutenant Colonel Ken Kain tears apart computers and hard drives searching for names and addresses of Connecticut residents conspiring under First Amendment protections exercising essence of self-governance in criticism of the most evil court in the land and the jews who run it.  Editorial staff remains concealed, contributor identities protected. Jewette Katz is pissed!

The legacy of Judge Tania Saylor’s tyranny of authorizing a pre-dawn SWAT raid to chill expression in her war against the Constitution is marked by Trooper Sponheimer’s perjured application quoting Shakespeare’s Dick the Butcher, as evidence of criminal conduct. The bald headed donut whore exposes the utter stupidity of Virginia’s gestapo. His little dyke pal McCord from Connecticut can’t count to First, crosses state lines to conspire in deprivation of rights, committing federal criminal conduct, a rather improper use of state funds. Alas, Judge Saylor never reads the warrant application, just blindly signs it, the jewdiciary granting gestapo all powers necessary to smash goy speak and murder a front door, a betrayal of public trust, abandonment of office. The republic has fallen, the rule of law voided by a diverse, dark, dumb nigger judge, too stupid to understand her job function, incapable of comprehending an oath, proving again dangers of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Society cannot function with dumb nigger judges like Saylor, idiot police like Sponeheimer and McCord, who merely incite a free people to lock and load in defense of the Constitution. .50 cal freedom seeds for all!

The raid was directed by Jewette Katz, queen of nutmeg jews, partner at Shipman&Goodwin, who directs the hunt for free speech, ‘cuz she is a Blog star with attitude. Fat Boy donut whore Stavros Mellekas expends public funds, where LtCol Ken Kain betrays his oath to hunt free speech, while sucking Mellakas’ little dick. Dyke Samantha McCord perjures a search warrant application where ‘rough equivalent‘ Judge David ‘jew’ Gold signs in kosher delight to hunt free speech, enlisting the very stupid nigger Vanessa Roberts in U.S. Attorney’s Office who tasks AUSA Margaret Donovan to seek out the server where Blog sleeps, applying to bald headed Yaley jew Magistrate Robert Spector to issue a federal warrant to hunt Blog, for which FBI Special Agent Ron Offut finds no suspicion of a crime, just free expression. Chief District Judge Michael Shea is still fretting over his jewish magistrate’s misconduct involving the federal court in hunting free speech, but this is Connecticut, law does not apply, just jewery running the gulag.

Alas, Blog survives another attack, lives on in the face of jewish tyranny, Jewette Katz kvetches with her synagogue pal Johnathan Greenblatt, frustrated that goy are even allowed to speak. The raid did not reveal any names of Connecticut residents, did not result in any arrest warrants, just exposed Jewette Katz and her hatred for the Constitution of the goy. Blog lives on, Blog is everywhere, Blog sees all, Blog does not forgive, nor forget.

Editor’s Note:  Jewette Katz ordered a hit on Blog, sending a kosher message that jews will not tolerate criticism of the jewdiciary of Connecticut family court, rogue Virginia Trooper Sponheimer is a jew, who acts without supervision to deliver the message, nigger Judge Saylor plays along. Jews do not recognize goy law; keep your powder dry; sovereign people are under attack.

Trifecta of state tyranny, hunting free speech, a jewish delicacy.

Feds of Connecticut, niggers and jews, conspire to hunt free speech.

Virginia jewish prosecutor Steve Descano, puppet of Soros, conspires with underling Hultman to conceal the illegal warrant from public scrutiny, another First Amendment violation. Everywhere a jew!

Jewette Katz and her puppet Connecticut prosecutors who betray public trust to hunt free speech on jewish command; always a jew.