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The now-famous Blog announces the labeling of a specialty division of the Connecticut Bar Association that focuses solely on separating children for mothers where daddy has big bucks. This group operates under a secret section of the secret family court benchbook which lays out the strategy to employ the children as tools to promote conflict, drain family savings, raping childhood, while enriching lawyers and judges along the way. The new name: JEWISH CUNT CLUB.

Head of the CLUB is the evil, hideous, retired supreme court justice, and child trafficker commissioner Jewette Katz; partner at the lecherous law firm of SHIPMAN & GOODWIN. From her opinionated perch the CT Law Tribune, her kvetching provides comedy for those in need of a good chuckle. Retards are funny. Cunt Club senior members: Annie Drainginis, retired jewdicial pedo battle axe; Lynda Munro, monster extraordinaire; Holly Wetstone, titless wonder; Donna Heller, mom killer; Jane Emons, off d’bench; Jane Grossman, next off d’bench; along with Olear, Prestley, Bozzuto of the old guard.

The foot soldiers of the club exhibit common ‘for cash’ behaviours. Jocelyn Hurwitz, childhood rapist; Nancy Aldrich, whore of Westport; Janis Laliberte, pedo protector; Lisa Knopf, trafficker; Dr. Linda Smith, PhD, opinion fabricator; Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD, diagnosis fabricator; Mary Brigham, devil’s sister; Shawna Hamilton Doster, incompetent alcoholic; Melissa Smith, blonde JAP ditz.

The now-famous Blog, holding that special place in society to spotlight the jewery of family court, the trafficking of children, and the plundering of college funds for the enrichment of jews, adds to the marketplace of ideas that the jews have rigged the system to rape childhoods for the sole financial benefit of their chosen synagogue pals. The jewish delicacy is childhood destruction played out by orderly procedures in front of conspiring judges, having no basis in law, resting solely on a jewish interpretation of ‘best interest’ devoid of any constitutional limits. What is called RACKETEERING in the criminal justice system.

The Blog highlights the stink of child traffickers of JEWISH CUNT CLUB.