Dick Meyer

Time to highlight another jew of the nationwide family court mafia.  Hiding just south of Canada, this upstate New York woodchuck packs the Talmud under his black robe.  Judge Richard B. Meyer, another nasty miscreant of judicial tyranny.  Damn the laws, he has his own brand of justice.

His most notable headline is coming to the aide of a fellow pedophile and former high school buddy who rapes little girls at summer camp.  Deep in the forest, in the far north the pedos lurk, but the screams of children cannot be heard.  Using his high perch on the state District Court bench, he lays out a defense strategy for the defense counsel of his rapist pal.  By wink and a nod, along with the secret judicial handshake of how to rig a case to protect a fellow child rapist, Judge Meyer got caught gaming the honored system of corrupt child trafficking courts.

But his real forte is in the family court where it is reported he can delusionally predict the future.  Entrenched AFCC player, master of the custody battle money game, Meyer is a danger to society and a threat to children.  A monster in a black robe, hiding behind a court of law to traffick kids for pedo masters.  He is so full of himself and his ability to torment families, that  he will personally interview your kid.  A secret closed door, private trauma session where the evil troll in black can sear a permanent scar in the mind of a child.  Thirty years later the grown child will wake in chilling sweat from a nightmare of being locked in chambers with Meyer, tortured and interrogated to extract testimony of personal feelings about her parents.  All absent any legal necessity.

Let’s face it, old geezer with personality of a dead fish, wrinkled skin, fat nose, big ears, dark scary eyes, bristle hairdo and stench breath of decaying flesh is not going to make a positive impression on a child.  But it is not his child, just another victim to penetrate by judicial tool.

The guy is a psychological terrorist.  Not only torments the child, but uses his interpretation of the secret information from his non-professional, unlicensed child interrogation against the parent he doesn’t like.  A scam so removed from American jurisprudence as to have been outlawed over a hundred years ago.  The real Supreme Court of the Land ruled that “if our system of trials is to be maintained the conclusions to be reached in a case will be induced only by evidence and argument in open court, and not by any outside influence, whether of private talk or public print.”  So stated by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, 205 US 454, 462.  In other words, jew judges trafficking children by secret interrogation override rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.  See how powerful the Talmud rule of family court has become?  The goyim and their trafficked children lose the protection of the federal courts when they enter the rabbinical dungeons of family circus.  Pedo trafficking of children overrides the Constitution.

Public scrutiny of judicial activities in a public forum is a First Amendment right.  But when the judge drags your kid into his secret star chamber for torture and interrogation outside the view of parents or their counsel, it is not American, it is simply pedo jewish.  Welcome to the hell of New York Family Courts.