Stay Away!!!

From time to time, the famous blog must put out a public service message to protect people from the trickery of the Connecticut Family Bar Association and its lecherous members. Two parasites of the court system; Stephanie Weaver and the blog famous Mary Brigham have joined together to further fuck up a civilized society under the color of Dispute Resolution, LLC. The public is warned to STAY AWAY!

Stephanie Weaver, a low life, miserable cunt of a lawyer has been ripping off clients for the last 32 years, in the feigned practice of law. The public is supposed to be impressed that this retard got a worthless law degree from UCONN, a bottom tier law school, then be amazed that she could only work in areas of family law and real estate, the bottom of the barrel work reserved for incompetents. To prove her lowly professional status, Stephanie teamed up with the one lawyer in Connecticut with whom no one else will partner, the infamous Mary Brigham. Yes, the cancerous cunt herself, the queen of child trafficking, the left hand of the devil, the scum of scum, Mary Pisatelli Brigham. Mary is so vile that she was kicked out of every firm she worked in, never made partner, no knowledge of law. She is the most trusted GAL in Waterbury, JD. The judges pick her to traffic children for the pedo ring, provide kickbacks to judicial authorities, create conflict and generally be a parasite to the jew game of family law. If her lifeless body is found floating in the Connecticut River, the suspect list will be from her long docket of Waterbury Family Court.

Stephanie and Mary have no ability to solve any dispute, they are professional agitators, profiting from pitting litigants against each other while lawyers drain the wallets. Lawyers thrive on conflict, not resolution. These two perverted cunts are selling snake oil in Litchfield County. Spiders inviting flies to a web. The warning to the pubic is STAY AWAY from these two charlatans. They even claim to have the assistance of a panel of ‘neutrals’, who are just their lecherous Bar buddies looking to make a buck off of fools who believe Stephanie and Mary are not scam artists. Anyone really believe that Mary Brigham can provide advice in custody, parenting and divorce matters? She preys on families, she sucks the lifeblood out of children, tossing them into the middle of a dogfight while she steals college funds. Mary represents ‘best interests’ of children like a whore is romantic; she loves the money. PUBLIC WARNING … STAY AWAY!

Read the bullshit claims by the two cunts. A reliable option for resolving conflict. Total crap, these dykes can’t resolve splitting the bill for lunch. They are not professionals, they are thieves. There is no ‘panel’ of professionals, just more thieves. They have no ‘unique’ perspective, unless dykes are unique. They have no creative solutions. There are no ‘highly qualified’ professionals. Anyone who considers themselves a professional would not associate with Brigham or Weaver. STAY AWAY!!!

This warning has been provided as a public service by this famous blog!

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Weaver and Brigham. STAY AWAY!!!