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Rough Equivalent

The Connecticut Supreme Court has taken up the appeal in the First Amendment case of Jew Judge David Gold of Middlesex JD.  Our Zionist overlord has ruled by ‘rough equivalent’ that private writings are not free speech under the goyim’s Constitution.  Talmud replaces the christian rule of law in the civilized society once known as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Judge David Gold, a jerk of an individual, devout jew and idiot in a black robe convicted Ted Taupier for the Talmud crime of making a “rough equivalent of a true threat” against our favorite child trafficking, pedo protecting, deviant miscreant head family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto.  The jewish support and protection of pedophiles extends to their puppet family court judges who are paid under the table for their ‘discretion’ in family matters to provide little boy ass to Gold and his demented colleagues.  Goyim are not allowed to speak ill of such Zionistic power structures.

Under the rules of the Talmud, gentiles like Taupier are stripped of human existence before the jewish judge.  A four-legged animal to be branded, beaten and slaughtered by the chosen ones.  Taupier is merely meat on the hoof before Jew Gold with no rights nor constitutional protection.  Criticizing jewish overlords is a crime against the chosen.  Writing ill of dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto brings down the wrath of the chosen.

The treasonous conduct of Jew Gold has been appealed under the rule of law by legal expert and giant of the legal profession, Connecticut’s own grey pony tail, Norm Pattis.  The Nutmeg State has become the national laughing stock yard of constitutional infirmness.  The sacred First Amendment, the right to speak against the king, being shat upon by a jew in a black robe has received national attention.  So much attention that Chief Justice Chase Rogers and her band of merry men have snatched the appeal from the paws of the three stooges of the appellate court, lest the inbred judge club further undermine the rule of law.  The case of State v. Taupier is now before the seven dwarves of the state’s highest court, as the nutmegs are facing a huge punitive civil rights attack in federal court.

Want Judge Bozzuto dead?  Have Dorothy drop a house on her?  Fleas of a thousand camels to her armpits?  Tarred and feathered for treason?  Hunted by patriots as a domestic enemy of the Constitution?  Death from a thousand paper cuts by the Bill of Rights?  Hit by a state snow plow?  Smart bombed by F-35’s?  Perfectly legal expressions by patriots in defense of American rights.   The Tree of Liberty is getting thirsty.

The incompetent state paycheck sponge, Mitchell S. Brody is tasked by sinister state’s attorney Kevin Kane to expend state funds in defense of Jew Gold’s conviction on free speech.  The people of Connecticut are spending tax dollars to defeat the First Amendment.  Just fucking amazing that the jews have hijacked the entire criminal justice system to use public funds to rule by Talmud.  Read Brody’s terroristic pleadings here.

Of interesting contradictions, Judge Bozzuto admonished Taupier from the family court bench for his political speech of which she disapproved…..a criminal act, deprivation of rights, First Amendment violation by a state actor.  So what is wrong with wishing death to the terrorist?  Pursuit of life, liberty and all who threaten it.  Tyrants in black robes who expend state funds to silence speech are terrorists; was she expecting a thank you card?

Had enough comrade?  Ready to revolt against the tyrants in black robes?  Take back the people’s government?  Eliminate the terrorists?  Restore the rule of law?  Honor the Founding Fathers?

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis….death unto tyrants!!!

Case documents can be viewed:

Norm’s Appeal   Norm’s Appendix

State Brief    State Appendix

Rough equivalent of jewdicial dictatorship

Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.

Judge Gold ruled that this shot can be made!!

Attorney Norm Pattis.
Giant of the Profession, Slash and Burn Trial Lawyer, Great Grey Ponytail.

Ted Taupier….hated by the jewdiciary.