What is the liability to the people of the State of Connecticut for the misconduct of judges who separate children from mothers without a rational basis or sovereign interest? Time for the now-famous Blog to highlight the jewdicial dogma that holds remedy in the court of public opinion, federal court, and at the business end of the Second Amendment.

Take Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, three kids who fall under the parens patriae powers of the sovereign, where the people hold power, duty, and liability associated with their protection, as equally applied to all children. Liability begins when the family court in Bridgeport accepts the unprofessional opinion of a state licensed psychologist, the infamous Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, PhD, who opines that mother suffers an unspecified mental illness for which isolation from the children is treatment. The first point of liability is that the State Department of Public Health, under Commissioner Manisha Juthani, MD, holds duty to suspend Caverly’s license for malpractice. The sworn testimony omits that mother was not a patient, there was no examination or protocol followed to arrive at a diagnosis, and there is no treatment of a mental illness that involves forced isolation of children. Caverly’s malpractice extends to the harm inflicted on the children by tearing mother out of their lives. This voo doo treatment by Caverly is not monitored, measured, nor supervised by any medical professional. Therein being five reasons to suspend Caverly’s license.

Next point of liability is that Judge Jane Grossman accepted Caverly’s incompetent opinion in violation of federal/state statutes and case law. Jane is a dumb jewish dyke with a worthless law degree, who disrespects jew super star Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who ruled over two decades ago, for the U.S. Supreme Court, in Olmstead v LC, that segregation of persons based on a disability is a violation of ADA Title II, being a civil rights violation. Ruthy also ruled that the court must defer to the reasonable medical judgments of public health officials. The court of jew Jane Grossman relied solely on the non-medical, errant opinion of a private pay, family court whore, whose speciality is anorexia, but claims wisdom in ‘custody evaluations’, saying exactly what the jewish GAL directs for the financial benefit of jew lawyers, for a pedophile, homosexual client to malign mother. Caverly is also jewish.

The children’s isolation and intentional court infliction of emotional harm goes on for a year, when the matter comes before jew Judge Gerard Adelman for trial. A pre-trial motion in limine is before Adelman by order of Judge Thomas J. Welch, the head of Bridgeport JD to decide the issue of ADA Title II violation. Like a good kike, running a Talmudic rabbinical court, Adelman ignores Judge Welch’s order, ignoring the motion completely. Legal technicians will cite this as failure of due process, bias/prejudice, denial of equal protection, and conspiracy to commit child abuse … more liability for the state.

Adleman goes on to drag out 36 days of trial between March and October of this year, not even reaching the halfway point. He allows pedo homo father Christopher Ambrose to testify for five straight days on why he hates mother and wants a no-fault divorce. Adelman takes up several trial days hunting contributors of this Blog. He takes up more days over the death of mom’s old MacBook which Apple techs could not repair and tossed it in the shredder. Other days were spent bickering over correspondence to Caverly’s lawyer that her work is incompetent and should be withdrawn. Dad’s jew counsel argues it is heinous criminal witness tampering to call a quack a quack. Jew Attorneys Nancy Aldrich of Westport and Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen&Wolf, were being paid well by pedo homo dad out of family savings, enough to make the contents of mom’s cell phone material evidence in the administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce action. Jew Hurwitz was getting $400/hr to attend the pointless drama by order of doting jew Adelman who requires her to sit, bill, and watch for no purpose at law and of no value to the court. Money is the jew’s reward for purposeless protracted litigation. Jews have no shame when fleecing the goy in full public view.

During this action, mother files a petition in juvenile court for the protection of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, before Judge Bernadette Conway. The Office of Attorney General appears representing a sovereign people and parens patriae interest, telling juvey court that the state has no interest in the case. Forced isolation of children and civil rights violations are just fine to the pedo chink William Tong and his pathetic excuse of a wife Elizabeth. Jews raping childhood is just what Tong wants for Connecticut. He knows that making a fuss will cause the jewish mafia to cut his balls off, even Elizabeth knows it. Another point of liability arises when Judge Conway does not dismiss the petition, does not prosecute it, but shelves it, being a very curious and suspicious judicial action. If the kids are not being harmed, then the petition is dismissed on the merits, but she does not do that. If the kids are being harmed then the petition goes forward, but she does not do that. She shelves it … no rational basis, no order, no memo of decision, no action. Just judicial misconduct and conspiracy to abuse children.

Next, mom files for injunctive relief, which ends up before wise, old, well-educated, retired, judge trial referee, Judge Robert Shapiro of Hartford Civil Court, where Governor Lamont and AG Tong are named defendants. Tong’s office sends in childhood rapist professional Robert Deichert to move for dismissal, as torturing Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer is just fine for the state pedophile ring, parents don’t matter. Deichert, a known pedo, files a most inane cause to dismiss, where only his miserable pudgy, ball sucking wife ReneĆ© can be proud. His two daughters Abby and Ellie hide their faces in Tolland, shocked their own father upholds abuse of three little kids for jewish profit. But then something strange happens.

Out of the blue, sua sponte, jew boy Adelman drops an order where, because of the injunctive suit, he needs Judge Thomas Moukawsher to decide his disqualification from the Ambrose case. Judge Shapiro takes the injunctive relief seriously. Grossman is out of line, Adelman is out of line, Conway is out of line, GAL is out of line; the whispers tear through family court like wildfire. Judge Moukawsher is working this weekend penning his ruling of disqualification, but struggling to conceal the judge war driving it, where family court is finally on the losing side.

If Moukawsher is having writer’s block, here are some freebies from the Blog’s legal department:

  1. Failure to decide ADA motion in limine, ordered by Welch, J, prior to trial.
  2. Failure to find a rational basis for the isolation of kids from mom.
  3. Incompetent trial management, excessive testimonies for matters unrelated to divorce.
  4. Disrespect for the now famous Blog, as blog staff/posts are not family matters.
  5. Failure to uphold best interest of children, no mom hugs for over 560 days.
  6. Closing courtroom for Caverly’s testimony, prior testimony being in open court.
  7. Intentional trial concealment from the public for no state interest, 1A violation.
  8. Financial fraud regarding $400/hr GAL, billing every minute of trial.
  9. Conspiring to commit child abuse, failure to issue visitation order.
  10. Knowingly inflicting emotional and psychological harm on children, CAPTA violation.
  11. Fraudulently claiming isolation of kids is mental health care.
  12. Inciting lawless action, risk of spontaneous court combustion, F35 smart bombs.
  13. Trial management/conduct undermining public confidence in the judiciary.
  14. Federal civil rights violation under ADA Title II, discriminatory conduct against mom.
  15. Adelman is a jewish jerk, who benefits synagogue pals at expense of childhood and law.

Judge Gerard Adelman was placed on the bench for the benefit of jews and pedophiles, wreaking havoc of families across the state since 2009. No tears be shed when his headless, bloated, crab eaten, kosher corpse, washes up on a Long Island beach. The Blog even suggests that Adelman’s disqualification is required for the jew’s own safety, given the wrath of a parental militia with bare arms, torches, baseball bats, night scopes and plenty of .308 ball ammunition; panes of glass irrelevant.

The Blog bids farewell to Adelman, an undesirable part-time JTR, a danger to children and a liability to the state. The next court appearance for Adelman will be a class action in federal court, with William Tong defending state sponsored jewish terror inflicted on children and mothers … might as well start setting aside money for damages now.

Adelman undermines public confidence in Judiciary, requiring disqualification by Canon.
Kids are just jewish money makers, Connecticut family court child abuse is profitabble.
Negligent Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani allows fraudulent testimony by jewish licensees to harm children.