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Dickhead Deichert

The now-famous Blog confers the coveted title of DICKHEAD on Assistant Attorney General for Special Litigation, Robert Deichert, pedo protector, asshole, pseudo husband to Reneé, false father figure to daughters Ellie and Abby, now and forevermore, be known to all who read d’Blog as DICKHEAD. Blog readers are well aware of the high bar that goes along with the title of DICKHEAD, where Robert Deichert has exceeded in all categories.

DICKHEAD DEICHERT demonstrates his pedo dickery in fucking over kids of the state in his absolutely insane pleading to dismiss a suit brought in protection of children, which is only filed because the State of Connecticut cannot protect children from their own jewish and dyke judges who play for the pedo ring. A State so pathetic that Annie Lamont plays mother and wife for pedo Ned Lamont, who gets his dick sucked and his ass licked by communist chink Tong, pretending to be the Attorney General. DICKHEAD DEICHERT’s soul is owned by child predators who will soon fail the brakes on Judge Shapiro’s car if he even thinks about protecting Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from the ravages of deviant monsters under the chosen protection of the jews of the state.

Just look at DICKHEAD DEICHERT’s shit he filed to bury mother’s complaint that the jews of family court are raping childhood. Ten pages of total horseshit. The Superior Court takes up the matter of disqualifying the Dark Lord himself from the Ambrose case and DICKHEAD DEICHERT wants dismissal on schedule? C’mon, the judiciary will soon experience an earthquake when Judge Moukawsher brings the hammer down on jew Judge Gerard Adelman and his Talmudic court for abuse of kids, so DICKHEAD DEICHERT thinks he is acting on behalf of the State of Connecticut to get Judge Shapiro to drop the injunction? What is wrong with this DICKHEAD? Does he need the Oreo treatment; hold him under until the bubbles stop? Does he need to be disbarred for being a jerk? Do his daughters realize what a freak show they have for a so-called Dad? What would Reneé say to reporters who inquire about the monster in her bed who works to fuck over Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer?

Connecticut is on the national radar on how the jew judges of family court fuck over three little kids for no purpose in law. Mother pleads for injunctive relief under redress of grievance for what the state is doing to harm the kids. DICKHEAD DEICHERT pleads again to dismiss the complaint, knowing full well that mom’s attorney has been tied up with Judge Moukawsher’s proceeding to terminate Adelman as a judge for the entire month of November. Another suit to protect the children is on Judge Conway’s docket in juvey. Did you get that MR. DICKHEAD DEICHERT? Tell everyone in your neighborhood on Fox Ridge Lane in Tolland what you are doing with tax dollars to fuck over three little kids.

The big Supreme Court in D.C. states that the court is the alternative to violence, the pleadings and judicial resolutions are preferable to the more traditional form of settling disputes with powder and shot. Does DICKHEAD DEICHERT beg a .50 cal to the head, rather than have a civilized hearing before Judge Shapiro on the gross misconduct of jews Jane Grossman and Gerard Adelman, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Nancy Aldrich, Jessica Caverly? Does DICKHEAD DEICHERT beg that a parental militia with bare arms run the jewdiciary thru the showers to protect children? Does DICKHEAD DEICHERT incite imminent lawless action by attempting to deny due course of law? Does DICKHEAD DEICHERT beg spontaneous self-immolation? What twisted game is DICKHEAD DEICHERT playing? Why not settle the abuse on these kids in the name of Connecticut. ‘We the people’ hold no cause to uphold jewdicial childhood rape, just call the big nigger in the black robe and let him know that the jewdiciary is being checked by a real judge.

The blog notes that if a form of combustion does befall this monster, he will be forever known as FLAMING DICKHEAD DEICHERT, where the world will be a better place.