Dumb Cunt!

The now famous blog has the pleasure of spotlighting the dumbest cunt in the 16th Judicial District of Texas. The Honorable [sic] Sherry Shipman has ruled that the U.S. Supreme Court does not count for shit in her cesspool of a court room.

The dumb fuckers of Denton, Texas, a.k.a Texans, have proved again that a ten gallon cowboy hat does not contain any brains. These cowpokes and pedophiles put the dumbest cunt they could find on the bench to wreak havoc upon parents and children. Texans in Denton have no need for the Constitution.

Dumb Cunt Sherry upholds the zionist agenda in trafficking children for the pleasure of Kundry on a Christian society. She awards custody rights of a fit father’s daughter to dead mother’s fuckbuddy. How is that for rabbinical tyranny! Dumb Cunt finds in ‘best interest’ of a child after mom gets killed in a car crash, that the little girl’s custody should be shared by father and the swinging dick that mom rode for fun. Needless to say, best interest does not apply when there is only one parent left. The jurisdiction of a divorce court evaporates on the death of either litigant. Oi vey, what the jews will do to fuck up the Christian concept of family. So funny how they do it under ‘color of state law’.

Note that the Texas Supreme Court recognized the Dumb Cunt’s fuck up, stepped in and suspended her ruling while it takes up the case.

Dumb Cunt Sherry is so out of line that the Texas Attorney General got involved to undo her fuckery. The sovereign people the Republic of Texas did not confer any powers upon the District Court of Denton to traffic little girls to a dick just because it was going in and out of a divorced mom prior to her demise on the highway. The case is before the Texas Supreme Court, titled In re: CJC Relator. The AG’s brief is here. A news article here. Docket filings here. Texas has put four attorneys on the case: Ken Paxton, Texas AG, his assistant Jeffrey Mateer, the Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins and his assistant Natalie Thompson. Given the human indecency applied by Dumb Cunt Sherry, it would have been better to send out the Texas Rangers and burn the courthouse to the ground, just to keep other zionist judges in line with constitutional protections of the father’s rights.

Dumb Cunt Sherry’s decision basically states that because the parents were divorced, the court can fuck with daddy after mommy dies and further, it is in the best interest of daughter that custody be shared by daddy and dead mommy’s fuckbuddy, because the court recognizes mom’s boy toy as a stiff cock with no legal standing, but serves to fuck up the goyim and defies SCOTUS ruling in Troxel v Granville, the Dumbest Cunt of Denton District court hereby fucks up American society by edict of the Talmud. It is so ordered. Judge Sherry Shipman, dumbest cunt on the bench.

Dumb Cunt of Denton Texas, Judge Sherry Shipman, constitutional terrorist who rules from the Talmud.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, saddling up to undo the zionist fuck up by Judge Sherry Shipman of Denton.
Texas caught jew Sherry Shipman ruling from the Talmud. Rangers ride!